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August 12, 2017 18:07

As a profession electrician ?

Profession electrician was and will be in demand, becauseevery year only increases energy consumption, and electrical networks are bigger spread across the planet.In this article, we want to tell readers how to become an electrician from scratch, how to start and where to learn to be a professional in their field.

  • Species profession
  • Where to start learning?
  • few words about self-taught

Species profession

First of all, it should be noted that an electrician can be an electrician, electronics, automotive electrician, electrical engineer, designer, electrician, electrical engineer, and even energy, if we take intowhole.As you can imagine, in each of their particular professions.To become an electrician, for a start you need to choose the right profession, with which you decide in the future to connect his life well, or a single period of time.

Varieties profession

Our advice - if you are really interested in everything connected with electricity, it is best to plan ahead by selecting promising areas that are key to scientific and technical progress.A very interesting work today is a profession design power or diagnostic car electrician.

Where to start learning?

of today become an electrician from scratch can be taught in high school, technical school, college, vocational school or even special emergency courses.We can not say that the institution of higher education - is the foundation by which you can become a professional electrician.Pretty much all self-taught experts who graduated from college just to get a crust and get a company.

Consider a few of the most popular ways to get a profession electrician:

  1. university.Study time from 4 up to 5.5 years.Graduates can be engineers, becauseare the most detailed theoretical and practical course.Education may be free of charge.
  2. College.On admission after grade 9 course is 3 to 4 years.After 11th grade will learn from 1.5 to 3 years.Qualifications, which is obtained by graduates - techniques.There is the opportunity to learn.
  3. College, vocational - training from 1 to 3 years.After graduation, you can become a mechanic-electrician to repair electrical equipment.As in the two previous cases, getting an education can be free.
  4. Emergency courses - from 3 weeks to 2 months.The fastest way to become an electrician from scratch.Today, you can even learn how to trade on-line through Skype conferences and individual learning.Fees range from 10 to 17 thousand. rubles (in 2016 prices).Self-
  5. .Suitable only if you want to become an electrician at home.There are many books, courses and even the paid sites, as our Self Electricians, where you can find out almost everything in order to independently carry out simple work on electrical.In this method, which allows to become a competent electrician to scratch, we will discuss in more detail.

Worth also view the video, which demonstrates how to start to become an electrician at home:

first steps to learning
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few words about self-taught

If you are interested in the profession of electrician onlyto independently carry out simple electrical work, it will be enough for books and video courses to study all the material, and then with small connections and perform basic repairs.We have repeatedly met quite a competent electrician who performed complex work without education, and we can confidently say that they did it very professionally.At the same time across the mountain and electricians with higher education, who do not dare to call the engineers.

All this leads to the fact that to become an electrician at home is possible, but not prevent consolidate their knowledge, passing courses.Another way to learn all the necessary skills - Have an assistant electrician at the construction site.You can also advertise on various forums that accept free or for a small percentage of the profits to help the electrician to "shabashki".Many experts do not refuse aid, allegedly "to raise the floor" proshtrobit or something else to help for a few hundred rubles.You in turn will be able to gain experience by observing the work of the master.After a few months of such work can be mutually beneficial and to start connecting sockets, machines, or even repairing lamps.And then we have only the experience and the new facilities will help you become a good electrician without education.

Electrical with a colleague

And finally, we recommend - learn the basics for our advice.To get started can learn column wiring, then go to the tips, and so on all sections.In addition to it does not hurt to examine the books, which we also describe and locate a suitable video course.As a result, if there is a desire and will treat you carefully to all assigned tasks, be sure to get an electrician at home.

to you to understand the prospects for such a profession, today a lot of lawyers, economists and other specialists, where more is needed mental work.But manpower sorely lacking enterprises.As a result, with a strong desire to learn, and you can find a high-paying job, if you really show yourself as an expert.The average salary of an electrician for 2016 is 35,000 rubles.Given the additional part-time work on call and increase the discharge, it is easy to earn much more - from 50,000 rubles.These figures are more than clarify the picture, there is promising to become an electrician.

In addition to all this we would like to recommend a few sources:

  1. Which instrument should be an electrician - a minimum set of must have to be present from the start of training.
  2. Electricity and safety - section in which we consider all the nuances and dangerous situations, which you as a beginner should know.Do not forget that the electrician profession has its main disadvantage - a dangerous job, becauseyou will be dealing with an electric shock.
  3. Group VKontakte website - here we consider non-standard situations, share experiences and just try to gather all the colleagues and interested.

That's all that I wanted to tell you where to start to become an electrician.Hopefully, after reading this article you'll be able to decide where to study and to be properly bind their lives with such a profession.