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August 12, 2017 18:07

Mosaic tiles with their hands

One of the most ancient ways of decorating the property is a mosaic.It was used in ancient Egypt, India and China over 3000 years before Christ.It originated in the art of the Sumerian people and since then much much transformed, the master of each of the periods added their versions and equipment offered original materials to create drawings.Today mosaic is very relevant and has been successfully used for decorating homes.


  • main varieties mosaic
  • Ceramic tile mosaic
  • Mosaic tiles with their hands
  • Installation of individual mosaic tiles
  • Firms manufacturers tile mosaic

main varieties mosaic

Basicmosaic technique involves the creation of drawings of various materials in different colors, shapes and textures are applied in practice:

  • stone,
  • glass,
  • tiled,
  • clay,
  • combined.

Stone mosaic appeared very first.For its creation, collecting small colored stones of which made kings portraits or landscapes areas.This option is the most durable as the stone does not lose color, is not subject to any impacts and practically does not collapse over time.Nevertheless, the beautiful figure will look only in the case if you look at it from afar.Near will be visible seams and all kinds of irregularities.Use it either for outdoor use or in rooms with an area of ​​over 100 square meters.m.


Glass mosaic originated in Christian churches, when the priests began to decorate churches with stained glass windows.This type of decoration is quite laborious and invested efforts are often not justify the result.Therefore, it is rarely used, and mostly as additional elements.

With the advent of tiles began a new stage in the history of mosaic development.Tile allowed to create the most beautiful and almost seamless panels, which are only slightly inferior to the performance characteristics of the stone.Today, it is the most popular way.

potsherds were cheaper analogue of the tile.Regular fired clay and painted paintings collected by analogy with the tiles.The main drawback was that the paint quickly began to lose color, and the material to crack.From this version completely abandoned.


Combined mosaic originated in India.The first picture is a combination of ordinary and precious stones.Surprised luxury Europeans began to create similar panels at home, but instead of rubies, emeralds and sapphires used colored glass or crystal.From a visual point of view different from the jewelry minimal.

Ceramic tile mosaic

Since this option is the most popular and practical, let's talk about its features.building materials market offers a variety of tiles:

  • workpiece with dimensions 10x10 or 15x15 cm,
  • individual elements with dimensions of 2x2 cm or 3x3 cm,
  • full picture, with workpieces of different sizes.

Most often on the shelves of stores found building a mosaic workpiece.They consist of a base and a topcoat, which is in the form of small colored plitochek.In fact, this material is not suitable for the creation of this mosaic, so often used in swimming pools.The walls are getting enough beautiful and unusual, moreover, there are some kinds of tiles, allowing to create patterns, but no more.


Decorated variety of workpieces - glass mosaic tiles.There are options combined, when tiles are combined with glass and full glass products.With their help, decorate the tile composition.Only use the material - a very expensive proposition.Most often used to decorate the walls in the bathroom.

This tile mosaic is made up of small individual plitochek.They are presented in a very wide range of colors and can create real masterpieces of painting.The smaller size of the tiles, the higher the quality of the drawing.It is worth noting that the work is very laborious and takes more than one week (the average per square meter takes 2-3 hours of time).


As in the previous case, the sale has separate glass plitochki.Use special tempered, safety glass, so it is not afraid to mechanical damage.

A simpler option - complete the picture.They combine the speed and beauty preparations mounting the individual elements.In the domestic market a new direction, so bad distribution.On the other hand, some private companies provide services for the production of tiled mosaics to order.This allows you to choose exactly the image you want to see at home.

Mosaic tiles with their hands

These types have their own installation specifics, so you should carefully look at each of them.In addition, the selection of adhesive for tiles primarily depends on the conditions in which the mosaic is operated.

blanks Mount Technology is the most simple, so let's start it with her.The first thing to make a plan:

  • determine where it will be placed mosaic,
  • choose execution,
  • calculate the surface area,
  • calculate the amount of glue,
  • calculate the amount of grout,
  • prepare the necessary tools.

