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August 12, 2017 18:07

What are the time switch ?

In this article, we will tell you about the whole class of electronic devices working over time.These relays are widely used in automation systems, various mechanisms, controllers and sensors.The working principle laid countdown to the trigger contacts.To date, there are two types of devices: a cyclic timer (fully independent device) and an intermediate relay when an external signal is processed by the node device.Below we look at the types and characteristics of the time switch available today.

  • Recycle
  • Intermediate
  • Electromagnetic
  • Pneumatic
  • Motor
  • from hours or escapement
  • Electronic


cyclical type devices generate outputsignals via a time interval exhibited.Initially it was a mechanical product that interacts with contacts via programmable mechanical drum.With the advent of microprocessors an opportunity to create machines with a huge range of options.This type is widely used in automation systems for switching on and off of various mechanisms.

Example .Daily household timer controls the lighting of the aquarium, terrarium, greenhouses, feeders, drinkers.Most often, the time switch is used to control the street lighting in the gardening area.

Socket with timer photo

The smart home systems, the timer plays a pivotal role to ensure comfort.At a given time enables or disables heating, light, can display a reminder of the event.Boil water in a kettle in the morning, including laundry and stuff.Carry service timers in medicine, science, robotics and other fields of human activity.

Driving a smart home

Intermediate Intermediate

time switch installed in mechanisms that require a delay signal at a given time.These in turn are divided into subtypes:

  • electromagnetic;
  • pneumatic;
  • motor;
  • with an hour or escapement;
  • electronic.

consider the device and the purpose of each variety.


used in DC, where the coil unit is added separately and closed loop due to the residual field is slowing down to release contacts or short circuit.Range of up to 5 seconds.


Most of these timers are used in the acceleration and deceleration of the electric control circuits.


This type is equipped with a special pneumatic damper or iris adjustment by changing the size of the air holes.Upon receipt of a signal anchor pulls the piston, but can not do it immediately, until the air is in a damper.Through the adjustable aperture is defined by response time.Regulation is possible up to 60 seconds.

Air view products

relay pneumatic time type is often used for automated equipment control, for example, a machine tool.In addition, pneumatic relays have been applied to the actuator control circuits for step control, acceleration and deceleration.


Heart device synchronous motor powered by variable 50 Hz.Complex mechanical device with the possibility of a delay of several seconds to tens of hours.

Motor relay

motor time relays, in fact, as the anchor may be used in the protection of overhead lines for the reclosing circuits.

from hours or escapement

work by spring charging.Solenoid spring starts, the device begins to work (the principle of clockwork toys) and closes the contacts.Setting range 0.1-20 s Relay.


About what they do, we have already talked a little higher.


extensive family of analog and digital electronic devices using physical processes in electronic circuits, charge or discharge a capacitor, count a certain number of pulses.

Electronic execution

Modern timer for DIN-rail Photo

With electronic type switch can be a good idea to save the house, for example, take the light in the hallway, closet or entryway.Press we turn on the light.He switched off after a certain time, this period should be enough for the search for the object in the hallway, pantry, or getting into the apartment.The light is not lit unnecessarily, forgetfulness left on.

Visually see what are the time relay and a principle of operation of each execution type, you can in the video below:

principle of existing timers
YouTube Preview

Hereall that I wanted to tell you about the features of the application of different types of time relays.Now that you know what are the kinds of timers and how they work.

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