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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tiles in the bathroom : types and design, quality , color and texture

an example of a tile in the bathroom
  • tiles Benefits
  • Types Feature
  • guests and standards
  • determines the quality
  • Select the size, shape
  • 3D tiles
  • We select the color, texture

now very extensivechoice of species and tile options to arrange any interior.Maximum popularity rightly observed in tiles for bathrooms.And so the question of choosing the most suitable tiles - among the most pressing.Especially that among textures, sizes, colors and prices is quite possible to get lost.

Sample tiles in the bathroom

tiles Benefits

Ceramic Tile is preferred for lining bathroom for many reasons, even though the alternatives it has a large number (wall paneling, vinyl tile, plastic panels, etc.). This is the most harmless and chemically passive material, which also allows you to easily take care of him, using any detergent.

composition tile very simple - it is made from water and clay.If the tiles and fall impurities during firing under the effect of high temperature treatment, they just burned.Such material - natural, non-flammable, good isolates and not electrified.

Facing the bathroom

Types Feature

addition to environmental and aesthetic appearance of the tiling in the matter of the choice of a suitable tile must take into account the functional and purpose of the product.Packing tiles provided with symbols indicating its application.

tiles Packaging

So, the image on the rectangle of black footprints show that the tiles used for floor, and it is non-slip.If the square is shaded, then in front of you it is very resistant to abrasion tiles.Painted hand shows that this wall tiles.The picture is an indication of snowflakes frost properties of the material.Repeated icons indicate that this feature is enhanced.

Symbols on the tile

How to take into account the functional characteristics when selecting tiles for the bathroom? course, tile marked "snowflake", you do not need.But useful products with the property to repel moisture, increased resistance to chemicals (alkalis, acids) and high density.The ability to withstand water on the tile marked with Latin letters, from A (maximum response).

Symbols on the tile

When choosing floor tiles pay attention to the wear resistance of the material class, which is indicated by the Roman numeral I (minimum response).For bathroom sufficient and first class.second class tiles used on the balcony, in the kitchen, the third - in the hallway, corridor, lobby, and the fourth - in public places.

guests and standards

tile is chosen according to your taste, but as with the texture and color of all settled, pay attention to quality.As with all products, tile is available subject to certain standards developed by its various parameters.In different countries, these standards are different names, in Russia they are called guests.They are regularly updated.Also, products can not be designated guests, and TU, but often the quality of her below.

quality tile

not designed for tile mandatory certification, but that meets the standards of quality assurance is better to buy the goods, even though it costs more.Then more guarantees that the laying of tiles will be no problems.

determines the quality

buying a tile, you need to be especially careful, because very often the material comes with marriage. main criteria considered for maximum smooth surface, precision drawing and fracture toughness.

In theory, the bathroom needed to fly the absolutely smooth tiles, but in practice it is necessary to select the material closest to the ideal.Using a square, determine the angles.In its absence, add together the tiles randomly taken samples - so you can check how well are adjacent tiles.The parties change several times.

Choosing tile
Facing one bathroom tiles
Tile with a distinct pattern

For walls, you can choose thinner tiles than the floor, but on the contrary can not.

For tile floor, there are two important requirements - strength and special non-slip surface.To test the lubricity of the material, wet the surface and rub with your finger.

stones of the same tiles and walls, and the floor is not recommended - it looks too simple and unassuming.

determines the quality of the tiles:

  • Assessing the drawing, do not buy a tile with a sloppy image, blurry or too sharp lines.This is evidence of violations of manufacturing technology.You should alert even small defects.
  • flatness by applying tiles define the front side.
  • Also check swing, holding the corners of the tiles.
  • inspecting inside out, tap are properly visible brand name, whether the drawing clear.The less you identify weaknesses in a certain party, the more reasons to buy this material.
Quality checking

To reveal the fragility of the material inherent perekalennomu tiles, look at the color of inner side (it will be uneven and the surface will shine).Scratch-quality tile from the back side, you will see a clear trail.

Select the size, shape

material should be selected taking into account the size of a bathtub.For example, if the room is small, then tiles it should be smaller, while the spacious bathrooms selected larger tiles.

This is due to the psychological and visual perception, because when laying large tiles in the small bathroom space look more closely and narrowed.Also in the small bathroom, you can buy an average-sized light-colored tiles.

wealth of forms and the appearance of the tile allows you to create any environment - from classic to the most exotic. Those who prefer the classics, usually buy square and rectangular tiles.Prefer the original manufacturers offer tiles with wavy edges and unexpected coloring.To complete the tile trim to buy more panels, borders and other decorations.

Panel of tiles
Tile light colors
Tiles with large tiles

on design bathroom tiles we wrote in detail in another article.

3D tiles

This type of tile has gained popularity in recent years.Dynamic three-dimensional picture like people who are prone to the use of new technologies.This tile will create a simulation of clouds on the ceiling, on the floor - the ground, on the walls - the forest, the city, the depths of the ocean or the other.Sometimes the tiles with 3D effect is complemented by a special light.

3D tiles on the floor

Facing 3D tiles in demand, because this material is easy to clean, resistant to moisture, has excellent aesthetic properties.For their production used a special technology that allows to combine ceramic and a carbon film, which is a consequence of three-dimensional image.Often drawing on a tile is represented by a geometric pattern.

Finishing 3D-materials can be used in the bathroom or hallway because the room is not overloaded with other interior details. But the living space is not recommended to register (as a last resort, used only in part by processing a small section of the wall).

3D tiles on wall

story, realize that you can use 3-D tiles, very much.But aside from the aesthetics of the material has other advantages.It's a long service (30 years), resistance load (up to 200 kg per cm 3) and the aggressive action of chemicals for cleaning.This tile is hygienic and hypoallergenic.It has excellent insulation, non-slip surface and good fire performance.Among the disadvantages of 3D tiles can be called only in the use of the premises.Also, it is not advised to cut.

must be chosen carefully for small bathroom tile color 3D.If it is too bright or color "spots", the space will be visually less.

We select the color, texture

picked up the tiles correctly, you can get amazingly beautiful design.It all depends on the wishes - someone chooses simple monochrome coloring, someone to the liking of the classic white, and someone buys a tile with a pattern.Texture also choose to - one to the liking of glossy tiles, others want to decorate the bathroom a little rough material, and others interested in rough tiles.

Red tile

From the color tiles will depend on the mood, which is conceived for the owner must give room bathroom .Green and blue trim considered bringing a feeling of coolness, and terra-cotta, beige or pink - heat.Note and light reflection.

Pink tile

tile manufacturers produce new collections twice a year, offering a creative and fashionable solutions.naturalness lovers like tiles, reminiscent in appearance of natural stone or wood.

Tiles under the fabric

also can resemble tile metal, such as silver or bronze.

Mosaic in the bathroom

Quite suddenly looks this design study, as tiles, reminiscent of the fabric, crocodile or snakeskin, zebra pattern.

Tile zebra

glazed or matte finish tile affect the maintenance frequency.On matte tile pollution less obvious, but if the color is dark tiles, their control is facilitated.

picked from the surface, consider the number of occupants and their accuracy.

Maintain cleanliness fine tiles harder, but she looks more resilient, and to cut during installation it takes less.Besides, it's great help to zone the room or add a bright accent in the bathroom.