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August 12, 2017 18:06

Operating modes and functions in the washing machine : washing regimes functionality , Bosch, Zanussi, Samsung, LG

Modes and functions of the washing machine
  • main modes
  • Additional modes
  • main functions
  • Tips

In today's washing machine can be easily washed as bed linen and children's clothing and silk dresses, wool sweaters, clothing for sports or curtains.It is only important to include the right wash cycle or select certain functions.

Modes of washing machines

main modes

machines Various models are different list of features and functions, but some modes are found in almost all devices. These can be selected in typewriters brand Bosch and Zanussi, and models from Samsung, LG and other manufacturers.These include:

  1. cotton wash. This mode is probably the most common, as you see it in almost any machine-gun.In this mode, wash heavily soiled cotton and linen items.Typically, such washing water provides heat to + 950S but are cotton wash program and with a lower temperature.Spin on the program set to the maximum number of revolutions, which allows your model cars.
  2. The washing synthetics. This program is also very common and is used for clothes made of synthetic fabrics, as well as for washing mixed laundry.Heating water for this program is usually made up to + 600C.Washing in this mode is quite long, and is used for the extraction of the maximum available speed.
  3. hand washing. Such common mode is selected for washing clothes sewn from fine fabrics, requiring careful maintenance.On the program are often washed tulle.Typically, water for hand washing is heated to 300 or 400.The rotation of the drum in such a mode, slowly and carefully, and there is no spin.
  4. delicate wash. Like the previous mode, this shows the wash for delicate fabrics which need careful handling, however the main difference is the presence of the spin program with a small number of turns.
  5. The washing wool. This program is inherent to most vehicles and is intended for things made of wool.This mode ensures gentle washing with a small heating water and the lack of spinning.
  6. daily washing. This program is designed for relatively rapid (its average duration - from 40 to 60 minutes) of purification is not too dirty clothes.Water during such washing is heated to 300 or 400, and load the laundry machine are advised not completely.
  7. quick wash. program with a short wash cycle is present in virtually all cars and may have different names, such as "Super Quick", "Fast 15", "Fast 29", "15 Express" and so on.This mode is selected for lightly soiled clothes, you want to wash quickly.The duration of this program is 30 minutes, the water is heated to 300 or 400 and is set to a maximum spin speed.
  8. intensive wash. The main purpose of this mode is very dry contaminated clothing.Since water heating is usually such a program is made up of high temperatures (+ 60 + 900C), such washing is not recommended for delicate fabrics.The duration of the program is from 90 to 120 minutes.
  9. prewash. This mode represents two successive washing, so the powder dispenser should fill two portions into different detergent compartments.The program is used for very dirty clothes with stains that ingrained and can not be removed under normal conditions.
Legend of icons in the operating instructions icons Symbols are in manual

instructions Additional modes

addition to the standard and the most common mode in some models of washing machines you can meet such additional modes:

  • drying.Dry things can only be in the washing machine, which is provided in the additional mode.Drying may be sensitive, which means that the laundry during the program will be slightly agitated for preventing creasing.Also, in some typewriters it provided an opportunity to accelerate drying, but this program is only recommended for drying heat-resistant materials.
  • economical washing. The main features of this program is to lower water consumption and minimal heat it, causes also less electricity consumption.This program is called "eco" in some machines.Washing takes about 50-60 minutes, and the water is heated up to + 400C.
  • Wash in cold water. program is used to wash fabrics that can be damaged by heat.Typically, such a mode is selected for the things that you want to wash your hands or delicate synthetic materials.
  • laundry soaking. This additional program is designed to remove stains and stubborn dirt.Loaded into the machine underwear remains some time in the water and then turn on the washing mode at + 400C.Total such washing takes from 60 to 120 minutes in time.
  • Wash curtains. This mode provides pre-wash and used for curtains and blinds.
  • wash jeans.In such a program wash things out of denim jeans and dark textiles.
  • silk Wash. This program is used for washing clothes of silk and mixed synthetic materials.
  • Wash blankets. In this program you can wash the bedspreads and blankets of various types.
  • Bio-care. This mode involves the use of detergents with enzymes.Since they are destroyed at high temperature, the program sets the lower washing temperature.
  • washing children's clothes. features of this mode are the high temperature and extra rinse.As a result, the child's clothes will be completely cleared and traces of detergents and stain resistant.
  • Laundry sports things. This program will help to wash athletic clothes and shoes.In some typewriters it is presented in several modes depending on the level of contamination.
  • washing shirts. Some machines have special programs for washing shirts and apparel business.
  • night laundry. This program provides quiet operation and lack of cars final spin.After the washing machine does not beep, but simply turned off.
The icons on the clothing - care the entire garment has icons that tell about the care of the thing.They need to consider when choosing a washing mode

main functions

to better wash the majority of washing machines has the ability to select additional functions, which include:

  • Spin. Using this function allows you to separately overcome underwear with the speed that you require.
  • drain. The use of such a function is shown in situations when it is necessary to drain the water from the machine, but no rinsing, or spin the clothes do not have to.
  • Relief ironing. similar function, which is present in many typewriters gave, after washing is not too crumpled linen.A feature of the device when you turn on this feature will be skipping the intermediate spin and use to rinse a little more water.
  • Half load. With this function, you can save on washing in situations where the laundry is not accumulated too much, and wash his urgent need.After booting the machine half with the activation of this function, the duration of the washing will be reduced.
  • Delayed switch. This feature is especially valuable for busy people because it allows you to load the laundry and detergent, and run the program to install on the selected time.Usually such a function used to get your laundry in the morning or return from work.
  • Rinse hold. This feature is designed for situations where it is impossible immediately after washing to remove the items from the machine.Enabling this function will delay the water inside the device until the moment when the owner of the equipment does not include drain or spin.
  • Extra Rinse. When you enable this feature in your washing mode to add another rinse.This feature comes in handy with allergies or parents of small children, as it will allow better to clean clothes from detergent residues.
  • Rinse with drain. Separate switching this feature allows you to rinse any clothes, and then press it.
  • pressed Disable.The use of this function is important for things that can be damaged in the process of spinning.The machine at the same time miss the spin and end the program without it.
  • Controlling the water level. If there is such a function and its activation device will determine the amount of laundry in the tank, and then fill the tank with water in the right quantity, so that the water will be used more sparingly.
  • protection of children. Inclusion of such features will be an obstacle for opening the machine during washing.
washing machine control panel


  • machine to pleased with his work and well-washes linen, clothes should be sorted properly, sharing her tissue type, as well as on the level of contamination.
  • Before loading items into the machine be sure to look in his pockets to avoid getting into the tank coins, keys and other items.
  • Zippers and buttons on clothing before washing should be buttoned.
  • Before washing things knitted and terry clothes worth evert.
  • Bedding before loading into the machine it is recommended to shake.
  • Do not overfill the tank of excessive amounts of clothing.Fill the machine evenly, observing the manufacturer's recommended load standards.
  • Detergent should fill in the appropriate slot for him and using dosages that advises the manufacturer.Failure to comply with this rule will affect the quality of the wash and wear on the machine.

The fact that it is worth considering when choosing a washing machine, refer to the video channel "El Dorado".

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