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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decorating the bathroom : the options facing , tile, flooring , panels and mosaics , film , metal

Facing the bathroom
  • requirements
  • Types of finishing materials
    • Wallpapers
    • Painting of walls
    • Tiles
    • Mosaic
    • Plasterboard
    • Wall panels
    • Finishing plastic
    • Plaster
    • Adhesive tape
    • Marble
    • Tree
    • Metal

How to create a harmonious interior of the bathroom?What materials are ideal for lining?And what kind of techniques for finishing allow long to enjoy the result?So, we get to know and remember.


Modern construction market offers a lot of different finishing materials for the walls.

However for the bathroom, they must meet certain requirements:

  • environmental safety
  • moisture
  • durability
  • easy care
  • steam action
  • resistance to household chemicals

And of course to cover thatyou choose, enjoy its beauty.

Beautiful finishing materials for the bathroom

Types of finishing materials


Wallpapers at first glance seem completely unsuitable material for wet areas.But, it all depends on simple rules that must be followed.You can hang wallpaper directly in the shower, this version finishes quite acceptable and very interesting.

It is better to choose the most dense, heavy wallpaper with the designation of water resistance. There are special wallpaper for the bathroom.

These include:

  • acrylic
  • vinyl
  • foam
  • fiberglass

You can also decorate the walls of collages, graphics or photo wallpapers.The good variety of color and texture allows it.In general, show imagination.

Bright wallpaper for the bathroom
Wallpaper Bathroom in black
Facing colored bathroom wallpaper

surfaces be sure to cover the water-repellent layer of varnish.Otherwise, paper materials quickly come into disrepair.

If your room is equipped with a closed shower, the wallpaper in this case will last even longer.

Photo wallpaper in the bathroom

Painting of walls

Painting walls is an easy way to transform the interior.The abundance of color palettes can provide the desired result, and provides ample opportunity for experimentation.And all this at the lowest cost and maximum saving your time.

Paint the walls of the bathroom

Before painting the walls necessarily aligned to a perfect smoothness.The paint should be used specifically for wet areas.Moreover, it is not necessary to save on its quality.

There are two main types: alkyd (solvent-based) and water based paints.For the bath of the second option is preferable.It is often condensation on the walls.So, the paint must withstand high humidity and hide traces of the stains. most important parameters of choice of this or that species is its consumption per square meter, and environmental friendliness. The coating is virtually maintenance - will simply need time to time to wash it with soap and water.Also, paint the most practical in terms of durability of the material.

Painted walls in the bathroom


Traditionally, bathroom is lined with ceramic tiles.Such a method is also considered practical because ceramics has excellent water resistance.Its durability allows the use of tiles in harsh environments.Hygienic provides easy care.A wide variety of colors and textures makes it possible to create different color variations.Moreover spoiled tiles easily replaced.Due to such advantages, disadvantages she is still there.This is the average mechanical strength and complexity of the installation.

Ceramic tiles for lining the bathroom walls
Bright pottery on the walls of the bathroom
Variety of colors of ceramic tiles

If you want to put the tiles yourself, then you should know a few rules.First, be sure to clean the walls of the old coating, to eliminate residual dust, grease and dry them well.Second, monitor the correct placement to line joints was strictly derived by level.Third, the use of special adhesives for ceramics and plug the grout joints with antiseptic additives.

The interiors of the bathroom with ceramic tiles


alternative tile may well become a mosaic.Due to its broad color palette and a variety of textures, it allows you to create unusual design of the bathroom walls.

Mosaic for finishing the bathroom walls

This type of decoration is perfectly combined with decorative plaster, or with plain tiles.It can also be used as a single decor both luxurious mosaic.

Beautiful mosaic tiles in the bathroom
Mosaic on the wall of a bathroom
Color mosaic for bathroom

To create such beauty, manufacturers use ceramic, glass and natural stone.Some produce decorative composition of glass fragments, other tile that mimics a mosaic.With the latter option is much easier to work.This mosaic is obtained by cutting out the cells on ceramic tile.Alternatively, the cell itself is applied to the polymeric substrate.Then the finished web of cells glued to the wall. Seams such psevdomozaiki after laying overwritten so that they can not be distinguished from the real.

Plasterboard Plasterboard (GCR) is often used to hide communication to align the walls and create decorative designs.

It is for wet rooms used plaster-fiber sheet (GVL).

This waterproof sheet does not pass the steam does not burn, has good sound insulation and low weight. Installation sheets produced on a frame made of the profile, or gluing on the wall.After the walls of gypsum fiber board can be coated with paint, plaster, ceramic tile - any material that you have chosen for your bathroom.

