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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to hold the cable through the corrugated pipe

cable mounting ripple often carried out during the wiring under the plasterboard, as well as floor screed.Less self-extinguishing corrugated pipe used during the electrical works in a wooden house.A person with no experience will be quite difficult to thread the wire, becauseits end can cling to the inner walls of the corrugated pipe.In fact, technology is not pulling nothing complicated, so if you do not know how to stretch a cable to ripple, it is recommended to get acquainted with the instructions provided below.

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mount technology to receive information more easily, give it step by step:

  1. Measure tape and cut the necessary number of corrugated pipe.Cut the best office knife.Be careful - the wire is inside the tube.It needs to have a meal with a side cutter, holding that after a snack wire drowned inside the sleeve.If that happens, will only get broach undercutting the pipe to the required length.
  2. end of the wire to be connected with a cable.Make it easier to just gently by bending the string hook and breaking the isolation region (in the video below clearly shows, this technology).An alternative way - just wrap string several times around the cable.After that, it is necessary to insulate the connection to the projections do not catch when broaching the conductor.
    Proper connection
  3. free end of the broach should be securely fixed.If you work together with a partner, he needs to hold the wire.If you are wiring your own, you can fix the broach on the battery door handle or other stationary object.The purpose of fixing - in the future to create tension, to make it easier to stretch the cable in the sleeve.Threading through the conductor pipe
  4. last thing left - to tighten the wire inside the entire length.This should be done carefully, if you overdo it with the tension - breakage can occur at the junction and pulling the cable that will create a lot of trouble.
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That's actually the whole assembly technology.As you can see, stretch the wire or cable through the corrugated pipe is not entirely difficult.The last thing left - to fix corrugated clips.But this we have provided the most appropriate situation.There are more complex cases where the stretch conductor is problematic, for example, if there is no pulling.Below we look at all the force majeure situation.

Custom cases

The first and most common situations - when broaching the string separates from the conductor due to the strong tension.In this case, it is recommended that part of the bellows, which is already threaded, cut and leave, then re-connect the wire to the cable end and finish the broach.Two pieces of corrugated pipe then connect tape.

Pull the wire through the corrugation, if there is no pulling, it is also not difficult.Simply bend the end of the conductor 180 °, so that he did not cling inside the tube, and then push the product to the entire desired length.It demonstrates this in the video below technology:
How to create a wire without probe

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If you have a little space in the apartment and need to thread the long section of corrugated pipe, for example, 30 meters, not always without experience gets it donein the room.In this case, we recommend that you connect the cable to the string, then go out into the entrance, and on the top floor to the railing to fix the loose end of the wire.Thereafter, to the corrugated stretch until the problem is resolved.This process, we also recommend to clearly view the video tutorial:

Coping one
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Sometimes you need to lend a conductor in a corrugated hose to the ceiling, or rather in the suspended structure made of plasterboard.Make it quite difficult, becauseif the sheets have already sewn up, the installation to be performed by Stroebe under the lights.In this case, start the corrugated pipe through the ceiling will help ordinary string.On the master video tutorial demonstrate the essence of the whole work:

How to pave the corrugated hose through the plasterboard ceiling

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Well, the last situation that I would like to describe - laying the cable with rubber insulation in the corrugation.The difficulty lies in the fact that when there is a strong pulling of the friction between the walls of the corrugated pipe and the insulation of the conductor.As a result, even the wire facilitates the process, and if still no pulling, in this case at all unrealistic difficult to perform the installation.It comes to the aid special grease, which can be used quickly enough to reach the cable through the corrugated pipe.The cost of such lubricant bit high, but if you frequently perform electrical work, be sure to buy it, becauseone bottle last long.

Special gel lubricant for cable production

That's actually all the information that we would like to provide.Please note that tighten the cable cross-section 1.5 mm2 3 * better than the pipe diameter of 16 mm.At the same time, section 3 * 2.5 mm2 need a diameter of 20 mm.Now that you know how to stretch a cable in corrugated their own hands and what to do if there is no pulling!

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