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August 12, 2017 18:06

Replacing the pump in the washing machine with your hands : the replacement of the pump in Samsung, Indesit, LG, Bosch, Electrolux, Zanussi and Hansa

replacing the pump with their own hands
  • reasons for failures, their features and options for addressing
  • Tips for choosing a new pump for the replacement
  • Repair
    • installation through the bottom (Samsung, Indesit, Beko, Ardo, Whirpool, Candy, LG, Ariston)
    • with the front wall (Bosch, Siemens, AEG)
    • with rear wall removal (Electrolux, Zanussi and on machines with vertical load)
    • with loosening the straps (Hansa)
  • Prevention fault

There is nothing worse than bailing scoop soapy water because the sink suddenly ceased to show signs of life.If you are not one of those who, for any reason, begins to storm the nearest service center, this article may be useful to you.

draining the washing machine is not working

To start briefly sort out the drainage device.At the end of the washing process the water rushes through a short tube that runs from the drum to drain the pump.Electronics signals - and the pump starts pumping liquid into the drain pipe where it enters the sewer system.After the water in the tank is left, the pump stops.The system "pipe - pump - discharge hose" is mounted on the rail, is shaped like a snail.In her honor, he, in fact, is named.

Throughout the process, and especially - during the spin cycle, the pump carries a huge load.

On the way out of the path of the water tank is blocking the drain filter - grille that protects the pump from falling coins, buttons and other small debris.If foreign matters could not be avoided in the interior of the device, the likelihood is high that the pump becomes clogged and fail.Then it will have to be repaired, if not replaced.

The drain pump in the washing machine

reasons for failures, their features and options for addressing

Among the most frequent causes of problems with discharge of waste liquid, the master called clogging the pipes that bring water into the sewage system, interruption of power supply,a mechanical damage, and finally, the lack of engine power.

most common cause of problems with the pump - blockage .In this case it is necessary to clean the interior of the pump volute and discharge filter.

First disconnect power.At the bottom of the case there is a small round hatch;substitute for it an appropriate container to drain any water left in the machine.Count on the fact that the volume of the liquid is not less than 1 liter.Opening the door, remove the filter and clean it.Then return the bars to their original location, close the door and start the washing machine.

Contamination in the washing machine
Damage to the wire in a washing machine

Drain still does not work? The reasons lie in the damaged pump. problems may be associated with the electrician: perhaps one of the wires is damaged, resulting in disrupted supply voltage to the pump.In this case, remove the back wall of the unit and visually check the status of each contact, as well as the reliability of their connections.To find a broken wire, use a tester or other device.

If the work is accompanied by a vibration of the pump, the fault reason is related to problems in the rotating part of the pump - it is called the impeller.It is necessary to disassemble the machine and replace the damaged pump element.

Water drainage is accompanied by the roar?Most likely, the impeller is jammed. most common cause of these problems become jammed objects.To remove the debris, must first be removed from the housing of the machine drain filter, and then the cochlea.

If you are convinced that there is no blockage in the impeller, but the water still leaves the drum slowly, the cause of the problem lies in a lack of power.

The impeller of the washing machine

To replace the pump is to say, if the washing equipment emerged following "symptoms┬╗:

  • device stopped without completing the execution of a given program;
  • technique works, but water discharge does not occur;
  • draining constantly accompanied by strange sounds - hum, noise, and so on.

Tips for choosing a new pump for the replacement

In each case, the choice of the pump is determined by the structural features of this unit.

Depending on the method of fastening of the pump in relation to the cochlea isolated devices installed

  • with screws (usually this is done using the 3 screws);
  • through latches (their number can be from 3 to 8 pieces);
  • combined with mounting.

To connect to the mains supply pumps can be equipped with either chips or terminals.Power numbers in such pumps range from 19 to 20 watts.Has the meaning and the place of accommodation contacts - wires can be mounted both front and rear.

Keep in mind that for some minor differences pumps of different manufacturers are interchangeable.

buy a new drain pump can be not only in the service centers, but also on the Internet.

pump for washing machine


Before you replace the failed unit, it must be removed.

All machines are designed differently.Therefore, a universal algorithm for replacement of pump no.Progress depends on the design features of your washing machine.

In the case of an independent drain pump replacement costs will be minimal, as would have to pay only for the new pump.

Before removing the defective unit, mark the cochlea place of its fastening.And even better - take a picture.This will help to avoid mistakes and precisely install a new pump.By the way, you can capture every step of repair work, so you will feel much more confident.

installation through the bottom (Samsung, Indesit, Beko, Ardo, Whirpool, Candy, LG, Ariston)

In machines of today's popular brands like Samsung, Indesit, Beko, Ardo, Whirpool, Candy, LG, Ariston change pumpunder the force of even people far removed from the world of technology.

replacement pump in the washing machine interface LG may be made on the channel video "Secrets seller of home appliances."

