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August 12, 2017 18:06

7 accessories for a romantic evening in the bathroom : how to create romance

Romantic evening in the bathroom
  • 1. Waterproof bulb
  • 2. Holders for glasses
  • 3. Table Bath
  • 4. Heart cushion
  • 5. Pink petals
  • 6. The mat of microfiber
  • 7. Overall entourage

Joint bathing - it's very romantic.But minor inconveniences rather annoying and spoil the fun, especially if a small room.How, then, to organize a romantic evening in the bathroom so that he remembered only the most positive emotions?Use the advanced solutions!

1. Waterproof bulb

soft light creates a magical moment.But with candles a lot of trouble: a fire hazard, they may go out after will have to scrape the melted wax.Waterproof lights on suckers or LED candles - a modern analogue.They can be dropped into the water or stick to the wall.

LED light bulb in the bath
LED candle bath
LED bulbs for bath

2. Holders for glasses

And what a romantic date without wine?Always keep the glasses in his hand is not very convenient, and a bath, they can fall into the water.At this point, help out holders for glasses.They are mounted on a suction cup to the wall or the bath itself.

Holders for glasses

3. Table Bath

for wine would be nice to have a snack.Organize a table for two in the bathroom will help special board.

Shelf for a glass of wine in the bath
Shelf for bath
Wooden shelf for glasses in bath
Shelves bath

It is fixed between the walls of the bath, often have holes or holders for glasses, but a full dinner for her not to organize.But you can place a bowl of fresh fruit or a dish of appetizers canapes.

Table Bath

4. Heart cushion

To the bath was conveniently located, inflatable or plastic pads are essential.Suckers do not allow them to slip, and the heart will form an additional note to the overall romantic song.

Bath Pillow in form of heart
Bath Pillow in form of heart

5. Pink petals

can be added to the water aromatic bubble bath or to arrange a bath with roses.Excellent solution - pink petals of soap.In contrast to this, they completely dissolve in the water, filling the room with fragrance.And they do not need to collect the whole bath, so they did not score a siphon.

Pink petals of soap

6. Mat Microfiber

On this mat is very nice to get out of the bath, quickly absorb water and comfortable legroom.For lovers meeting only in the shape of a heart.

Pad for a romantic bath in the form of heart
Bath mat in the shape of heart

7. Total entourage

can set the tone for the evening, if you decorate a bathroom love symbols.For example, hang a curtain with hearts or rub each other sponge in the shape of heart, you can even temporarily replace the hooks for towels.

main thing - do not overdo it!If the whole room will turn into a red-pink with lots of hearts, a man will feel very uncomfortable.Suffice it to adopt two or three ideas from our list, but with the heart - no more than two.

Sponge in the form of heart
Holder for towels in the form of heart
Curtain with hearts