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August 12, 2017 18:07

Warming of the floor of the first floor - a task not of the last in importance

Warming of the floor of the first floor - it looks like?

above the basement or foundation of the house in the absence of sub-floor - all this concrete, often reinforced, rarely simple, with the rubble of the filler.This hard surface is heated and easily cools by radiating into the room cold, so on the concrete pavement or slab is best to shut out heat insulation.

For this purpose, create a kind of layered cake: the actual, concrete slab or pouring the foundation, on top of it, steam, then a layer of insulation, waterproofing, and finally, from foam concrete screed.Now let's consider the need for and purpose of each of these layers.

all begins, of course, from the base.If we have an unheated basement, first carefully osvidetelstvuyte base for the presence of cracks or fractures and, if found inside fill them with foam, and the top powertrowel cement composition.Do the same to insulate the room, examining the overlap angles all around.Now

layers. Vapor we need as the protection of our insulation from dampness rising from the bottom

.Assigning the most insulation for anybody is not a secret.Top also need a reliable waterproofing film that protects from excess moisture in the premises, it is best to use a conventional polyethylene (cheap and effective).As for the tie on top of all these layers, it is necessary for laying flooring.

do better insulation of concrete floor of the ground floor?

Today, in the construction market can find a lot of different insulation and opt for any one quite difficult.However, the most common and popular examples of their sex is not out of place.For example, mineral wool can be used as a wooden floor and a concrete floor.

If you have wooden floors and therefore, on a concrete foundation full of logs (or as they are the basis of the overlap), you can use the bulk insulation, for example, vermiculite, expanded clay or perlite.Also, as the insulation foam proved to be excellent, in particular polyurethane foam, which can be filled in the space between the joists.

If the planned installation of laminate, for which there is no need to fill batten beam, can be used as an insulating substrate normal foam, or the same mineral wool. laminate boards can be laid directly on the waterproofing film covered with insulation, if it has sufficient density , however screed, reinforced with special metal mesh, do not interfere.

But all of these methods are convenient only for the state of the house "completed, but not trimmed."If you already have a place ready floors covered with linoleum or tile, but the cold, it is possible, without suffering, cover them with insulation, previously having put the waterproofing, and the top to make a screed or lay laminate.

How to make the most reliable insulation of the floor?

Suppose you decide to stay at the mineral wool as a base in your house are concrete slabs, and there was no lag at all.Consequently, the sequence of the work we will be this: first put the rough coating of cement-sand mixture, as far as possible leveling it.

then put on top of any waterproofing material can even roofing felt, if available, or special film seems to be prohibitively expensive.Further, fitting tightly, without gaps laid mats or mineral wool slabs (thickness are different, that allows you to manipulate the coating height).

When installing insulation boards to glue them together necessarily, it is enough that they are mutually compacted, pushing his extreme series in the wall of the room.

Over plank waterproofing insulation again, because most of the materials have unpleasant property to accumulate moisture, actively absorbing it from the environment in the structure of the medium.As mentioned above, it may be a plastic film, but may be used again roofing.And now the crucial moment - screed.

start pouring over the waterproofing of the concrete mixture, a layer of a few centimeters.This may be foamed concrete that has a lower density, and greater ease in itself is a heat insulator.While the liquid solution, put it galvanized metal mesh and then pour a new concrete batch, and about 2 centimeters thick.

Get reinforced screed, the probability of occurrence of cracks which are extremely small.On top of all this splendor layered into his Stele pour any floor covering.