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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mould in the washing machine - how to get rid , how to remove the smell of mold and clean the gum removers

How to get rid of mold in the washing machine ?
  • Where most of the mold come from?
  • reasons
  • Means for removing mold
  • Prevention

Washer is designed to facilitate the management of the household, but sometimes it is indispensable device becomes a source of trouble.One of the most common problems faced by owners of modern washing machines - a mold, to settle on the inner or outer parts of the unit.

What if there was mold in the washing machine ?

Black mold appears in our homes are often, but it is possible to detect immediately.The danger of it is that it spreads very quickly through the apartment.Mold can be harmful to the health of the household, so from her you need to immediately get rid of.In this article, we'll tell you about why black mold grows in a washing machine, how to bring and how to make the uninvited guest is no longer appearing.

If the mold appeared in the washing machine

Where most of the mold come from?

Mould always appears in areas with high levels of humidity - usually bathrooms and kitchen.To avoid this, you need to install in these rooms a good ventilation system and continuously carried out ventilation.In addition, the need to ensure that the surface is not settled condensate and accumulate moisture.

However, even if the room is in perfect condition, the mold can get into places that are constantly in contact with water.For example, in the washing machine.The worst dangers are subject to plastic and rubber parts of the device - these materials mold "loves" the most.

Mould in the washing machine

black mold often can be found:

  • rubber cuff sealing the loading door (in the people - "gum");
  • on the walls of the container, which is filled in the detergent;
  • on the inner or outer surfaces of the hose - drain and filler;
  • in the drain filter.
Mould rubber cuff in a washing machine
Mould container for laundry detergents in the washing machine
Mould drum washing machine

Once you have managed to establish the source of proliferation of mold, you need to immediately take action, otherwise it will spread to other elements of the washing machine.


Prerequisites mildew - is heat and moisture.Once these two factors occur together, the appearance of a black plaque is almost inevitable.Washing machine already is at risk, and the careless use of the instrument further exacerbates the situation.The appearance of mold usually causes lack of proper care stiralka.

Mould in the washing machine - the causes

Usually the problem faced by those housewives who:

  • exceed the recommended dosage of detergent and fabric softener;
  • do not use at least occasionally bleaching and disinfecting agents for laundry use;
  • prefer to wash clothes at a low temperature water;
  • are mainly accelerated washing mode;
  • not satisfied with the periodic cleaning of the internal parts of the washing machine against scale, and do not conduct prevention of plaque;
  • after completion of the wash cycle for a long time left in the hatch raw linen;
  • at the end of the wash drum and wipe dry with a rubber sleeve;
  • not clean supply container of detergent residues from household chemicals.
Rare use of detergents based on chlorine - prevention against mold in washing machine
Removal of moisture from the interior surfaces of the washing machine to prevent the onset of mold
Timely cleaning container for detergents in the washing machine as mold prevention

Means for removing mold

Fight with mold can be a means at hand, and with the help of ready-made products store.Consider the most popular recipes that have repeatedly proven to be effective.

Detergents and disinfectants based on chlorine. Chlorine has excellent antiseptic effect, it quickly destroys all harmful (and not) microorganisms.Enough to put chlorine preparation to the affected places with mold and leave for a few minutes.Do not forget to then rinse with plenty of water means.Upon contact with chlorine is required to protect the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

offer watch a short video guide to the use of this method of mold removal.

Means for washing utensils. finally get rid of the mold by means of household chemicals will not succeed, but it will help to safely remove the black film.After you have washed off the mold with liquid dishwashing, treat the affected area with an antiseptic.

Dishwashing detergent against mold in washing machine

Citric acid. In combination with detergent citric acid softens and gently removes plaque mold.But in order to remedy an effect, apply the mixture, dilute with water, on moldy areas and leave for about a day.After the allotted time, clean off the remains of funds with a damp sponge.

Citric acid mildew in a washing machine


  • Mould afraid of hot water so that it does not harm things, try to wash at a maximum temperature conditions.
  • From time to time wash things with bleach.Or again in a few months start the washing program with an empty hatch Bay in disinfectant drum.
  • Every time after washing, wipe the drum and rubber cuff with a dry cloth.Do not close the door tightly hatch, though she always will be slightly ajar.
Wash at 95 degrees - prevention against mold in washing machine
Drying and removal of moisture after each wash - prevention of mildew in a washing machine