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Heating Installation

August 12, 2017 18:07

Heating water pipes cable

not a rare problem of private houses is considered the freezing of the aqueduct in the winter.The water in the pipes freezes due to various reasons - wrong installation of water supply systems, too low temperatures in winter, or just lack of opportunity to pave the water system below freezing.To solve the problem, it is recommended to make water pipes Heating cables that will afford even the novice electrician.Next, we'll show you how to make installation of the heating cable for water with their hands, giving instructions, illustrative examples of photos and video, as well as stacking circuits.

  • How does the heating system?
  • Methods conductor attachment
  • According pipe
  • along the pipeline
  • Spiral
  • individual nodes
  • Inside
  • Mains connection Insulation

How does the heating system?

First, consider how the heating pipes electricity.The principle of the heating system is modeled after an electric floor heating - self-regulating or resistive heating cable is laid in a proper place, connects to the network, resulting in a heated area.There are two ways of heating conductor installation for water - mounting inside or outside.Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, which we discuss below.

Heating pipeline in the winter

As for the heating cable, the resistor is used more often becauseIt is much cheaper.An important caveat - for heating water pipes using two-core conductor.This is due to the fact that the solid should be looped, and this is very problematic in terms of installation of cable heating for water.The alternative - self-regulating strip conductor that heats the pipe is more economical and can be operated without a thermostat.The disadvantage of the use of self-regulatory model is considered to be the higher cost (approximately 2-fold).

fastening methods

conductor First, consider how to perform the installation of the heating cable for the internal and external aqueduct way, and then let's talk about the nuances of the connection and the additional insulation system.

According pipe

At laying water supply circuit is considered to be the preferred fixing the heating cable on the pipe.You can do this in two ways - along the pipeline or around.Consider Securing instructions every way.

along the pipeline

easiest to perform the installation of the heating cable in a single line along the contour.In this case, a prerequisite is to be mounting a conductor under the pipe that allows you to protect the heating element from mechanical damage from above.In addition, the water begins to freeze from the bottom, so the bottom of the flexible arrangement of the heater will eliminate the freezing water pipe faster.

If you have decided to build several cable lines along the pipe, it should be done as shown in the diagrams below:

Embodiments placing conductors

Longitudinal fixing

As for fixing heating cable to the water pipe, then it is best to use aluminumscotch, which securely holds the conductor and increases its heat output.Instead of adhesive tape can also be used for securing the tape, which is wrapped pipe as follows: The circular mount

Pay special attention to the installation of the heating cable for the water supply system through the corners.To bend was not too large, it is recommended to place the conductor on the outer radius of the tube, as shown in the picture below:

Heater placement cornering


In areas with extremely low temperatures is recommended to fully wrap around the heating element of the pipeline.In this case, the heating efficiency will be much higher, becausespiral step is about 5 cm (can be increased at will).The length of the coil conductor spiral should be about 1.7 times the length of the pipeline.Stacking spiral cable in remote places can be done as follows:

Securing the helix

In this case, the heating cable is first wrapped with an allowance, then the loop is wrapped in the opposite direction.As a result of actions to be smaller than the turn-winding aqueduct.

individual nodes

on such sites as metal supports, valves, gate valves and flanges must be secured over the flexible heater, becauseHere is a great heat dissipation occurs.Visually see the mounting schemes can lower:

also recommend reviewing the video, how to perform laying of the heating cable on the pipes:

How to conduct a flexible heater with your hands

YouTube Preview
Special attention should bepaid to install a temperature sensor.For heating water supply system was working properly and the cable is not overheated, it is recommended to place the sensor at the coldest point, as far as possible from the cable line.Fitting the temperature sensor it is recommended to glue a strip of aluminum tape.Examples of the proper placement of the sensor are provided below:

Install thermal sensor on pipes


installation of the heating cable in the pipe is recommended in the event that there is no possibility to carry out heating from the outside.Most often, this method is chosen, if the water is already installed underground in concrete structures and other inaccessible places.Lack of internal installation of flexible heater is as follows:

  • Reduced lumen tube (inner diameter of the water supply).
  • Explorer eventually starts to grow bloom, resulting in formation of blockages.
  • added a new point in the water - tee, which lowers the reliability of the circuit.
  • installation of the heating cable may be carried out only on the straight sections and maloizognutyh aqueduct.Conduct flexible heater through the tees and valves is prohibited.

Domestic water heating circuit

At the same time, the positive moments is considered low power consumption of the heating system (direct contact with the heater water), as well as less time-consuming repair (just enough to pull the cable from the tee, do not need to break the ground, etc.).

Thus, installation of the conductor inside the tube is carried out by following the steps below:

  1. first step on the cable gland need to put the node to be placed in the pipe.It looks this node, as shown in the photo above.
  2. in the right place at the aqueduct fitted tee, through which will provide input flexible electric heater.
  3. cable neatly routed to the problematic area that will need to be heated.
  4. Sleeve assembly is twisted, sealed and crimped.

As you can see, the internal installation of the heating cable in the water is not anything complex.Now let's talk about the final stages of installation: connect to the network and pipe insulation.


Since you are just learning how to make an electric heating water pipes, at the stage of attachment we talked about one very important thing, which stop now - the end of the conductor insulation.For this purpose, heat shrink tubing, which reliably protects the core from moisture.Also for the connection of flexible heater must be connected to a heating of the so-called "cold".All stages of the connection we recommend clearly see in the video:

Installation tip and connect the two sections
YouTube Preview
How to cut self-regulating conductor

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for economical and safe operation of heating water pipe we recommend also to connect two devices:RCD and thermostat.The first device will protect from leakage current heating system, and the second will allow to regulate temperature through heat sensor.An important caveat - when connecting the sensor to the thermostat should be borne in mind that most models work properly only if the water pipe length does not exceed 50 meters (it is better to clarify already in place in the store).


Well, the last thing to do - to isolate pipes for better heat retention.As a heater can use special cylinders, cut in one side.They can be made of mineral wool, polyurethane foam or polystyrene foam.Select the appropriate option for the price and wrap trumpet.In addition to heat savings, insulation layer additionally protects the wire from mechanical damage (for external installation).The thickness of the insulation must be at least 20 mm for the half-inch pipe, 30 mm for inch, 50 mm for the two-inch and 65 mm for other sizes.

That's the instructions for installing and connecting the heating water pipes.As you can see, the technology is very time-consuming, but the installation of the heating cable for water is quite possible to perform with his own hands.If you encounter difficulties, ask questions in our official group in the contact form or the FAQ!

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