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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to hold the wiring under the drywall ?

This guide will not affect the moments associated with the frame attachment of the profiles to the wall, as well as the sheets themselves GCR.We will talk only about the part of the work, which is related to electrical wiring - laying cable on the walls, fixing junction boxes and installation of outlets with switches.In fact, wiring under the drywall to implement their own hands a lot easier than to hold concealed wiring in concrete walls.In this you are now and make reading the instructions, photo examples and illustrative video tutorials.

  • Features of electrical work
  • Options pulling wires
  • installation instructions
  • Step 1 - Preparations
  • Step 2 - Installation of the junction box
  • Step 3 - Wiring Laying
  • Step 4 -Connecting sockets and switches
  • What if the repair is already made?

Features of electrical work

Since the frame of the profiles, and the screws can damage the protective PVC sheath of the cable and cause a short circuit, the conductor it is necessary to protect the corrugated pipe, which further prevent the spread of flames electrical firesfor plasterboard.

Cable protective ripple photo

first problem that may face electrical novice - pulling the cable through the sleeve.Recommended immediately view the video example where providing a simple technique pulling wires through the corrugated pipe:

trick electricians

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addition flutes for installation of wiring under the drywall, you can use a pipe or a special box, but these security options are not ascomfortable.The advantage of the corrugated pipe in that it has a small cross section and a good elasticity, so we recommend its use in electrical work.

Options pulling wires

Depending on how you will be attached to the wall sheets of plasterboard, selected installation method.Today, drywall can be fastened to the special construction of the profiles or to do without the frame, self-adhesive sheets are planted.The second option is rarely used, and only if the walls in the building practically perfectly aligned.Most often it made to carry out fixing plasterboard sheets to specially prepared frame, so the installation instructions for wiring plasterboard will be provided specifically for this version.Laying of wires through frame and insulation Hidden wiring

so you know how to stretch the wire with your hands, if you sit on the plasterboard sheets of adhesive, briefly explain the nature of electrical work.First you need to make shtroblenie walls under the wiring, and then fix the wire in the prepared grooves and plaster all Stroebe.When the solution is dry, you are ready to mount sheets without frame.Even superficially acquainted with the installation option, you can see that in this case to hold the wiring under the plasterboard will be much harder.

installation instructions

Thus, we consider how to do the wiring for plasterboard with their hands.All the technology we provide a step by step instructions with photos examples, the material easier to perceive.

Step 1 - Preparations

First, you need to collect the design of the profiles, but sew frame plasterboard sheets do not rush, becausethis will be done at the end of electrical work.At the stage of preparatory work you need to determine how it will be carried out wiring: on the ceiling or on the wall.If the room or hanging suspended ceiling, wiring is easier and more reasonable to spend on the ceiling and lowered to the "electric points" will be created in the right places (vertically).If only the walls are plasterboard and ceiling itself will be concrete or wood, then you need to pull the wire along the walls at the level of 10-15 cm from the ceiling.Given this caveat, you have to draw a wiring diagram on which to note the exact placement of points: sockets, switches, junction boxes.Then you need to transfer the scheme to the wall as shown in the photo below, and proceed to the calculation of the materials and the mechanical installation.Partitioning walls

From the materials you will need:

  • wire appropriate section.It is better to use non-flammable cable VVGng that fits, even if you decide to spend the wiring under the plasterboard in a wooden house with his own hands.About how to properly carry out the cable cross-section calculation power and length, read the corresponding article.
  • corrugated pipes, which cross-section is selected by the cross section of the selected cable.
  • Clips for fixing the corrugations.
  • Dowel nails for mounting clips themselves.
  • Junction boxes of non-combustible material.
  • sockets and switches.
  • Special Enclosures for plasterboard.
  • WAGO terminal blocks for connecting wires.

From the Tools You will need a drill with a special cutter for shtrobleniya sheets of plasterboard.The cutter diameter shall be 65 mm to Enclosures securely sitting in Stroebe.

Step 2 - Installation of the junction box

first thing to do on the basis of an electrical circuit to install boxes in every room.Doing this is not difficult enough to attach the product to the wall or ceiling with screws, as shown in the photo below: Mount junction box on the wall Install the junction box in the ceiling

Step 3 - Laying wiring

After all the tools and materials will be prepared, you can proceed directly to the installation wiring underplasterboard with their hands.To do this, you must first secure the clips on the marked walls.The distance between clips must be between 30 and 40 cm. Instead of the clip, you can also use plastic clamps.In this case, the wiring will be done faster, but it is likely that the corrugation damaged on the sharp ends of the metal profile.Using the plastic clamps Mounting clips To stretch the corrugated pipe through the frame of the profiles are requested to drill holes of suitable diameter or just buy a profile that already have special holes for Wiring.Cable routing through the frame

All you need to do when installing wiring for plasterboard with their hands - gently hold the cable from the junction box for future outlets and switches.Doing this is not difficult, the main thing to remember, where it will be the end of the extracted wires, becausethe next thing you need to do - to sew up the wall plasterboard.

Step 4 - Connecting sockets and switches

Well, the last step in laying the wiring under the sheets of plasterboard - installation and connection sockets with switches with their own hands.You need using a drill with a special nozzle in accordance with their own proshtrobit hole pattern for installation in plasterboard podrozetknikov.gypsum shtroblenie If you are properly calculated after shtrobleniya a lead sheet will be in the right place.Mounting Escutcheon in drywall is not a big deal.First you need to cut holes in the bottom of the wiring under the facility, and then pull out the wire and insert into the prepared podrozetnik Stroebe (see. Photo below).Right and left are the screws you need to tighten up as long as special presser feet are not secure the housing in Stroebe.Mount Enclosures Ready view Next, you need to make the connection sockets and switches, which also should not cause difficulties even for the novice electrician.

Video instructions for installing podrozetnik

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Please note that to make installation of light switches and sockets better after the completion of all repairs so as not to stain putty new laths!

What if the repair is already made?

Sometimes there is a situation that is already installed sheets of plasterboard, and there is a need to add one more outlet or switch under the drywall.In order not to make the dismantling of gypsum, can proceed as follows:

  1. Take the thread with severe nut.
  2. Make Stroebe round at the installation site of the future outlet / switch.
  3. with bare ceiling (if it does not protect plaster or not stretched film) on a new Stroebe falls thread.Nut, serving as the sinker should lower the level to make a hole.
  4. to the upper end of the thread is attached cord with electrical tape.
  5. Bottom thread runs as long as the electrical conductor not come out.

It's very simple, so if there was a need to hide the wiring under the sheets of plasterboard, recommend the use of this technology.By the way, if you decide to make plasterboard wall in the house, for the convenience of installation you first need to "sew up" sheets of one of the walls, then proceed to the installation of wiring!

Pay attention to this nuance

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Useful advice from a professional

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That's the nature of electrical work.As you can see, nothing complicated, the main thing - carefully stretch the wire between the profiles.We hope that the guide on electrical wiring under the plasterboard with their hands was for you interesting and useful!

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