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August 12, 2017 18:06

Budget and cost-effective repair of the bathroom : different options

Budget and cost-effective bathroom renovation
  • Decorating the walls
  • bathroom floor
  • ceiling
  • Choice plumbing
  • Tips for repairing
  • Secrets saving

can make a great and very affordable bathroom renovation With the right approach.The secret is in the choice of materials and execution of the majority of independent work.What options are there and what are the nuances of the budget to consider when repairing a bathroom?

Decorating the walls

Among the most low-priced materials for finishing bathroom walls is isolated:

  • paint;
  • PVC wall panel;
  • film, self-adhesive;
  • inexpensive tile.

The last option is the most practical. Tiles withstand temperature extremes, mechanical shock, durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean, includingwith detergents. But first need to prepare the walls: remove old paint, handle fungicides, align if necessary.

Budget option bath with tile
Tile in the public bathroom
Bathroom - economy version

Common expenses will be added to tile adhesives, save where it is not necessary, and grout.If own lay tile difficult, guest services employee will increase the cost of repairs.

In order to save, you can oblitsevat only section of the wall, which are adjacent to the bath and sink (to make an apron), and the rest is painted or wallpapered.

easiest in terms of work - painting walls.I deal with it, and a man and a woman.But the paint is chosen specifically tailored to high humidity and temperature changes.

This is usually oil or acrylic.Sami walls need to be plastered.The paint layer is not thick enough to hide all the bumps and cracks.

Acrylic paint for the bathroom with an inexpensive repair
Painted walls in the public bathroom

Another easy and inexpensive type of finish - film, self-adhesive .Other its name - self-adhesive wallpaper, but called and vinyl wallpaper impregnated with glue.The last are more expensive, but compared with the same vinyl wallpaper without impregnation, go cheaper.Self-adhesive film is not afraid of water, has a wide range of colors, already contains glue.One can only stick to the smooth wall.If the surface is not prepared, all the bumps will become even more noticeable.Wait for the glue to dry when not needed.

Cost-effective repair in the bathroom pasted film

And the last material - PVC panel or wall paneling .Cheap material, easy to install, good hides the flaws of the walls, not afraid of moisture and rot.But it is easily deformed, it can not withstand strong impacts, very cheap plastic may have an unpleasant smell and give off harmful substances.To the panel frame and the optional hardware.

PVC panels in the bathroom with an inexpensive repair
Repair of the bathroom in a budget option with walls made of PVC panels
PVC panels in the bathroom

bathroom floor

Among the budget materials for the floor isolated linoleum tiles and inexpensive.

Linoleum is best viewed as a temporary option, if you can not carry out a full repair.Because of constant contact with moisture will eventually grow mold underneath.Therefore it is better to choose without foundations or monogenic.

Linoleum in the public bathroom

In this respect, the most practical tiles.But require dismantling of the old coating, leveling screed, tile adhesive, grout and crosses dividers.While linoleum sheet can be placed on top of the old coating.Payment tiler services will increase the cost, if there is no desire to lay the tiles yourself.

floor tile is recommended to select a texture or roughness. This will prevent from slipping on the wet floor.

Wafer floor tiles in the bathroom Economy
Tile floor bathroom budget


If ceiling sufficiently smooth, without flaws, it can matte paint waterproof paint, light vodoemulsionkoy or just whitewash. new white ceiling immediately refresh the whole room.The works themselves are not difficult, and paint with whitewash are not expensive.

If the ceiling of the curve or pass the pipe, it can be hidden behind a false ceiling made of plastic slats or panels.

In this method, a lot of advantages:

  • price, ease of installation;
  • suitable for mounting fixtures;
  • panels hide all communications and disadvantages.

not require pre-treatment of the ceiling in the form of equalization, etc.

The ceilings in the bathroom PVC panels - Economy version
The ceiling in the bathroom PVC panels
The painted ceilings in the economy en

Choice plumbing

most inexpensive option for a bath -. Acrylic. cheaper than iron, but is easier to install and require minimal maintenance.The service life is low, but the replacement is often the same as the new renovation.A good choice for families with small children, becauseit is not as traumatic in the fall, as the cast iron.But animals do not like claws.

can pay attention to size. smaller bath, the cheaper.

