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August 12, 2017 18:06

Radio Bathroom : selection criteria , types , an overview of the functions and manufacturers

Radio in bathroom
  • Types
    • Portable
    • Floating
    • Built
  • How to choose
  • Manufacturers
    • EIS (EIS)
    • GIRA (Gere)
    • Reha (Peha)
    • kBSound
  • appearance and design
  • Additional features

Radio usually have in every home.It improves mood and allows you to relax or, conversely, to recharge your batteries.Logically, the radio should be in the bathroom, because it is the room where you can be alone with yourself and listen to good music.


radios for bathrooms comprise the following species, which are major:

  • portable;
  • floating;
  • built.

Each of them is useful in its own way and therefore can be equally useful for different people and situations.The unifying feature of them - reliable protection against ingress of water, regardless of its concentration or amount, the rest they are quite different from each other.This, of course, separates them and price categories.

Radio for shower and bath


is the most compact and mobile views.Powered by digital and analogue platform.The difference is that the first (digital) becomes more channels, and can memorize them.

Portable radio

Radio on the analogue platform, cheaper.The housing of the radio secures condensed moisture and water.It is convenient to take into the shower, where you can hang the highly placed hooks (thus, the sound will come as close as possible to you), and without fear of falling into the water beside her laying on the bathroom ledge.Operation is ensured by batteries.


The most expensive models are presented in this line.The reason for this are the original designs of this accessory, as well as the fact that it can work under water and has a lot of power.The receiver can be added to the clock, mist-free mirrors, multicolored lights.

Floating radio Illuminated

Like the previous one, protected from water and runs on batteries.This radio is great uplifting children, acting as an interactive toy, especially if carried out in the form of boat, starfish, etc.


This radio can not just buy and start using immediately.The receiver must be pre-built into the wall or ceiling.

built-in radio in the wall

The same necessity is to install the speaker system, which will enhance the sound so that it is not drowned water flow and provide 3D sound.After this work, you will be able to continuously enjoy the result, since the receiver will always be in the bathroom, do not have to keep track of changing batteries, stationary radio sound has the highest frequency ranges and settings.When mounting the radio in the wall, you need to make a special niche.

Mounting the radio on the ceiling

from the ceiling easier - the system is usually placed under the ceiling, speakers built like halogen lighting.In the past rulers radio successfully represented as a conventional mirror with a small display, usually located in the lower right corner.

Built-in radio in the mirror

How to choose

Given the positive qualities, do not forget about those moments, which can bring you any inconvenience.In the case of portable and floating radio, chances are you'll be constantly forget it on the countertop bathroom mirror, it will be able to take the children, and then to lose, or to use for other purposes.Also, you might accidentally brush it up on tiles (other flooring) and beat, beat.

But this does not mean that the built-in radio - the best option, because if it suddenly breaks down or you just want to change it for the best, new, you will need to do a great job of removing and re-installing.At that time - came to a fault, a compact portable device, you can just throw in the trash.

If you have important aesthetic aspect, it is worth paying attention to the floating radio, because this kind performed in a variety of shapes, colors, has additional features.

choosing a built-in radio system, it is necessary to consider how it will be in harmony with other things, and interior design.

An example of a radio in the bathroom

On the power and purity of sound designers have taken care of most of the floating (as it is often used under water) and built-in radio.


durability of such equipment is possible only if the creation of its professionals.Therefore, there is a sense in the first place, pay attention to the well-known manufacturers.Recommendations and feedback from users, which abound on websites, representatives of brands, will help you to orient in a variety of embedded radio assortimenta.Topovymi producers are as follows: EIS (EIS), GIRA (Gere), Reha (Peha).


The manufacturer of Spain has recently presented its latest development - KBSaund (KBSound).

Radio KBSound

This lineup features five species.Installing them, compared to its predecessors, rather simplified, because now it is not necessary to carry out time-consuming assembly work - the radio is connected to a power outlet.They improve so that they can automatically adapt to the flow noise.

