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August 12, 2017 18:06

Chinese Baths: Acrylic , hydromassage , Gemy manufacturers , River, Golf

Bath made ​​in China
  • Myths
  • principle of production "in Chinese"
  • brands
    • Appollo
    • Coliseum
    • Gemy
    • River
    • Golf
    • Huber
    • Vela
  • Benefits
  • wide selection - from forms to the material

today a leading position in the production of sanitary ware market is China .Despite the fact that currently observed a steady trend towards moving the core business the majority of European brands in China, it does not prevent to develop at a rapid pace and the Chinese manufacturing trade marks.The main part of the Chinese sanitary ware produced in Guangdong.Do not lag behind and regions of Fujian and Shanghai.Deliveries of the Chinese sanitary ware carried out almost all over the world, is rapidly conquering the market, leaving the production of leading European brands far behind.Clients from around the world in the first place attracts a reasonable price, good quality of sanitary modules and their technical equipment.Consider the major manufacturers of Chinese baths.

Bath for two made ​​in China
China acrylic bathtub with hydromassage
Round Hot Tub


in mind the majority of our compatriots had the more stable, but it is fundamentally wrong myths about the unworthy as China.Such beliefs were formed in the late nineties, when the Russian market flooded the Chinese cheap consumer goods very low quality.

Bath from the brand Eago

But if an analysis of modern China trade relations, we see that Europe, Australia and even America, despite their quality standards, are happy to use Chinese products.It turns out that in China the production of long-established well-known companies, including plumbing, which are strict control of production.

quality of this product is not inferior in quality to that produced at the brand home, but the cost of half that for many potential buyers is an important factor. After all, if the priority of functionality, the overpayment for the well-known European brand does not make sense.

Oval acrylic bathtub
Polygonal bath of Chinese brand Apollo
Bath China-made in retro style

Of course, it should be understood that the quality of any bath, not just the Chinese, depends on the company's sanitary ware production.

Even visual inspection of the bath immediately will help to draw conclusions about the quality of products:

  • carefully inspect it,
  • check for strength,
  • check for the presence of toxic odors.

company having a license is required to provide a guarantee to the buyer and will offer options for a refund or exchange.

Bath with a glass insert and hydromassage

principle of production "in Chinese"

Until now, there is a perception that neither the Chinese government nor the manufacturers themselves do not apply with due regard to copyright, and the stories about the cheap Chinese fakeslong been no surprise.But such cases are associated with the fact that the country's laws do not impose a compulsory product registration of the companies to obtain a trademark, but does not guarantee the protection of copyright at the same time. When the official registration of intellectual property rights the government fully guarantees the protection of the rights of the manufacturer.

Mini pool of Chinese production
Unusual tub with whirlpool feet
Bath luxury category manufactured in China

But now the situation has changed radically.Although this mysterious country with a rich history and cultural heritage still remains a mystery to many Europeans, public opinion is slowly changing for the positive.

At the moment, the Chinese production is leading in almost all respects, rapidly developing economy. considerable contribution to the development of China's manufacturing facilities are making America and Europe, having its own production in China and investing in the development of millions of dollars in the country.

Chinese themselves very quickly learn the whole Western, are therefore well desire the European buyer.

China bath with shower


Consider the leading brands that are in high demand.


Appollo company presents its products on the Russian market for more than a decade, has long won its rightful place among business-level brands and enjoys a steady popularity among the population.The company is constantly expanding its production and improve its products, constantly representing to the court a buyer various novelties.

Bath Appollo SPA
Acrylic bath with whirlpool Apollo
Compact bath for two
Bath asymmetric Apollo
Corner hydromassage bath Appollo
Hot Bath Detached


The brand Coliseum represents the company OOO "Coliseum Bass ".More than seven years the Russian market is supplied with products Coliseum.The main priority of the company is quality control, availability, modern design.



Gemy Company specializes in the manufacture of whirlpool baths.It founded the company in 1990 in the industrial area of ​​Foshan province.Company Gemy produces only certified products of high quality acrylic, which has been successfully marketed in Europe, Russia, the United States and other countries.

Bath spa with overhead shower
The rectangular hot tub
The rectangular hot tub
Asymmetric bathtub Gemy
Oval bath pristennaja
Red mini pool with hydro massage and lighting


Brand River - known in the market with2001 year.Despite the fact that this is a young company, the quality of products River does not cause problems.Products of this company is fully certified and its quality meets international standards.Company specializes in the production of shower enclosures, which are made of ecological materials.

Bath River from the Chinese brand


Golf Company produces a diverse and popular worldwide sanitary products.But the main direction of its activity - is the production of hydro-massage shower and spa cabins.

latest innovation the company was fundamentally new development.The company's engineers have created an innovative model combining in her shower and infrared sauna, which is in great demand not only in China but around the world.