Framework of metal for installing drywall in the bathroom
Construction of water-resistant drywall for bathroom
Moisture resistant gypsum board to finish the bathroom

Wall panels

walls of damp rooms as veneer panels. Wooden panel - it is expensive, but a good and environmentally friendly option. processed by special trains and varnishes, they have excellent moisture resistance. Excellent thermal insulation and natural colors create a cozy atmosphere of the bathroom.

Wall panels made ​​of wood in the bathroom

colored MDF panels can be used instead of wood. Such material allows multiple cover it with varnish or repaint any color.He has no bad water resistance and easy to clean with water.But to mechanical stress coating unstable panels.And as they do not have high heat and sound insulation.

Panels for walls bathroom

Most popular in the decoration of the walls are plastic panel.This is not only cost-effective option, but also a fast alternative to ceramics.It is resistant to temperature changes.

Panels of plastic for bathroom walls

Finishing plastic

Perhaps the panel of plastic is one of the most practical options for bathroom walls.The market offers a wide variety of sizes, colors and different photo panel. establish such panels in two ways: glue directly on the wall or fasten to the frame. second option is often used because it is easy to hide the curvature of the walls, as well as hide the pipes and other communications.

Before installing the plastic walls of treated soil moisture repellent and antifungal.

Beautiful plastic panels in a bathroom
Plastic panels for walls bathroom
Plastic panels on the bathroom wall

The very same frame is usually made of metal profiles.Further, installation of panels made on them on a "groove-joint."This connection is quite tight and does not let moisture.

Like any material, plastic also has its drawbacks.It's flammability and low strength.Some panels have a specific, unpleasant odor.

Plaster Plaster

well "take root" in the bathroom.Through various spatulas can create different color notes granite, malachite, marble, onyx.Depending on the angle of incidence of light, it changes hues.

Decorative plaster for the bathroom
Methods of applying plaster on the bathroom wall
Beautiful plaster on the walls of the bathroom

to beauty played on your walls before applying the plaster will have to pay special attention to the preparation of the surface.

If the house is old, the walls are processed by a special stripper, shpatljujut, and then primed with a dilute water-based paint.Then they are dried and thereafter coated only finish.In any case, the surface needs to be done perfectly flat.

Decorating the walls of the bathroom plaster
Beautiful decorative plaster in the bathroom
The walls in the bathroom Plastered

After application of decorative plaster and drying the surface is usually covered with wax or impregnation.In this manner, colorful décor protect from moisture. plaster should be washed with soap and water.Abrasive sponges and funds are not used for such decoration.

Adhesive tape

self-adhesive film is also used for finishing the bathroom walls.It is enough to trim a budget option.The film has a wide range of colors.Colour mimics natural materials such as marble and wood, but it looks too easy.

Adhesive tape for the bathroom
Adhesive tape for the bathroom walls
The walls of the bathroom lined self-adhesive film

When pasting, the joints it is recommended to close the sealant will protect the walls from moisture.

Please note that this material is not durable.

The film adhesive for bathroom


From natural materials for lining bathroom identify several species. example, marble - breathtakingly beautiful natural stone.It is environmentally safe and durable.

The beauty of marble in the bathroom
Marble walls in the bathroom
Black marble bathroom

But due to its weight and easy to care, not so often adorns residential interiors.Such decoration - an expensive pleasure.

Marble bathroom


Tree is a wonderful decoration wet areas. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of rocks just suitable for such places.Any timber which has no need for additional processing.It has the absolute humidity.And there are those products which are impregnated with special compounds and polishes, after which they are not susceptible to the effects of water.Therefore, in no way inferior to the first.

About wood trim bathroom read another article.

Bathroom lined with wood
Wooden wall in the bath
Natural material for finishing bathroom walls - wood


metal often found in bathrooms because of the special safety and hygiene.Many are encouraged to use it in private interiors.

Metal tiles for bathroom

finishing options can be two: metal tiles or sheet metal.First produced completely different shapes, sizes and textures.It fits in the traditional way.In the second case, the solid support should be under the sheet metal, or a coating can hardly last for a long time. The decoration is not necessarily exclusively used stainless steel. example, patinated copper plates look great in the bathroom, a stylized antique.

Metal wall and plumbing in the bathroom
Metal walls in the bathroom

As you can see, fulfill lining moist areas can be using different materials.It depends on your budget.Now combine all.Mix styles and combine incongruous.Therefore you should not stop your choice on a single material.Observing the proportions and avoiding abundance in the selection of accessories, you will get a perfect bathroom.