Small Bathrooms mini budget
Plumbing in fiscal bathroom
Fiscal budget bathroom with fixtures

If cast iron bath whole , all happy, but the appearance is not like (yellow and cracked enamel), you can coverits liquid acrylic.Externally bath completely transformed, and the coating bath will be cheaper replacement together with the works on dismantling and installation.

Fiscal bathroom with cast iron fixtures

When the opportunity to soak in the bath is not critical, it can be replaced by compact shower .Some models have a high pallet, which is used as a small bathroom.

Ergonomic tub with shower
Shower in a small bathroom
Shower bathroom for a budget

Separately, is the problem with the sink.The first time it is possible to do without it.

are of two types:

  • hooks;
  • on a pedestal.

first option is cheaper, safer and hides the second communication.However, if you build under the sink cabinet with hooks, it will not only hide the pipes, but also household chemicals.The latter can be stored under the bathroom and when to build a shield of plastic.

toilet, as well as for the sink, it is recommended to choose faience domestic production.It is cheaper than porcelain, but in general, no worse.

The budget for the bathroom sink
Cheap earthenware bowls
Cheap plumbing for a small bathroom

Tips for repairing

If the walls were painted with oil paint, it is necessary to bring down.Otherwise the plaster on such a surface will fall ill and will not last long.

If you can not replace the floor covering can be hidden under a large rubber mat.It is easy to choose a color of the interior and replace if necessary.At the same time it perfectly hides all the flaws the floor.The difference between linoleum that the mat can be periodically clean, wash, and the floor itself will be aired.

After dismantling the old floor, it is recommended to lay the waterproofing.It perfectly constrains average "flood" that in the future will save from litigation with neighbors from the bottom and redress.Particularly relevant issue with waterproofing in prefabricated houses.

Cleaning the bathroom wall paint
Rubber mats for bathroom budget
waterproofing bathroom floor

If the old pipe with a touch of rust, then they are preferably replaced.You can use plastic, they are cheaper, but on the valves and valves is better not to save money and take the quality.

Replacement of pipes in the bathroom

Protruding pipe spoil even the expensive interior.They can be hidden in a plastic box - cheap, aesthetically, is easy access to communications.Alternatively, the vertical pipe can be hidden in a cabinet, a pencil case, which will also serve to store a bit of chemistry or rags and mops.

If planned replacement of plumbing, it is recommended to first install the bath, and an appreciable do repair the walls.This will reduce the risk of water leakage between the wall and the bathroom.The latter can be a support for the first row of tiles.

If you want to transfer light or extra light sources, be sure to invite electrician.These are the works that better to trust a specialist.

mixer can be bought cheap.The lifetime depends on the water quality, but on average it is 1-3 years.

Conduit Pipe bathroom
Installing the new bath
Transfer of electricians in the bathroom

Since the repair budget, the very bathroom will look quite simply.Relive special interior decorative wall decals, original curtains, shelves, new towels, soap dishes and other accessories.

Finished bathroom in the budget version

Secrets saving

  • Most of the cost of expensive imported sanitary ware and building materials is a brand fee.From cheap Turkey and China also stands to give: this is the case, when over avarice have to pay twice.Manufacturers of Russia, Poland, Bulgaria and Slovenia offer certified products of good quality and at an average price.
  • half, and sometimes more, of the cost of repair is the payment to the workers.There is a part of work that can be performed independently, for example, the dismantling of the old tiles or painting walls.So you can save considerably.
  • The third secret is in the detailed planning for future expenses.No estimate is easy to go beyond the budgetary framework.Take a "march" on the DIY stores.You will be better guided in the prices, product range and current promotions.Compare prices from online stores.Immediately specify delivery conditions (time, cost).
  • The detail and precision are those costs, the easier it is to organize such a repair, it is easy to fit in the desired budget.This necessarily will place 10% for unforeseen expenses.

If you wander around the buildings, you can find great new shell for free!Some settlers, undertaking repairs, install other plumbing, and a completely new development from the builder to throw out the trash.

Bathroom remodeling budget is to purchase inexpensive but certified materials
Savings budget on independent repair bathroom

And finally, to a bathroom is always pleasing to the eye, it is important to maintain a clean and tidy up all on storage shelves.Cluttering the same road kills and repair budget.

Budget Bathroom