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August 12, 2017 18:06

Lighting in the bathroom : wiring, lamps, chandeliers , wall lamps, ceiling

Lighting in the bathroom
  • Features of the wiring in the bathroom
  • Lighting planning
  • Options
  • General Lighting Chandeliers
  • Types
  • lamps calculation of the required power
  • Nuances assembly
  • How to make raisins?
  • Other light sources

Few people know that the warranty period of the wiring is not more than twenty years.Its safety in the home needs to be given special attention, as with electricity to be trifled with.If you live in an old house dating back to the 60th-80th years of the last century, replacing wiring precaution is not for you, as a necessary measure, because it is simply not designed to work with modern facilities.

Washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners and other appliances in the home can have a capacity of up to 10 kW, while the design of the houses was made standard calculation of the power of 1.5 kW.This excess leads to deterioration of insulation, which in turn can cause a short circuit and fire.

particularly urgent problem of the change of the wiring in the bathroom, where the situation is deteriorating high humidity in the room.In this article we will talk about how to plan and carry out electrical wiring and some nuances worth considering when choosing lighting for the bathroom.

Lighting in the bathroom

Features of the wiring in the bathroom

As we've mentioned above, errors in installation and wiring damage can have the most dire consequences in the future. The first thing to consider when planning the wiring in the bathroom - a careful insulation of all wires .In no case can not allow moisture to exposed electrical circuit.In order not to be at risk of getting an electric shock or ruin the entire wiring in the bathroom as a result of the slightest damage, for example, breach of the insulation on the power cord of the washing machine, it is recommended to install an additional device (RCD).

RCD automatically react to any unforeseen changes in the supply of electricity and instantaneously opens the entire electrical circuit in the event of leakage.

Residual current circuit breaker

Even using the highest quality and waterproof lamps, they can not be placed near the water taps, showers and baths. distance between them should be not less than two meters.

Outlets in the bathroom

planning the wiring in the bathroom, it must be remembered that the wires for sockets, lighting and electrical appliances should be mounted and connected separately from each other.

In addition, it is necessary to observe safety precautions when working with electricity cables.

to work you will need:

  • voltmeter or multimeter;
  • pliers with insulated handles;
  • screwdriver with insulated handle;
  • electrical tape.

Lighting planning

If wiring is extremely important to think in advance where your appliances and fixtures will be located.It is necessary to consider the location of switches, sockets, lamps and chandeliers.This is necessary in order to avoid the need to subsequently pull new wire or remodel the existing wiring for each new lamp. fewer twists and branches will have a network, so it will be safer.

Planning placement of electrical appliances in the bathroom

to determine in advance with the option of placement of lighting in the bathroom, with the type of lamps and luminaires.


Previously, fixtures in the bathroom for some reason prefer to save, and it was decided restricted to one lamp on the ceiling or on the wall above the entrance.Meanwhile, for many people, water treatment - it is a ritual.While taking a bath would be desirable to get around everything looked calm and harmonious.At the same time with a visit to the bathroom begins our every morning and to feel comfortable in it, you need to think through all the details.

most common types of bathroom lighting:

Ceiling Light - a classic that never becomes obsolete.In stores now, you can find a wide selection of a variety of lamps of different sizes, colors and the most bizarre forms.

From ceiling lamp light is scattered right across the room.The main factor in favor of the choice of ceiling lighting is easy to mount these lamps.

second most popular type of lighting - lamps point.In contrast to the wall, they do not illuminate the entire room, but only some of its areas or specific items.

With their help it is convenient to emphasize design solutions implemented in your bathroom, as well as to perform a kind of light zoning.

spotlights popularity grew along with the spread of fashion for hanging ceilings.Spotlights do not take up much space and it is convenient to mount in the space behind the ceiling.

Outdoor lighting - a rare and rather inefficient way of residential lighting.Mainly used as the original design course.

for decorative purposes, it can be used to create interesting light patterns and ornaments, as well as zoning.

Lighting in the bathroom
Ceiling and spot lighting in the bathroom
Outdoor lighting in the bathroom
  • LED lighting, though is often a design course, is much more functional.It can be used as an independent source of light, and as a decorative addition to other lighting equipment.Many now opt for LED lamps because of their greater security and efficiency in comparison with other types of fixtures.

lighting in the bathroom on the destination type can be divided into three groups: general, zonal and decorative .

you can install a separate local coverage, for example, above the mirror in the bathroom, which usually involves the use of special water-resistant lamps.

Floor and LED lighting in the bathroom
Outdoor lighting in the bathroom
Lighting above the sink in the bathroom

General lighting

involves the use, as a rule, only one lamp.

This option is ideal for those with a private bathroom has a small area, if there are no partitions or any dimensional subjects such as the shower, which would hinder the uniform distribution of light.

