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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washing machine with water tank : Country house with no running water , automatic washing machine agitator type

Washing machine with water tank
  • The principle of
  • Pros Cons
  • Washing machine with water tank to give
  • Washing machine with water tank without water connection
  • Types
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  • connection without running water
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  • analogue - washing machine agitator type

More recently, in a house without running water purchase an automatic washing machine and nothing to dream about.Today in the shops there was a novelty - universal washing machines with built-in water tank, which replaces the water system.At the same time they retained the usual function of automatic machines.Quality otstiryvaniya, reduced power consumption, protection against leaks and the delayed start function is converted laundry in a pleasant and burdensome task.

Washing machine with water tank

The principle of

After connecting the machine-wagon to the mains, it is charged with the laundry and add detergent.Then fill the tank.Automatic self-flood water in the drum.The rest of the operation of washing machines of this type of operation repeats standard automatic machines.


  • machines with water tank is really economical: their energy efficiency class is defined as A ++.
  • wide range of wash programs are not inferior to our usual service of automatic machines: in a number of models of the number of available modes can exceed two dozen.
  • Depending on the degree of soiling, the level of download and backup tank complete, the machine itself determines the flow rate of water required for a particular wash cycle.
Advantages of the washing machine with water tank


significant drawback represent large size equipment, especially if the tank is attached to the side.Uncomfortable and what you need to constantly monitor the water level in the tank, filling it as needed.Be prepared for the fact that even if you are running is water supply, connect this unit directly to the water supply by removing the tank, will not work.Laundry will continue to start with filling water containers.

Washing machine with water tank to give

More and more people prefer to spend their free time in the countryside.For a large family, living in the country for weeks, washing machine with water tank will be a real salvation.It eliminates the need to carry bales of dirty laundry in the city or wiping your hands for hours rinsed in cold water.The only thing that can bring inconvenience - it Overall washing equipment.

Washing machine with a tank for the cottage water

Washing machine with water tank without water connection

Water tank sold bundled with the machine.It is attached to a side or its rear wall.Rear placement, in which form follows the outlines of the container body, is characterized by narrow models.This makes bulky tank less noticeable.In full-size trucks tank is mounted sideways.

Make a tank made of plastic or stainless steel.Plastic facilitates construction of the weight and dampens vibration, and steel, although it is more expensive, but it is an order of magnitude longer.

Washing machine with water tank without water connection

As a rule, the water in the tank is typed manually.Some models of washing machines are equipped with a pump.In this case, the water is supplied to the apparatus from a well or other source.


Washing machines with water tank are represented as narrow, and full-size models.

Also, they are divided into:

  • washing machines equipped with a filling valve;
  • washing machine without water inlet valve.

last device works on the principle of the crane.If it is possible to connect the machine-wagon to any source of water, the intake valve allows to adjust the flow of water in the tank automatically.

Washing narrow and full-size cars with water tanks

How to use?

Before starting the washing cycle, must fill the tank from which water is poured into the drum.After connecting the machine-wagon to the mains, load a laundry and powder.Select the desired program.All the rest - a trick.You just get to hang out and clean linen.

Tips for Choosing

on which indicators to look for when choosing?

Choosing universal washing machine, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • dimensions. Depending on the size of your bathroom you can choose the right size equipment.It is available in a narrow and in a full-sized version.And consider when choosing the volume of the tank, in which various modifications ranging from 50 to 100 liters.This amount of water enough on average 2.3 wash.
  • Cost is determined by the class of energy technology. best indicator has equipment Class A. Also, note the parameters of the annual water consumption;at economical consumption, this figure will be 9.2 - 9.3 thousand liters..
  • Priming valve. This detail prevents excessive filling of the tank.A valve operating at a pressure of 0.1-10 bar, provided not all of this type of washing machines.
  • Loading. Consider this figure depending on your needs.Some models can be washed at a time up to 7 kg of laundry.
  • spin speed. In some models, this feature lends itself to regulation.Some rotation pace up to 1000 revolutions per minute.
  • Note the number of programs and the ability to create your own washing programs.
Narrow washer water tank
Full washing machine with water tank


popular among Russian buyers enjoy the machines - rounders brands Bosch and Gorenje.Read more about the latest brand, refer to the following video.


Positive feedback on machines equipped with a water tank, coming not only from the summer residents and villagers, whose homes there is no running water.It appreciated the laundry facilities and the citizens who live in apartment buildings, and suffering from a little water pressure, which is not sufficient for normal operation of the machine.

connection without running water

Independently connect the laundry facilities of this type is simple.

  • Read the instructions.There you will find a description of the assembly and installation of the drain hose.It is fixed to the tank from the outside, and then connected to the outlet pipe.At this end of the tube is placed below the upper edge of the drain hose.If the home is no sewage system, connect the drain tube from the ordinary garden hose, and bring out of stock on the street.
  • At the rear of the machine get the recesses with fixed in their transport screws.Replace clamps that are included.On the free end of the connecting pipe (it is attached to the tank) put on the inlet pipe, fixing the seat clamp connection.Now attach the water tank to the body of the washing machine clamps.
  • Priming valve (if your car provided) is mounted on the tank in an upright position.To this is attached a special hose that is supplied to the water source.Then the tube is mounted, designed to drain.
  • main condition proper installation of car-wagon - the existence of a smooth plot.Set the unit to the right place, check with the help of a construction level, there are no invisible to the eye abnormalities.Adjust the position of the washing machine, changing the length of the rotating legs.Now plug the cord into the outlet of the machine and run a test washing session (without underwear).
Washing machine with water tank - water connection


  • At trial start carefully check if the tank is leaking and sealed if the connection.
  • Fill the container to the maximum level.If the washing water is not enough, the machine will beep.
  • If found that the tank was empty, fill it and then click on the "Start".Remember the case of equipment failure due to lack of water does not provide a guarantee.

analogue - washing machine agitator type

Alternative laundry at the cottage or a private house without running water - washing machine agitator type.

Water is poured into a machine manually.Equipment of this type is equipped with a timer that turns it off after a preset time interval.A number of models are available for a centrifuge, which allows you to thoroughly wring out the washed clothes.

Linen activator machine is loaded vertically.At the bottom of the tank for washing has a kind of propeller.Its purpose - to create a thread that will dissolve the detergent and captivate for a laundry load.At the end of the process of soapy water is pumped through the discharge hose, and then fill the tank again to start the rinse.

Washing machine agitator type

major role in the selection of the machine agitator type plays a low cost of technical means: it is 2-3 times cheaper than the automatic machinery.The process of washing a customer is regulated in such a car, and takes much less time, and laundry in the tank is permissible to add directly during washing equipment.