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Country House

August 12, 2017 18:07

The annex to the house with his own hands

foundation for the extension with your hands

to fill, you will need the following tools: a shovel, for measuring instruments, solution.Let's trace the milestones.

1. Determine the depth of the foundation fill.To do this, examine the depth of freezing ground and dig a trench is considering this indicator.If the "big" house has a foundation of 1 meter, and the degree of freezing of the earth - 1.5 meters, the depth of the trench for the extension must also be at least 1.5 meters.An important point - the "new" foundation should be constructed separately from the base of the house, since the settling of problems can occur.

2. Take into account the local topography.Next you need to calculate the weight of the future extension and soil quality.For the correctness of these indicators depends on the strength and stability of your extension.

3. Fill.If the groove excavated, proceed to pouring the foundation.After finishing the work necessary to make a break for about a year, so that our base as to be settled.

4. The second method of construction of the base under the extension with your hands - use concrete pads, which can be cast from molds.We produce planks of a suitable form, armiruem the workpiece or fixture wire to give a cushion of safety.We put in the form of piles of lumber (or metal) treated with impregnation - protection against rot.Then, fill the form with concrete.At the same time we set the pile a little higher, so that you can make a mark after trimming - sort of a "reserve".It should be remembered that the distance between the concrete pad is 1-1.5 meters.The next stage - marking the height of the floor space and trimming piles at this level.At the end of the harness is attached to the piles and all future extensions - the base is ready.

Frame extension with your hands

Today frame extensions are on the "peak" of popularity, since they have many advantages:

-Lack strong load on the foundation
a minimal financial costs of building material
-Bystrota erection design in comparisonother options -Full
no shrinkage

Extension from a bar with your hands - important points

So you've decided to expand the area of ​​the house?As a building material for additional space choose laminated board.One should not hurry with the installation of windows and doors, as the building must first "sit down."In the process of construction we break through in the rod dowel (3-5 cm) and connect the extension to the house, using pins with weld plates - under the screws.When set the roof, we do runs of timber (diameter 150 mm).

If you are the owner of the villa cabins, it can be great to expand the existing area, having completed the carcass veranda or terrace.Extension to the cabins being built with his own hands as a frame of the timber, which is then sheathed clapboard.It is possible to use basalt insulation.Thus, the "temporary" shed can be transformed into a cozy cottage in which to wile away the hours of rest.

What a house without a bath?This structure is usually located separately from the other buildings, in an ideal - near a lake or river.Today, however, an extension to the bath with their own hands - a frequent phenomenon in a good "economy."In this case, to get into the bath room you can, without leaving the house - through the door.Moreover, the presence in the house sewer and water pipeline construction makes the extension is very efficient and cost-effective project.Connection light is also not a problem, such as a bathhouse in the winter will be an additional source of heat throughout the house.

So the extension to the house with his own hands is quite capable to everyone.The main thing - the right to perform preliminary calculations and draft.Accepted for the construction!