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August 12, 2017 18:07

Putting a solar panel at home

use of alternative energy sources is becoming more popular in our society.Accumulation of sunlight is useful not only for the environment but also to save money spent on electricity.If you care about the environment, or simply do not want to spend extra money, then we offer you an article on how to make a solar cell with their hands out of scrap materials.Usually on the forums write about solar cells, which are very high prices.With our tips you will learn how to build a homemade battery fully, which significantly minimizes your costs.

  • Materials for
  • Step by Step
  • charge your phone from the sun

Materials for

To make the device in the home, you will need:

  1. Copper sheet.Average the cost of about one hundred and fifty rubles per 0.9 m2.It needs somewhere 0.45 m2;
  2. clamps among the two pieces.Usually referred to as "crocodiles";
  3. tester or ammeter.This device is necessary for measuring electricity in the range between ten fifty microamperes;
  4. Electric, which has a capacity of 1100 watts, so blushed spiral;
  5. plastic bottle, which is necessary to cut the neck;
  6. Kitchen salt.A few tablespoons;
  7. heated water;
  8. «nazhdachkoy»

Step by Step

So, to make a solar panel with your hands, you should do the following:

  • cut from the sheet of copper a piece of this size, so we can place it on the hotplate spiral.For good results, clean the cut piece from dust and dirt.

Place a piece of copper sheet on an electric

  • Then place it on a plate spiral.Due to chemical reactions when heated copper will vary.That's when the copper will acquire a black color, count another 30 minutes to coat black color became thick.

Gray plate to the point

  • then turn off the appliance.Let a piece intended for the manufacture of solar batteries with their hands cool.Cooled, copper and copper oxide would be compressed at different rates.Then start oxide delamination.

Clear the oxide with warm water

  • waited until the temperature drops to the details of our normal room, and we take my piece of copper heated water.Do not scrub away the remnants of black oxide!
  • Then we start to collect a homemade solar panel without leaving home.All very easy to do.
  • Cut off another piece of copper, corresponding to what we already heated.Bending sheet 2 so that they fit into the bottle, not in contact with each other, we catch them "crocodiles", as shown in the photo below.In concluding our process for the manufacture of solar batteries in the home, plug the power cord from the unspoiled piece to the positive, and the treated cord - to minus.Next, add a few tablespoons of salt in heated water and stir until the final dissolution.Then pour the resulting solution into the bottle with the pieces of copper, but not completely.Leave about two and a half centimeters from the plate edges.That

Incidentally, the solar cell can produce a few milliamps, even without the sun!Recommended immediately view a more serious option of using alternative sources of energy, which we have described in the article about how to make the lighting to give a solar-powered!

Video tutorials on how to create a home charger

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charge your phone from the sun

Now we'll show you how to assemble a solar panel, capable to charge cell phone.By making the battery, consisting of separate parts, based on a single-crystal silicon, there may be problems when they are soldered.If you are not confident that you can do everything by yourself, it is better choose already made modules.Well, if they consist of ten single-crystal elements, suitable to the size of your mobile phone casing and have a voltage of five volts.Now you can charge your phone from the sun
Solar cells may be present in calculators powered by the sun.In these devices for account numbers used mainly amorphous elements, wherein the semiconductor layer is situated on a small plate of glass.Considering that this type of modules offer approximately a half volts, we need four pieces with a serial connection.Do not forget to the positive battery terminal to solder the diode to be used as a valve, not allowing the battery charge to waste through the solar battery.Take the LED flashlight can be a card.In order to serve our invention more reliably, pour hot melt cross the verge modules.

Browse more complex model

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So, in this article we will advise you how to make a solar cell with their hands out of scrap materials.Of all the choices, namely, battery manufacture aluminum cans of beer, flint, foil, transistors, diodes on one, etc.We have proposed a simple assembly of the copper plates, as well as describe the way in which the solar modules can be removed from the calculator or flashlight, and properly connected, used for charging the phone.

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