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August 12, 2017 18:05

What should be the height of the bath installation from the floor - all the answers

in the market of sanitary products Bath are presented in a huge range.They differ both pictures (manufacturing technology) and dimensions.In addition, most models have adjustable legs that allow to put the product to the desired height (of course within certain limits).And here is how to determine the correct mounting height from the floor?

Question height baths placement is determined by several SNP (it depends on the type of plumbing and the installation site).For those interested in institutionalized norms, can cite as an example the documents for №№ 2 - 4 - 01;3 - 5 - 01 by 1985, although there are several others.

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But hardly at home all we focus only on the accepted norms.For us the main thing - convenience of using the bathroom.And it is under no single standard "for all" fit will not work.After all, almost every family there are people not only of different age, height and build.Everyone is different, and the state of health and ability to move.

Therefore, the choice of the installation should take into account the height of the bath convenience to all who will use it.The more that control the correct installation of the product in the home no one in law.It is an individual decision (including, and height) of the owner.But how to choose the "middle ground"?What


at 2 To determine the optimal arrangement of the bath, you need to answer some questions:

  • will not be whether the selected installation option cause injury?
  • convenient to be cleaned in the bathroom to rinse the laundry in the washing process?(Incidentally, this is not only depends on the machine model, because some things still have to wash out manually);
  • ensure whether the height of the free access to communications routes and plumbing elements during maintenance or repair?

depth of the bath is also one of the determining factors.

answers to these purely practical questions will properly orient a bath installation.

mainly selected height of about 60 - 65 cm (shown in the figure).

at 3 This average value at which to use the bathroom, without experiencing discomfort can all family members.When it comes to child care centers, rooms for people with disabilities, this figure is reduced by 10 - 15 cm (up to 50).

On many forums there is an active discussion of this issue.Naturally, each designated argues it is an option.But, as practice shows, bath mounting height of less than 50 and more than 70 cm is not appropriate , as it is associated with the further inconvenience of use.Therefore acquire too "deep" model is not desirable, even if in other respects it and wins over analogues.