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August 12, 2017 18:06

Errors washing machine Whirlpool: error codes and frequent malfunction of machines Whirlpool

Whirlpool washing machine errors
  • Error Codes
  • Frequent faults
  • failures Tips and Prevention

Machines Company Whirlpool models are mid-priced, so they are of high quality and long service life.But, like any equipment from other manufacturers, a washing machine can break down over time.Suggest what happened with the machine codes are shown on the display cars for different faults.

Error Codes


What does

Causes of errors



problem with the water entering inside the unit

Head in the water pipes is too low, due to which the water never arrives or is supplied in smaller amounts than is required.

Check the water pressure in the pipes.

In grid casting valve obstruction or the water tap is not fully unscrewed.

Make sure that the valve is completely unscrewed and the filter is not clogged.

stops functioning sensor that detects the water level.

Test the pressure switch and solenoid valve and drain pump.

No contact pressure switch, valve or drain pump Bay.

Strip contact pressure switch, valve or drain pump Bay.

violated the controller work.

Rate controller job, checking its chain and contacts.

F02 (FA)

Enabling AquaStop

solenoid in charge of the water in the bay device is locked.

Repair or replace solenoid valve make the new piece.

disrupt elektrokontrollera.

Correct controller defect or carry out its replacement.

There was a water leak.

Check for leaks machine components, repair the leak with the replacement of damaged parts.

F03 (FP)

problem with water draining

water from the machine is not discharged due to breakage or debris drain tract.

Inspect the drain path, cross-checking it, then remove dirt or repair damaged items.

Broke pump which pumps water from the machine.

Clean the pump filter and check its contacts, or if repair is not possible, replace with a new pump.

Fuses parts on the board elektrokontrollera.

Convinced of the problem with the controller, replace the controller itself or those of its parts that are burned.


problem with hot water

The water is not heated to the required temperature due to a fault of PETN, associated with the formation of scale on the surface of the heater.

Inspect the heater, clean it from scale or replace any part of a new heating element.

damage the temperature sensor control circuit.

Check the temperature sensor control circuit, replacing it or removing damaged parts breakage.

The temperature sensor appeared broken or it is damaged due to a short circuit.

Rate temperature sensor operation and perform its replacement when it detects damage.


problem heating water

disrupt temperature sensor.

rang electric circuit of the temperature sensor.If necessary, replace the damaged wire and seal contacts.If a problem with the sensor, it will have to be replaced.


No signal from tachogenerator

defective tacho unit, in which the spring washer.

Install jumped off the puck in its place.

disrupt communication between the control panel and the tacho (corrupted chain).

Repair the electric circuit between the control board and the motor tacho.


problem in the functioning of the motor control board

Electronic controller does not work.

controller Repair or replace it completely.

The control board has blown thyristor or triac.

Replace any burnt-out parts in the control board.


problem with TAN

heater burned or its wiring is broken down.

Replace heater new or repaired by the wiring and check the contacts.

Broke Protective pressure switch.

Replace faulty pressure switch.

elektrokontroller defective.

Replace the damaged controller or repair cost to replace the faulty components.

There was damage to the thermistor.

resolder thermistor or seal the contacts in a circuit temperature sensor.


problem with bay water

There was a faulty sensor, which controls the water level.

Repair hydraulic sensor or replace any pressure switch.

broken or valve is locked waters of the bay.

replace any defective parts of the Gulf valve.

controller work was disrupted.

Check controller resolder burned parts of his board, and if that is not possible, replace the new one.


problem with motor

engine is not included due to the burnout of the triac control board.

Examine the control board and replace parts that are burned.

The engine module faulty temperature sensor.

Replace the thermal sensor, and if it can not be repaired, install a new control unit.If this does not work, he would have to replace the motor.


communication problem

The mains voltage is below the desired level.

Refine stress and take steps to restore normal power settings apartments.

F12 ​​

problem heating water

water is no longer heated due to the failure of the heating element or a pressure switch failure.

replace any defective heating element or a pressure switch.

The wires connecting the heater and controller, came open.

checking circuit wires connecting the controller and the heater, remove the detected defects, as well as seal the terminals.

disrupt water heating relay (stuck there).

If the survey confirms the problem in heat relay, it should be replaced.

faulty sensor.