GIRA (Gere)

This producer goes hand in hand with colleagues, create a "smart home" for over a century.During this time, the German brand has gained considerable popularity and authority in its field among users.

Radio, the manufacturer performs the switch in the form of very small size. Thus it can be switched on and switched off together with the light (his appearance), that "sleep" function is provided.

perfect sound guaranteed range that can cover Radio 87.5 - 108 MHz, a wave -. From 4.84 to 2.78 m The next time you turn on, you can use the saved settings two stations that remained from the previous times.

Designers provides the following solutions to help adapt the radio for the most diverse interior:

  • series ESPRIT - black or white glass;
  • E2 - white plastic with anthracite trim;
  • EVENT CLEAR - vestments in green plastic frame.

can conduct concealed installation through an intermediary or 2,5-local framework.It should be pre-operation check device in which noise may be created due to the close proximity of some other electronic devices.That is, we just need to increase the distance between them.The set sold only one speaker (mono sound) but it is possible to attach one more addition.

Gira E2 radio
Radio Gear
Radio Gira Event Clear

Reha (Peha)

This manufacturer is on the market for more than 80 years.During the existence of the brand has learned to understand the wishes of the users and therefore its range is very wide, radio has many mounting options, as well as opportunities to connect a variety of removable media.This brand is one of the most expensive.

Radio Audio Point iDock

The last released:

  • series NOVA - black or white, with such innovations as radio 174233 MP3, wireless speakers;
  • model radio AudioPoint with remote control and the ability to use a memory card;
  • radio IDOCK with iPhone station, dressed in a light-emitting diode frame.
Radio Peha NOVA Illuminated


released last line EIS company radios (EIS), which has all the advantages and lacks previously seen in the production of the brand lacks.Radio has become kind of a small sophisticated accessory that easily and seamlessly installed into the ceiling, wall or bathroom furniture, thus reviving its interior.

speakers with a diameter of 5 inches, more similar to halogen spotlights.The package includes all the necessary wires, cables, self-contained control unit, as well as the remote control, which, in addition to the control buttons, a display, which shows the frequency on which the station is located, and what functions are used at the moment.Mount the wires by connecting them to the wiring is not necessary, the radio can operate from AC power.

Radio KBSound EIS

Radio has a convenient and intuitive interface, you can find out in the functions, even on an intuitive level.One of the latest models -iSelect, designed to work with Apple smart gadgets of the company, you can connect as a removable media pamyati.Priemnik stores up to 30 stations and has an "intelligent mode" - automatically increase or decrease the sound level, depending on the noise,produced water.

Appearance and design

greatest diversity of appearance can clearly boast floating radios that can be performed in a wide variety of toys, whether it is a ship, duck, crane on the water and so on.This radio is perfect for a gift, because it is a very original and at the same time functional accessory for any bathroom.

Boats as Radio

much easier and more modest look, portable radios.They are small, smooth lines and discreet curves of color.They are analogous to the conventional portable radio, but adapted to the environment with high humidity and look much more elegant, convenient to lay down in his hand.

Historically, embedded radios have the smallest range in appearance.Here it is all quite succinctly, the most commonly used white, black, green color and some other matte shades.It is worth bearing in mind when acquiring the device itself, or, indeed, as a gift, because the color dissonance able to slowly but surely destroy the fun of the radio, creating an aesthetic discomfort.

Additional features

this accessory developers have long noticed how have the advantage of multitasking gadgets and decided to supplement their offspring following features and functions:

  • control with the remote.It is used mainly in embedded models.It helps to relax better and do not jump to the receiver every time you want to change the channel;
  • «Intelligent" mode - so-called "perekrikivanie" water flow and noise squelch when needed.When the silence in the bathroom, and the sound level will be moderate;
  • stations memorization - is inherent in virtually all types of radio, in addition to the range of portable, but in a different capacity - from 2 to 30. In some built-in receiver even has a function of remembering the last listening stations;
  • connection to other devices.Here it is a question as an opportunity to connect the radio to the light switch, for simultaneous their work and about the connected removable storage media, including the line "apple" gadgets.
More tuner features