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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to change the seal gum on the washing machine : removing , replacing the cuff

Seal on the washing machine
  • Causes damage
  • How to rent?
  • How to replace?
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replacement cuff in a washing machine with a front-loading may be required for different reasons, but the task necessarily cause masters. Change gum can be at home without any special tools on any machine, whether the model of Indesit, Samsung, LG and other brands.The procedure takes about 30-60 minutes and will save you money, if you look, how you are replacing the cuff.

The cuff seal for washing machine

Causes damage

Replacement cuff often carried out by the appearance on the seal breaks or cracks, overlooking the water during washing. As a result of the formation of such damage the owner of the machine will see a hatch water stains, and examined the very cuff notice cracks or fractures, which may have different sizes.The reasons for this situation are such factors:

  • natural wear of the seal.During operation, the machine is constantly amenable cuff friction drum and the laundry.It is heated in the wash, and then cooled.Furthermore, it is affected by detergents.Over the years, this leads to fragility and brittleness rubber.
  • Faulty detergent.Under the influence of low-cost and powder detergents with questionable quality rubber cuff begins to break down, so the savings in the powder results in costs to replace the seal.
  • Excess dosage of detergent.When using powder or liquid agent in an amount excessive gum sealing structure may also be damaged, which is why the cuff will change.
  • clothing details, which could damage the seal.These elements can be a metal and plastic fittings.In addition, the machine pockets of clothing can get screws, nails and other objects that can cause cuff tears.
Seal for a washing machine

Over time, if you do not clean the sealing sleeve, it can be got on the mold.It is therefore necessary to periodically clean the washing machine.How to do it, you can see in the following video.

How to rent?

  • Prepare for a flathead screwdriver, and if your machine is old, then the pliers.Also, do not forget to disconnect the machine and disconnect it from the plumbing.
  • first remove the machine door and the hatch lock.Your basic actions to detach the cuff is the removal of clamps used to secure the rubber bands to the front of the unit and to the body of the tank.
  • Carefully unscrew the front edge of the cuff, then loosen and remove the first clamp.If this item is plastic, it is mounted latch and a metal clamp fixed screw or spring, you need to take off with a screwdriver.The screw should be unscrewed and spring - a little delay and weaken.Having hooked a screw-driver a collar, it can be removed.If the machine of the old model, design clamps are no adjusting bolts or latches, and to remove such clips, you have to work Round.
  • your next action - Carefully detach the front of the seal gum.It is held in the machine due to its shape and its own tension.
  • After that, you need to proceed with the disconnection of the second yoke.Sometimes you need to remove the housing cover on the machine for this task.Using a screwdriver, unscrew the bolt of a collar or just move it.Thereafter, the cuff can be removed from the apparatus.
Replacing the seal for washing machine

How to replace?

The first step is to acquire the desired sealing gum.Since the cuff from other models cars can not get to your, even if they mean the same, be sure to tell the seller at the time of purchase of the seal model of the washing machine, which you intend to install the cuff. only making sure that the acquired cuff is exactly the same as your damaged seal, you are ready to be replaced, including such actions:

Cleaning of the seal on the washing machine
Replacing the seal on the washing machine
  1. Clear the tank edge bycontaminants (salts, powders and others).For this task, you will need a warm soapy solution.After removing all the dirt, do not rinse the film, resulting from the processing of soapy water, as it will help to install a new cuff.
  2. Install sealing rubber band on the tank.Note that to do this with the new rubber will not be too easy.Attach the top portion of the seal to the tank (the upper edge) so that the labels match, then using two thumbs tighten the cuff.For this your fingers should slip from the center to the sides.In this case, the bottom of the sleeve does not slip and fully dressed on edge.
  3. Check if the cuff is installed correctly.Holes for water drainage should strictly be located below the center, and the tab that is found in most of gum should be above.Furthermore, after installation of the gum must not form any gaps as due to possible leakage gapping.
  4. We stretch the inner collar.You need to act, depending on the mounting clamp.If it is provided by fixing a stretched spring, you need to wear the yoke of the spring on the screwdriver (if you did not remove the front wall, then slip the screwdriver in the lock hole).So you can freely stretch the spring clamp and put in its place.In the case of tension with the screw you simply unscrew the screw, put a clamp on his place, and then tighten the screw to the required effort.Even easier is to fix plastic clamp, hold the latch.If your model cars clamp the wire, gently tighten its ends by means of pliers and then remove the existing node in the deepening of the cuff.
  5. We put the seal gum on the front wall and stretch the second clamp.All manipulations with the second clamp perform as well as with an internal, depending on the characteristics of its fastening.
  6. Check the tightness of the installed sleeve.To do so, include any shorter wash program without any laundry in the machine, and make sure that water does not drain from the bottom of the cuff.
Replacing the seal

Sometimes it happens that the front panel to the washing machine can not be removed.It is not convenient to replace the cuff.Out of this situation is and in the following video describes in detail and talk about how to replace the sealing sleeve in such washing machines.


To prevent the emergence cuff injuries due to metal locks and other accessories on clothes, use for washing items with plastic or metal elements special bags.In the absence of a bag unscrew the locks inside the garment.

In addition, it is important to always examine the pockets before loading things in the washing machine to prevent the machine from entering any of the items that can cut the rubber seal.