After verifying temperature sensor damage, and repair the control board, replacing her thermistor.


problem with water Gulf

water is not poured into the tank due to insufficient high pressure in the water.

Check the water pressure in the water.

container to load detergent clogged.

Perform tank cleaning detergent.

Water typed too slowly due to clogging of the mesh filter in the filler device.

Clean the mesh filter in the valve of the Gulf.


problem with management

fee management system began to work correctly.

An error has occurred in the microprocessor.

Perform re-flash the controller or completely replace the machine control unit.


problem with motor

appeared triac fault on the controller board.

Check triac operation and malfunction, do the replacement of the part.

engine wear brush.

Replace brushes or replace any of all of the motor.

faulty mechanical part of the tachometer.

Repair the tachometer by setting the spring washer into place.Sometimes it is necessary to replace the tacho new part.

There was a break in the wires connecting the motor to the controller.

rang wires and follow the replacement of wiring areas where identified problems.

elektrokontroller defective.

Repair charge controller or completely change the controller of a new piece.


problem with the control system

appeared damaged wires.

Inspect contacts and check the wires, completing the cleaning and replacement of defective components.

Fuses parts of the control board.

Repair the control unit or else run the complete replacement of this module in the washing machine.

F18 or Fod

Improper detergent

The unit loaded detergent has caused excessive formation of foam.

Change detergent, and then restart the machine.


problem with power

voltage in the mains is inappropriate settings (too low or elevated).

Normalize network settings and turn on the unit again.


problem with the controller

control program can not be executed due to a malfunction of the control unit.

Restart the machine, and if the laundry is not included, check the control unit work, try to repair the controller board, and if this is not possible, then completely replace the controller.


problem with the controller

was disrupted to commands from the controller to the control module due to problems with the wires and contacts.

Inspect the wiring and correct the defective areas.Seal contacts and tighten terminals wires.If the problem persists, follow the replacement controller.


problem with the receipt or hot water

heater does not heat the water.

Inspect the heater, impacting its terminals.If necessary, replace the heater is new.

No contact between Tan and the controller.

rang wires and pay attention to the seal clamps.

tension in the household power insufficient for PETN.

Turn off the machine and eliminate problems in the supply network.

water can not pass through the tank for detergents due to its clogging.

Check the condition of the tank and clean the detected obstruction.


problem with water

Gulf disrupt the water level sensor, with the result that there are simultaneous signals filling the tank and no water in it.

Check the pressure switch and the detection of a fault, replace the new part.


Violation of the system that controls the water level in the tank

Broken water level sensor, which is why he gives signals about overflow.

Convinced of the fault, replace the pressure switch.


problem with motor

Due to the failure of the triac control board in the engine has stopped rotating.

Replace the triac and check contact track on the board.


problem with motor

Due to the reverse fault relay is located on the board of the control module, motor rotation occurs only in one direction.

Check reverse switch, and when it detects damage replace it workable part.


problem with motor

Faulty switching relay coils, resulting in rotation of the motor was too slow or stop the engine run during the cycles change.

Check relay and run the replacement.


problem with updating software

software is not updated over the Internet.

Refer to the representatives of your provider.


problem with the hatch

faulty lock hatch.

Check contacts lock, doing the cleaning and pulling them.

If repair is not possible, replace the lock.


problem with the hatch

door is not completely closed.

Open the door and try to close it tighter.

defective lock hatch.

Repair or replace door locking device.

Frequent faults

Statistics machines from Whirlpool fault shows that the most frequently encountered such problems:

  • clog up the drain path.
  • wear out and break down the pump.
  • failure of the electronic control board.Most often burn control triacs or worn mechanical sequencer.
  • failure of the heater or thermostat.
  • tank starts leaking seal, connections or cuff.
  • motor brushes wear out.
  • CUT belt.
  • burn engine contacts.
  • wears bearings or dampers.
  • The machine gets a foreign object.

To replace the drum flange bearings in a washing machine Whirlpool See the video V. Khatuntseva.

Tips and prevention of damage

  • For external cleaning of the cabinet and control panel, use a slightly damp soft cloth.If it becomes necessary, the case can be cleaned with a neutral household tool, which is free of abrasive particles.