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Heating Installation

August 12, 2017 18:07

Wiring heater network

furnace heater, powered by the mains, may have a capacity from 2 to 35 kW (values ​​are taken from the catalog of the manufacturer Harvia popular).If the heater capacity of less than 7 kW, it is allowed by the rules of the SAE connected to single-phase 220 volts.If the load on the network will be more, can not do without the use of a three-phase wiring.Next, we consider a more complex wiring diagram in the sauna heater - 380 volts.

Harvey to the wiring in the sauna will be implemented through a three-phase circuit breaker and magnetic contactor.The first device to protect the heater against short circuit and overvoltage.Magnetic starter is needed for the automatic heating control.Automation is represented by temperature and humidity sensors that send a signal to the control unit on / off the heater.Remote Control

To help you visualize the proper connection of the wires provide a wiring diagram on the heater 380: Proper wiring harness

If the heater capacity you have a small, be sure to connect it to a single-phase network.For this purpose all three phases (L1, L2, L3, or A, B, C in the diagram) of the furnace is necessary to combine and connect the terminal block XT1, and one output wire 220 volt therefrom.Please note that when using a single phase conductor cross-section must be more, otherwise it simply will not sustain the load current.Before connecting you must be sure to calculate the power and current of the cable cross section, to choose the most suitable core diameter.Experts recommend using copper wire of at least 4 mm2, better 6.

Worth also view the video tutorials, which is clearly demonstrated by the heater connection to the network 220 and 380 Volt:

Three-phase connection
YouTube Preview
How to connect to a single-phase ovennetwork

YouTube Preview

That's the wiring diagram in the sauna heater.As you can see, the installation of a three-phase and single-phase circuit is not too complex, allowing to cope with the work of even the novice electrician!

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