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August 12, 2017 18:06

Paint the ceiling in the bathroom How to choose the best ?ceiling Painting

paint the ceiling in the bathroom
  • Painting manually or suspended ceiling?
  • Kinds of colors, their advantages and disadvantages
  • choice of colors
  • Features tinting
  • matt or gloss: what to choose?
  • How to choose
  • Manufacturers
  • Preparatory work on the ceiling surface
  • Getting to paint the ceiling
  • Useful tips

Before we begin to understand the main topic of this article, we would like to answer the question, which is veryoften concerned about those who are going to paint the ceiling in the bathroom.So which is better: painting ceilings or suspended ceiling?

Painting manually or suspended ceiling?

Any professional will tell you that the best option is to just cover the surface of the paint.

main advantage painted ceiling lies in the fact that the ceiling is "breathing." In addition, this version of the painting is the most environmentally friendly.But for some reason, then, many continue to choose a stretch ceiling?The fact that some people consider this option more beautiful, while others simply do not know how to paint properly.

If you want to consider other types of finishing the ceiling, we recommend you to read our article on choosing a ceiling in the bathroom.

Painted ceiling in the bathroom

Kinds of colors, their advantages and disadvantages

To qualitatively paint the ceiling, you must first select a paint that can be of four types:

  • water based paints;
  • Acrylic;
  • Silicon;
  • Silicate.
Paint the ceiling in the bathroom

begin with latex paint.Just note that it has excellent features and its distinctive feature is the ability to create the effect of "snow-white ceiling."The main advantages of such a dye include water resistance, environmental cleanliness and a wide choice of colors.The only drawback - it is easily washed off with water.

Paint the ceiling in the bathroom

Acrylic today is the most popular among the other options, since it is very easy to apply.Among the advantages it is worth noting a wide range of shades, the inability to absorb moisture and mold resistance.The ceiling, painted with acrylic, very easy to clean from dirt.Moreover, this type of ink can smooth irregularities.

With regard silicone paint , it has excellent performance.The main properties of silicon - is an increased rate of water vapor permeability, moisture resistance and excellent tolerability temperatures.The paint is easy to apply on any surface and is able to cover the cracks.

acrylic paint on the ceiling

Silicate paint often used to whitewashed ceiling.Among the advantages it is worth noting a high resistance to the formation of harmful mold and excellent ability to delay crack.Prior to application of silicate paint must be treated with a ceiling silicate primer.

choice of colors

Regarding the choice of colors, this solution fully depends on the preferences of the owners bathroom.Some fans of exotic stop on the red or purple paint.But experts recommend choosing bright colors, as they are to the best effect on the mood of the owner.Note that do not necessarily white ceiling - here you can apply blue, turquoise, beige and even lighter shade of green.Of course, the color of the coating should ideally be combined with the general tone of the tiles and the floor.

types of paint

Recall that we should not try kolirovat paint yourself, but rather order the production of the desired shade of a specialist.This solution will allow the bank to purchase the desired paint if necessary.

Painted ceiling in a beautiful bathroom

Features tinting

Each of us understands that boring monotonous tone - you need to diversify them, which in turn will provide a good mood.

Recommendations for tinting:

  1. Zakolerovat paint can on their own or in a store. Note that a truly serious company uses a special Coloranting fan, which consists of 2,000 different colors and shades.Of course, the first look at the color fan is not enough to make the right choice.To do this, select a few options and paint a small portion of the cover, then select the color you want and purchase the necessary amount of paint.
  2. If you decide to tint their own, it is best to use tinting paste. number of color schemes must not exceed 10% of the total weight of the ink.When choosing a white color, it is worth remembering that only a pastel tone can be obtained in this case tinting.Each high-quality paint is marked A, B, or C. If you want to get rich color, you should choose to C.
  3. final color can only be seen after drying. That's why we have advised first test paint.Alkyd paint after drying darken, and "chemical" are more sensitive to the color scheme.Latex paint can behave differently.
  4. Mix paint better with a special drill, which is popularly known as a mixer.
  5. better to calculate in advance the amount of paint needed for tinting. This is done to obtain the same tone.

matt or gloss: what to choose?

As it turns out, is important not only color, but also the "flatness" of the surface, which is obtained after the application of paint.Glossy paint well reflect the color that makes the room visually more spacious.

Matte paint is excellent conceal defects ceiling, which is their main advantage.Also note that the ceiling, painted with glossy paint, it is best washed.We conclude that if the ceiling surface is slightly "bumpy" or small cracks, it is better to give preference to the matt version.

gloss paint on the ceiling
Paint Ceiling
painted ceiling

How to choose

Cheap option may not always be acceptable.In the process of painting the ceiling still need to pay attention to the quality of the paint.It should be noted that a good water-emulsion version will cost relatively expensive.But no need to save, since it will not be profitable in the long term.

Paint the ceiling in the bathroom

Poor-quality coating will last long, and the consumption of "the cheap" will be more.Therefore, purchase only officially registered stores to eliminate fake purchase option.


A few words must be said about choosing a paint manufacturer.Here you need to remember that you need to buy cover only those dealers who have at least 10 years of successfully leading the market.Perhaps the value of their products will be a little overpriced, but the quality of goods will be the highest.In fact, the manufacture of paint does not require sophisticated equipment.In any case, the choice of a particular variant should pay attention to the reviews about the manufacturer.

paint Manufacturers

Preparatory work on the ceiling surface

Before you start painting, you need to carry out preparatory work .The first step is to make sure that the painted surface is completely smooth.Recall that above, we wrote about some types of paint that hide subtle irregularities, but that does not mean that the ceiling can be left in its "original" form.

alignment can be carried out with the help of plaster and drywall.Consider ways more:

  • Using plaster is one of the most popular methods.This material is sold in dry form and for its preparation you just need to follow the instructions in the manual.As stated in one advertisement - just add water.
Plaster ceiling
  • Application drywall is a more practical way, and it allows you to align the surface of the hands.Simply mount the drywall on a frame made of metal and putty joints sheets.After this procedure, ready to paint a ceiling.
Preparatory work on the ceiling surface

Getting to paint the ceiling

In fact, the ceiling painting process is a simple procedure.To do this, take the following:

  • Brush;
  • roller (preferably natural fiber);
  • capacity of a spray material;
  • or ladders;
  • cloth.
roller for painting

now offer dismantle the basic principles of the painting:

  • application of paint depends on its consistency.For example, water-emulsion type of paint should be applied in small portions, and try not to leave the unpainted areas.
  • acrylic, silicate or silicone paint is also applied in small layers.
  • Start painted portion near the front door, using a roller.Remember that it is better to carefully promaknut.
  • In some places, the ceiling is impossible to use a roller.Here we will need a brush.
  • After applying the first coat of paint must be allow to dry.This may take several hours.
  • Then plot the same way the second and the third layer.Note that if you use high-quality paint, you can apply it only twice.
Paint roller for painting

Useful tips

Immediately, we note that the painting of the ceiling should start to complete the decoration of the walls, as sprayed paint can.This would negate the work done.

Try to distribute the paint evenly.If you do not do that on the ceiling will remain "non-colored" dark spots, which are not visible in the painting, but appear later.

uniformly painted ceiling

If you bought water-based paint, then it is better to put on drywall.But if you prefer acrylic, it is better to smooth the surface with plaster.

If the preparatory work has been done correctly, the painting of the ceiling does not take much time. We are sure that this article will bring you a favor and will save a lot of time.

painted ceiling

Repair is always associated with certain difficulties, but if you carefully examine the issue before starting work, then everything will be much easier and faster.

painted ceiling in the bathroom general view