To get to the pump, you do not have to disassemble the cabinet.Work will be carried out through the bottom.This way of replacement is considered to be the easiest.

  • Unplug the washing machine from the power.
  • Shut off the water supply to it.
  • Place the device on its side, with respect to your pump has been at the top.Pre-floor can be covered, so that you do not accidentally damage the enamel shell.
  • Remove the panel at the bottom.If the bottom is also protected by the panel, remove it by unscrewing the fixing elements.
  • Unscrew the drain pump.Note that the screws holding it are located outside;they should look in the drain valve.
  • To remove the pump, push it from the outside.
  • Place the pump on prefab capacity - it will drain the remaining water.
  • Now unclench collars, fixing pipe and drain hose.
  • Carefully remove the hose and the pipe, drain the remaining fluid in the ready tank.

The algorithm is designed for cases in which, together with the pump must be replaced and the cochlea.

Disconnecting the drain pump

But it so happens that there is no need to change the snail.Then should just unscrew the pump, which is fixed a few screws or special latches.Remove the screws that connect the pump with a snail, and replace the essential element of the drain system.Pay special attention to the state of the cochlea, thoroughly clean it from debris and fine dust.

Replace all parts and components into place, repeating the progress made in the reverse order.

Visually pump replacement process in the washing machine Indesit, you can see in the following video.

with the front wall (Bosch, Siemens, AEG)

The German equipment bottom securely closed, so that there can not be inward from the bottom.Here it is necessary to get to the pump through the front wall of the apparatus.

For this purpose it is necessary first to unscrew a couple of fasteners located on the rear of the machine and remove the housing cover.Then remove the panel covering the valve, which is responsible for draining.Be sure to remove the remnants of the liquid out of the car.

turn to the most important stage - the removal of the control panel.Remove the dispenser for detergent and remove the bolts that secure the panel.Be careful not to damage the wires that connect the panel to the housing.Place the top of the machine device.

Next we switch attention to the cuff.Use a screwdriver to loosen the fixing her collar, then remove and fill the tank.

Remove the bolts securing the pump, and then remove the remaining fasteners that hold the front part of the body (they are to be found in the upper and lower part of the body).

When removing the cover please note that lock the hatch is still connected by wires to the machine.However, these wires can be pulled if necessary.

The device of the washing machine

Thus, the front wall removed.Go to the replacement of the drain pump.Here, everything is done in a manner that has been described in detail above:

  1. De-energize the pump;
  2. remove the nozzle and hose by loosening the clamps, which provide sealing compounds;
  3. disconnect the pump from the cochlea.

Some machines replace spend even easier: to disconnect the pump, only need to turn it from right to left.

thoroughly clean the dispenser, secure the new pump on it.Assemble the machine and run it in test mode.

sure to watch the video channel "TEXaS TV" to replace the pump in Bosch washing machine.

With the removal of the rear wall (Electrolux, Zanussi and on machines with vertical load)

In machines of this type of penetration to the drain pump through the rear wall of the housing.In devices with top-loading pump is easier to install, removing the side wall of the housing.

Remove the rear wall :

  • remove excess fluid, drain it through the emergency valve or hose;
  • remove the top cover of the housing, like that described above;
  • locate and remove the screws that secure the rear of the machine;
  • detach from the back wall of the intake valve;
  • remove the back wall from the body washing apparatus.

Remove the sidewall:

  • the rear of the machine, remove the screws that secure the side panel.
  • then take out the screw from the bottom front of the case
  • move the side wall and back down - and just shoot it.

Replacing the pump is conducted in a standard way:

  1. Disconnect the cables from the drain pump.
  2. Then remove the bolts and / or latches (their presence depends on the version) and separate the valve from the pump.
  3. thoroughly cleans snail from sediment and debris, install a new pump on it.
  4. Connect contacts and collect the car.

more detail the process of replacement of the pump can be found in the following video:

With loosening the straps (Hansa)

To remove the pump from the cars of this brand, enough to remove the metal bar, housed in the basement of the case.It is on this strip is fixed pump for draining water.Unscrewing the pump, follow the standard algorithm, which is described in detail above.

Removing the pump from the washing machine

learn how you can quickly replace the pump in the washing machine, refer to the video channel "service center hands of the arms."

Fault Prevention

average pump is designed for 10 years of work.But this is on condition that the user will follow the rules of operation of the washing equipment.To prevent problems associated with the failure of the drain pump outlet before loading laundry into the drum, inspect it for the presence of small parts.Too dirty things pre-soak or rinse.If there is a pile of clothes or pellets - put it in special bags for washing.

Operation of washing machine