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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pasting Non-woven wallpaper the ceiling and walls for subsequent painting

advantages of non-woven wallpaper

Unlike conventional paper wallpaper, non-woven has a number of advantages, thanks to which they began to use even greater demand in the building materials market.

  • material that "breathes" as freely passes air.Therefore, it does not shrink when getting wet and swells.
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly materials, completely harmless to humans.
  • Lightweight and durable, so it is quite easy to glue and in the future there is no trouble with them.
  • Ideal for painting, aged about 10 - 15 cycles of repainting.
  • can achieve extraordinary visual effects in decorative terms.(Pattern becomes bulky, and the light is refracted in the wallpaper fibers).
  • Sometimes they are used for reinforcement of microcracks.

Pasting of walls Non-woven wallpaper

Wallpapering on the wall by using some of the tools and materials (tapes, metal and plastic spatula, level, knife, roller with a long handle, glue).By the way, the best glue for wallpaper, which will be written on the rolls, that is, especially for non-woven.The process itself consists of simple steps that we describe below.

to start preparing the surface.From the walls remove old wallpaper and paint, clean from dust and dirt spots.If there are any cracks or bumps, it is important to cover them.All base aligned, shpaklyuyut and cause deep penetrating primer.After this, the walls must be dry, be firm and clean.Next, cut fabric length equal to the height of the walls with a margin of 5-10 centimeters.

begin the process of gluing must be from the corner of the room.Dry fabric applied to the wall so that one edge of it depended on the angle.Where ends the other end, make a pencil mark and otcherchivayut band level.It is for this line to be glued all the other tracks, so you should be careful when drawing.

Roller glue is applied to the scribed line.The cloth is brought against a wall and glued the top down.Next, carefully smoothed with a spatula to eliminate bubbles and wrinkles.Movement also made a spatula from top to bottom.Excess material is trimmed from the baseboards.After that, proceed to the next gluing fabric already outlined on previous line.At the final stage may be carried out painting wallpaper.

Paint Wallpaper is made with the help of latex, acrylic or latex paint .Masking tape pasted over the border area, intended for further staining (plinths, ceiling).Travel along the floor on the plastic film.The selected type of paint is poured into a special tray.Roller dipped into the tray, and then paint the new wallpapers.The most detailed, this step is shown in the video.Pasting of walls Non-woven wallpaper, video tutorials which are represented on many sites will help you to quickly and easily carry out the work.

Pasting the ceiling Non-woven wallpaper

Before starting work, surely the question may arise: how to hang wallpaper on the ceiling?The process is identical in many respects.To start well prepared base.Next, cut fabric length equal to the length of the ceiling and added 5 centimeters.After pasting wallpaper remnants are cut.The surface in the process of carefully smoothed with a rubber roller or trowel.

After that, begin to paint.By the way, in addition to traditional staining, there are several methods of creating a decorative coating.All of this can be seen in the special video.Painting and paper non-woven wallpaper, video tutorials, which are presented on some portals allow you to create a completely extraordinary ceiling coverings.