Round -standing hot tub
Rectangular bath Golf
Custom bathroom for two
Hot tub on the brand Golf
Bath Golf by brand
Oval bathtub


Company Huber for sanitary ware established yetin 1968 year.Currently, a wide range of products the company will satisfy the demands of any customer.Showers, baths, hydrosaunas with contemporary design and a host of useful functions are easy to use and durable, as performed only from qualitative and certified materials.

Showers Huber


Chinese firm Vela produces sanitary ware of various kinds, but the main priority is the production of shower enclosures, which in quality, functionality and design, or in any way inferior to well-known European brands.

Bath from the company Vela


optimum ratio "price-quality" is achieved by the Chinese Certified acrylic baths are manufactured from high quality cast acrylic, which is produced by local manufacturers.

assortment surprise even the most demanding buyer for its variety of design ideas, styles, sizes and shapes.Chinese masters safely use their creative ideas, focusing on a wide variety of options of comfort, not forgetting about the cheap low-end models. very comfortable in the presence of such models, the possibility of the gradual filling of the bath options. example, buying the simplest acrylic bathtub filled with a minimum of, if necessary, can be easily set additional options.

Mini pool of Chinese production
Bath Acrylic asymmetric China
Wooden bath manufactured in China

wide selection - from forms to the material

Selecting a new bath - a very difficult and troublesome process.How to make the right choice not to regret it in the bath during the operation?

The first step is to decide on what it is you want to see in your bathroom.Modern Market bathing is so varied that an inexperienced buyer will be very difficult to navigate.

Determine the volume of the bath, the material from which it is made, the form and, of course, choose the manufacturer. bath volumes typically vary from 200 liters (small) to 250-300 liters (large).Some manufacturers offer and sitz baths, which contain less than 150 liters.

Basic forms and varieties

Modern bath from China attracted customers a large variety of forms and modifications of the models.

They have not only the classic forms, but plenty of other options:

  • with armrests;
  • steps;
  • lighting;
  • hydromassage;
  • TV;
  • electronically controlled.

Baths irregular shapes are usually made of such a versatile material as acrylic.

Bath Acrylic corner with steps
Innovative brand bath from KKR
Little tub

What kind of bath shape prefer to be addressed in each case separately:

  • Baths classic rectangular - mostcommon option for typical apartments with small bathrooms.These baths are quite easy to fit even in the smallest spaces, besides classic bath - this is the most economical solution.
  • Baths angled - perfect compromise for those who want to buy a bath with a large capacity, but they have a small bathroom.This form allows the bath decent save space without depriving yourself of comfort.Very often, corner baths from China additionally equipped with hydromassage.
  • Bathtubs oval suggest a large room.These baths look expensive and sought both along the walls and in the center of the bathroom.Choosing oval bath - it is quite expensive, as these baths are bound to be equipped with nice extra features, such as lighting, hydro, and especially expensive models - electronic control of all functions.
  • round shape Baths combine representation of wealth and luxury.After all, for the installation of such a bath it is required really a great room.These models are equipped with features Jacuzzi, whirlpool, and a host of other advanced features.
Chinese motives in the interior of a bathroom

main selection criteria

important factor when choosing a material from which made bath:

  • Baths from iron are durable, excellent anti-corrosion properties, well retain heat.The only drawback - a lot of weight, has a positive side - stokilogrammovye bath bear any weight.
  • Steel bath economical option for people with low incomes.The main disadvantages of such baths - a short lifetime, about 10 years old, a strong noise and very low weight, no more than 25 kg.Also, these baths are very quickly cooled.Most often, the steel used to make sitz baths, which are most popular among hotel owners, hotels, rent apartments.
  • Baths of acrylic are currently the best one for modern plumbing.The advantages of such baths more than the disadvantages.Acrylic, like iron, retains heat well, not corrode, does not absorb and lime deposits from hard and dirty water.Damaged by accident acrylic surface of the bath can be restored easily.The only drawback of acrylic bathtubs - it is deformed at a temperature above 80 degrees, so from such hot tubs have to give.
  • Plastic tubs - cheap replacement acrylic baths.ABS plastic brittle material service life is very short, not more than 5 years, needs frequent repairs and restoration.You can meet and combination options - outside bath acrylic, and the inside is decorated with plastic.Such bath with good care can last a little longer, but not much.
The interior of the bathroom according to Feng Shui
The interior in oriental style

Thus, the main criteria for the choice of the bath, to help you choose the best option buying.

  • need to identify the price range of sanitary ware.
  • choice of material from which the tub is made, based on processing characteristics, especially such as comfort, strength and durability.
  • Definition with size, shape, and the presence of additional functions.