The simplest example of a ceiling lamp - it is a regular cover, which is screwed in the middle of the ceiling, and has a streamlined shape sealed.

Another option ceiling light - lamps, which are mounted in the ceiling.They are easy to use with hinged or suspended ceilings.In any bathroom, these lamps look harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

Ceiling lighting point lamp for bathroom


use chandeliers suit only those who have enough in the bathroom high ceilings.Otherwise, its use, not only will not give the required amount of light, but do not fit into the interior of the bathroom.

Chandelier in the bathroom

The spacious bathroom, it will be a highlight of the interior is full of charm and originality.When purchasing be sure to buy a chandelier, in harmony with the design of the whole bathroom.

Chandelier in the bathroom

There are interesting design model that will please fans of non-standard accessories.If your bathroom a nautical theme, will look original chandelier, jellyfish.

Chandelier in the bathroom , like a jellyfish

Area lighting - sconces, lamps

If the total light you are missing, you can additionally do the installation area lighting and place the sconces or any other fixture in the place where you would like to have moreSveta. Use sconces in the bathroom is convenient , as the additional lighting is not always required, as well as the presence of a separate switch saves a lot of electricity.

Sconces on the wall in the bathroom

Fixtures in the bathroom can be both ordinary and point.Before you buy be sure to think through the ceiling design.Perhaps you will need to mount lights in the ceiling, and this will be enough?

Wall lamps placed on the mirror will also be appropriate, add the light functionality and highlights to the interior.

Fixtures in the bathroom

LED Strip

Lighting LED lamps albeit not as effective, but very impressive.Can increase their efficiency by using a large number of specular surfaces.

For the bathroom, choose LED strip with a degree of protection against moisture IP 65.

LED strip for bathroom

Types of lamps

The fixtures for the bathroom, as well as in any other lighting devices, using fourmain types of lamps:

  • incandescent - the oldest type of lamp, power 40-100 W;
  • fluorescent - in 7-8 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs, thus have 8-80 watts;
  • halogen almost two times brighter than conventional incandescent lamps and because of the huge variety of shapes, sizes and designs are used mainly for decorative purposes;
  • LED a very low power consumption - the average power of 1 to 7 watts.They are also mainly used for decorative purposes.
Types of light bulbs for the bathroom

calculation of the required power

Once you have decided on the desired type of lighting fixtures and lamps, you need to make a preliminary assessment, what should be the total power used lamps to the room was notdark.

calculations should be performed based on the type of room: Does room shape of a cube or box.Furthermore, it should be taken into account and finish the tone color, the presence of the mirrors and lighting uniformity future.

For example, for bathroom square shape with a light finish with a mirror and a uniform illumination required power per square meter will be 42 W when using incandescent lamps, and 13W - for fluorescent lamps.

If the bath area is 3.5 m2, the total capacity for the room lighting will be 147 watts for incandescent lamps, and 45.5 W for fluorescent lamps.For incandescent lamps, depending on the operating conditions, this value can vary from 42 to 140 watts per 1 m2, and fluorescent - from 13 to 42 W per 1 m2.

There are also more complex formulas.But if you calculate all attended to very accurately, you will be easier to take advantage of special programs.


  • mounting When carrying out wiring, try to immediately provide all the important points and wiring to shift from place to place several times - on aluminum wire microcracks appear on the strain, which reduces its service life.
  • not necessary to save on wiring. This concerns not only the wires, but also switches, sockets, pipes, wire and other components.The quality of materials used by you is directly related to your safety.Optional purchase expensive items under the "gold", but also the products are not worth buying from cheap Chinese plastic.
Wiring in the bathroom
  • If you started a major overhaul in the bathroom, keep in mind that the replacement of wiring costs to produce any plastering and painting works.
  • Also, remember that sooner or later, if you do not, so your children will have to change the wiring again. Therefore, it is not necessary to tightly build into the wall.

The bathroom must be installed hidden wiring only type double insulated

How to make raisins?

If you want to make your special bath and bring any new decision on bathroom lighting, try to buy LED candles. This is a great alternative to real candles, they also create a cozy and romantic mood, but with them a lot less fuss.

You can try to play with the light, gaining a spotlight with a narrow beam of light and directing it to any particular piece of furniture, sink, etc.

also very comfortable and at the same time is looking spectacular lighting shelves for toiletries.

Options for lighting in the bathroom

Other light sources

Do not forget about natural light bathroom. If you have the opportunity to have a window in the bathroom - make it big.The small windows for ventilation is not relevant for a long time.The window will not only save on electricity bills, and you will be much easier to ventilate the room.For the bathroom is especially important because of the high humidity.The view from the window on the nature of the additional help to relax.

Bathroom with window

For bathroom ideal glass, made using the latest "smart glass" technology, or smart film PDLC .Thanks to this technology, the touch of a button your glass can turn from completely transparent in matt white and vice versa.This technology is often used in conference rooms.