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August 12, 2017 18:06

Power consumption of the washing machine : power consumption classes

Power consumption of the washing machine
  • What power consumption?
  • consumption by class
  • Factors
  • How to power?
  • How to save?

power washing machines can be different. To determine the exact amount consumed kW washing machine, you need to read the information on the label of household appliances. Typically, this label maker glue on the body of the machine.Learn about the power stiralki can clarify if the class to which belongs power appliances.

What power consumption?

electricity consumption of household appliances such as washing machine, fickle and changeable digit.It depends on the specific washing course, the amount of laundry and, of course, on the type of material.The average power of the washing machine can be up to 4 kW.Today, in the world are trying to save resources, so try to use more than the appliances, which belongs to a class "A".electricity consumption of such equipment can be up to 1.5 kW / h.

Classes of power consumption of the washing machine

If you wash about three times a week for about 2 hours and the amount of consumed electric power can reach 36 kW / h per month.

consumption by class

Classes washing machines


Class A +++

minimum amount of energy consumed.Washers A +++ class consume 0.15 kW / h per 1 kg of laundry.

Class A +

0,17 kW / h per 1 kg of laundry.

Class A

0,17-0,19 kW / h per 1 kg of laundry.

Class B

0,19-0,23 kW / h per 1 kg of laundry

Class C

0,23-0,27 kW per 1 kg of laundry

class D

0,27-0,31 kW per 1 kg of laundry

class E 0,31-0,35 kW per 1 kg of laundry
classF 0,35-0,39 kW per 1 kg of laundry
class G more than 0.39 kW per 1 kg of laundry

classes E, F, G were used.Modern manufacturers such classes of power washing machines do not produce.

Energy efficiency ratio of the washing machine

In laboratory tests specialists use the laundry at temperature reaches 60 degrees.As things erasable use cotton underwear.Drum stiralki loaded to the maximum.All calculations that determine the energy efficiency class, based on a wash.

Classes of power consumption of the washing machine


Many different factors affect the number of kilowatts consumed by the washing machine.

  • lifetime of household appliances.That is, the greater the washing machine is running, the more accumulating formations on the PETN.Such formations are considerably complicate the work of the machine and the water heating process, respectively, increasing the power consumption;
  • clothing style and fabric also strongly influences the power consumption stiralki.The fact is that the wet fabric is different from the dry weight, respectively, requires a different power consumption;
  • Utilization of household appliances greatly affects the power consumption.The calculation of the amount of electricity consumed is taken based on one kilogram of laundry, therefore, the more you load the drum, the more electricity you need a washing machine;
  • washing program also affects the consumption of electricity.Here it said about the temperature that is required for washing.High temperatures will require large amounts of electricity.Long washing process increases the number of kilowatts consumed.
Classes of power consumption of the washing machine

How to power?

The first thing to understand is what parts of household appliances consume electricity:

  • motor.This key element of the washing machine is responsible for creating the necessary rotations of the drum.The main types of engines that are used for the production of washing machines are direct drive motor, the engine induction manifold, and.The average amount of power consumption will vary from 400 to 800 watts, that is, from 0.4 kW to 0.8 kW.Incidentally, an ordinary washing mode consumes less power than in the process of spinning.
  • heater is responsible for heating the water to the required temperature.This part stiralki also creates a fully automated process of drying / washing things.quality of washing depends on the choice of a temperature mode.For example, rinse in cold water heater does not turn on at all, but during washing at 90-95 degrees to the maximum heater running.Each unit built PETN in the washing machine has its own installed capacity, which can be up to 2.9 kW.Accordingly, the higher the power, the faster the water will be heated.
  • pump or pump.This is an important part of the washing machine is designed to pump water process, which may occur at various stages of washing.The pumps are mainly consumed by up to 40 watts.
  • Control Panel, which includes radio, a variety of light bulbs required starting capacitors, various sensors, special programming and electronic module, can consume up to 10 watts.
Power consumption of the washing machine

How to save?

Incidentally, the amount of electricity consumed in addition to the above factors also influence other aspects.For example, unnecessary electricity consumption, consumption of the washing machine.

  • Firstly, unjustified use of the dryer.We need to try on a windy, sunny days to dry clothes outside, thereby saving power consumption.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to choose the right wash cycle, as inaccurately selected program can use up to 30% extra kilowatts.
  • Thirdly, need to fully load the drum, because if this is not done spent 10-15% more electricity.Accordingly better download one complete wash cycle than several small ones.
  • And most importantly, washing machine should be switched off from the electrical outlet immediately after washing .
Power consumption of the washing machine