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August 12, 2017 18:06

Caring for tiles : the wash stoneware in the bathroom , antifungal agents seams processing

Caring for the tiles in the bathroom
  • Is the care of ceramic tiles from the care of granite?
  • Household chemicals
  • Folk remedies
  • cleaning joints between tiles
  • antifungal and antiseptic means
  • Tips on Cleaning

Is the care of ceramic tiles from the care of granite?

Ceramic tile and granite are very sensitive to the abrasive particles present in the means to care for them.Therefore their use is strictly prohibited. Solutions containing acids, are also harmful for porcelain and tiles.

In general, much of a difference in the care there.The main thing is a good selection of tools that will cope with the mud and will not damage the lining.

granite surface is matte and polished.For a matte look better.Polished consists of micropores, which contribute to staining.

Regular and proper cleaning preserves the life of a facing material.

Caring for ceramic tiles in the bathroom
Caring for ceramic granite tiles in the bathroom

Household chemicals

For tile unacceptable to use compounds in which the abrasive particles are present, as they scratch the glossy tiles.Therefore ideally suited household chemicals and can be called a creamy liquid.The powders are not suitable.

Proper household cleaning products for tiles

Folk remedies

happens that having started cleaning, we find that the cleaning agent over.Replace it can house the means at hand, which the hostess added to their culinary masterpieces.

  • vinegar. It destroys fungus and cleans.Essence should be diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 11. If you already have in stock 6% solution, it is quite suitable.The most convenient way is to pour it into a spray bottle.Then put on the wall.If particularly dirty, leave the composition for some time.The acid destroys fat.The walls can be cleaned with a brush, as long as the bristles had no color.Otherwise, they simply will shed and complicate cleaning.After cleaning, rinse the walls with water and wipe with a dry cloth.Ideal microfiber.Do not forget about safety rules.Vinegar - this acid, so wear gloves and be careful.
  • Citric acid. Its actions are similar to vinegar, but the advantage of the absence of a strong odor."Grenade" simply sprinkle the sponge and process tile.
  • Bleach or "White".It - a powerful disinfectant that, plus everything can whiten tile.Disadvantage - very pungent odor.Therefore, chlorine treatment should be carried out quickly because it couples a negative impact on our body.Using rubber gloves - a prerequisite work.
  • baking soda. strong ability to remove the old dirt.However, to use this tool you need to carefully: abrasives can damage the surface layer of the tile.kashetseobraznoy blend processing is done very carefully, apply pressure to the sponge or cloth can not.
  • ammonia. Good tool that will make shine tile.Prepare the desired composition is simple: Dissolve a tablespoon of ammonia in 2 liters of water.The solution was sprayed on the tile (use a spray bottle), and after 5 minutes.Wipe clean with a damp and then a dry cloth.
  • soap solution. wonderful tool, easy to use and does not cause any inconvenience.
Folk remedies for the care of ceramic tiles

cleaning joints between tiles

Coverage bathroom walls can not be without seams and joints.They are the destination clusters of moisture and, consequently, mold, mildew.To fungus is not overshadowed by his presence the bathroom, the seams are treated with special anti-fungal agents.Any Sales will assist in their selection.Everyone can pick out anything within our means and preferences.

Applied to tool joints is usually left for half an hour.This time is enough to dirt behind the seam, remove it would be easy.

Clean the space between the joints will help ordinary toothbrush. brushes made of metal in this operation is strictly prohibited.

very good job of cleaning the steam joints. An additional feature is its disinfection.

Cleaning the joints between the tiles
Cleaning of joints and seams between the tiles in the bathroom

antifungal and antiseptic means

Any agent that fights against mold and fungus contains in its structure biocidal additive.It is this component removes mold.

Shops household chemicals offer a wide assortment of various tools, which not only removed, but also to prevent further occurrence of such unpleasant phenomenon.They are called "shredders mold."As a rule, they are liquid.It is effective and easy to use.

Everyone should have a set of drugs such as the bathroom humidity is always an ideal environment for the appearance of mold and mildew.

Anti-fungal and antiseptic products for tiles in the bathroom Care

Tips on Cleaning

  • tiled flooring in the bathroom good laundering cloth made of wool.Mop equipped with a soft fringe, will also help in cleaning.Just before harvest close the door firmly open your bathroom and hot water.Settled on the tile pairs moisturize the surface, and thus help to make cleaning faster and better.Wall Tile
  • washed, starting from the top, and wiped dry, on the contrary, from the bottom.
  • Cleanser should not immediately handle a large portion of the tile.
  • recommended to wash tile once a week.Less unacceptable.Damp bathroom is a prerequisite for the emergence of mold.Therefore, weekly cleaning is a prerequisite for the preservation of comfort and cleanliness.
  • rubber gloves, goggles and a respirator worn when handling a tile compositions having acrid smells.
Recommendations for the tiles in the bathroom Care
Tips for cleaning ceramic tiles in the bathroom
Recommendations for cleaning tiles in bathroom