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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ventilation in the bathroom and the toilet , forced ventilation with their hands

Ventilation in the bathroom and toilet
  • adequate ventilation in the bathroom
  • requirements and standards
  • types of ventilation systems
  • check for serviceability
  • principle of operation of the ventilation system in the bathroom and toilet
  • reasons for poor performance-ventilated system
  • Requirementsfans
  • Types fans
  • How to make the ventilation in the bathroom with their hands
  • options ventilation lining: in the bathroom the toilet or the toilet in the bathroom

we are used to monitor the quality of the food we eat and the water wedrink.However, few people pay much attention to the air we breathe.Meanwhile, the clean air is also important for our body as food and water.With the ever-deteriorating environment and widespread gassed major cities banal ventilation of premises do not work.In such circumstances, the best solution would be the installation of ventilation.

air purity and the absence of deleterious impurities therein are needed to prevent the appearance of headache, drowsiness, dizziness, and for the prevention of allergic reactions.

adequate ventilation in the bathroom

The bathroom ventilation is important, no less than in other areas, and perhaps even more.The fact that in the bathroom constantly accumulates steam and humid air and the humidity is most conducive to fungi.

Mold in the bathroom

mold can settle in the lungs and lead to serious diseases of the respiratory tract, causing the development of asthma, allergies, etc.It is not only harmful to the human body, but also progressively destroys all objects and materials, but which produced until the concrete.The installation normally functioning ventilation system is not a whim but a necessity.

requirements and standards

All requirements and room ventilation standards spelled out in the "HVAC" SNIP 41-01-2003.

According to this document, the premises required mechanical ventilation in case of air pollution or environmental conditions required sanitary norms are not observed because of the lack of natural ventilation or if ventilation is simple enough.

permissible level of dust and pollutants in the air is registered in the sanitary-epidemiological rules.Thus, in regard to carbon dioxide, the maximum amount of carbon dioxide in the countryside is 650 mg / m3, in small towns - 800 mg / m3 and in big cities - 1000 mg / m3.At the same time the rate of air exchange per person - 28 m3 / h.Excess carbon dioxide can cause shortness of breath, dry cough, runny nose, and other harmful effects to the body.

The scheme of ventilation in the house

types of ventilation systems

The most common types of ventilation is isolated, depending on its purpose. For release:

  • exhaust ventilation , which takes the exhaust air through the exhaust ducts.Such ventilation is useful to combine the natural and mechanical ventilation if possible.
  • Ventilation , which is due to the fresh air intake creates additional pressure, forcing the exhaust air.
  • Ventilation mixed type , which combines both principles work.
Ventilation of the bathroom

In addition, there is a ventilation are often divided into natural and forced.

  • Natural ventilation - that ventilation, which was originally designed and installed during the construction of the premises.The most typical pattern bathroom and toilet ventilation in apartments and homes is such a scheme, in which the bath is connected to the toilet via the ventilation window, and already out of the closet made of air outlet to a common ventilation duct at home.
  • Forced ventilation - is ventilation, which is set by the owner of the property at will, and which involves the use of hoods or fan.

check for serviceability

Check the correct operation of your ventilation system is much easier than you think.No additional tools you do not need.Just light up and bring a lighted match or a small piece of paper to the ventilation grille.If the flame fluctuates - ventilation works.

Check the ventilation system

Another way to check the operation of the ventilation is that you will need to arrange in the draft room, opening the window and the door to the bathroom, and attach to the ventilation grating a piece of thin paper or, for example,napkin.Napkin should also stick to the grid or if ventilation is normally carries out the air intake, or it must be blown off the grille air flow coming out of the ventilation duct.If the napkin just fall down - it's time to change the ventilation.

Try to solve the problem of poor ventilation by means of expansion of the gap between the door and the floor.It will create the necessary thrust for normal ventilation.You can also try to mount additional ventilation grille in the door or wall.

Ventilation grille More

principle of operation of the ventilation system in the bathroom and toilet

In private homes individual vents are typically designed for each room individually: for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.Use the exhaust air through such channels is displayed on the roof.

The ventilation system in a private home

The same apartment houses commonly used typical ventilation system, in which all the vents are combined into a single channel, which opens onto the roof.Ventilation is based on rod arising from temperature changes.

If we are talking about the forced ventilation is installed special ventilation system with sensors that reveal and close valves as required.

reasons-ventilated systems poor performance

reasons for which your ventilation system may not function properly, there may be several:

  • errors when planning the ventilation system of the building: as in the calculation work, and directly during assembly.
  • Cluster of different materials in ventilation ducts.
  • damage the ventilation system of neighboring apartments, such as repairs, which caused traffic violation airflow ventilation.

Before mounting a new ventilation, and try to deal with the old.Maybe your problem can be solved simple cleaning the vent channel.

to fans

Requirements Typically, when installing the fan, it is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Low noise when the fan is running (less than 30 dB);
  • sufficient distance from electric heaters;
  • quality insulation of cables in wet conditions;
  • power used by the fan must be selected taking into account the floor area and number of people living in the apartment;
  • complete change of air in the room should be at least five times per hour.
Driving fan with low noise

Types fans

main types of fans:

  • connect to the switch and operate when in the bathroom or the toilet light burns;
  • equipped with special sensors and automatically activated when exceeding the permissible level of humidity in the room;
  • equipped with a timer, which you can customize the time of his work.
Types of fans for the bathroom

In addition, fans vary in design features:

  1. Axial - the simplest model.They are called propeller.
  2. Radial - provide a high pressure in the room.There may be direct, deflected backward, backward curved and forward curved blades.
  3. Diagonal - a mixture of axial and centrifugal fans.
  4. Diametrically fans can work with large volumes of air due to the fact that the air flow passes around the perimeter of the impeller.
Duct fan for the bathroom

more information, see our article on the fan in the bathroom.

How to make the ventilation in the bathroom with their hands

Ventilation in the bathroom with their hands

Mount ventilation may well be your own. Of course, it is better to do it even in a newly built house, however, and to ventilate again not too difficult.

  • First of all, check the vent channel.It must be clear of debris.If you can not connect the new fan to the existing channel, you will need to purchase a few meters of new the vent channel and bring them to the old channel.
  • Determine the location in which your fan will be placed.The most optimum location for the fan is considered to be a wall opposite the door.
  • Mount the fan in the duct opening, expanding opening up to the desired diameter, if necessary.
  • Carefully lay the electric wires from the fan so as to be minimally affected by moisture and are not visible.
  • Connect the fan to the switch.
  • Fasten the fan itself and its lattice or a liquid nails or the screws.
Installation of the fan in the bathroom

To reduce the noise produced by the running fan, route the fan mount an additional layer of sealant between him and the wall.

Options ventilation lining: in the bathroom the toilet or the toilet in the bathroom

Typically, the vent channel located in the closet.Organize ventilation between the toilet and the bathroom are two ways: either to build a separate vent pipe from the bathroom to the vent channel in zapotolochnoe space, for example, or install two separate fan: one in the wall between the bathroom and toilet, and another - in the bathroom, to the vent channel.