This mosaic is suitable for the decoration of the bathroom walls, working apron in the kitchen or bowls basins.In addition, it makes the tray for street soul.


embodiment may be several:

  • pattern,
  • multicolored mosaic,
  • mosaic with elements of Art Deco.

To pattern was visible, it is necessary at least in the area of ​​2 square meters.m, so the patterned mosaic used mostly for swimming pools.The private use is possible, but only in a large room, as otherwise the pattern will be difficult to dock.

Colorful mosaic - the ideal solution for the kitchen apron.It is easy to clean, no dirt collects in the seams and looks quite impressive.The wide walls of this solution will look poor and will not produce the desired impression, this is due to the limitations of the use of the variety of mosaic.


to the bathroom often use all mosaic with elements of Art Deco (glass inserts).They are advantageous to look at the wall and highlight the unique style of the room.The only drawback, as with any glass products accumulate on the surface of salt deposits from the water and steam.However, fairly easy to clean with standard chemical.means.

area calculation is done according to the standard formula: multiply the height by the length.At the same time to get the result plus 0.5-1 sq.m. is done so that in case of breakage or damage to the tiles do not buy more, besides, if we have to do trimming, consumption increases significantly.

choice of adhesive depends on the operational features, for baths and swimming pools need water-resistant, suitable for kitchen normal.Consumption of adhesive mixtures depends on many factors.Therefore it is necessary to carefully study the instructions and determine on it, how many bags you will need.Similarly, things and with the grout.If it is selected, be aware that it should be a tone lighter than the tile.Otherwise, the grout will greatly stand out.

From the tool you will need:

  • spatula,
  • utensils for a solution,
  • crosses,
  • dry cloth.

If the rest of the questions do not arise, the cloth used to wipe the tile if it accidentally hit a beehive.After drying, remove it would be extremely difficult without damage to the tiles.

After the preparatory work carried out, proceed to installation.Laying of mosaic tile is no different from the usual tile:

  • wall treated with a primer to improve adhesion,
  • diluted according to the instructions of adhesive solution,
  • applied mixture on the tiles and secure the bottom row,
  • after the installation of two adjacent tiles, the distance between themis regulated by means of crosses,
  • they are installed at the top and bottom,
  • after the installation of each tile must be checked on a level slope.

Tip: Some experts recommend the first row is not set the width and height.It will serve as a guide and sets the angle relative to the floor.This opinion is erroneous, since the characteristics of masonry walls and the process does not allow you to specify a static benchmark and require constant correction, in all other cases, the wall will be a curve with respect to the floor, or in relation to other walls.Given that the glue to dry 16-36 hours, check the level of each meter of masonry.


Another important point - it corners.Usually special bushings are used for their decoration.They are of two types:

  • monolithic,
  • overhead.

Overhead sleeve inserted freely in the corners of contiguity and fixed by means of grouting.Monolithic sleeve mounted before the laying of tiles.Tile installed on top of a special thrust plate.Such a method is more reliable, because the sleeve will not fall, even if the fall grout.

After all rows of tiles are laid, it is allowed to stand (at least one day, better 72 hours).The next step - the grout.Work is carried out as follows:

  • dissolve in a small bowl, mix (it dries quickly, so large portions do not need),
  • gently with a spatula to put the mixture into the joints between the tiles,
  • push your finger into the slot and ironed.

To get your hands dirty, use a damp cloth.

Tip: grout to dry for 5-15 minutes, but about a millimeter layer hardens in just a minute, his full hardening occurs within half an hour, then remove the grout from the tile is extremely problematic.So after you spend the first portion immediately with a wet cloth, clean the tile from grout.When finished with one wall, let it stand for 10-20 minutes, then povytirayte well with a dry cloth, and only then wash the wall of the finishing.

All of the above is true for the finished paintings, mosaics.The only thing that should be added to these compositions are of decorative character and adorn the walls in the halls or canteens, sometimes ceilings.Primarily due to the price.As a central element of the image of the room, a mosaic should be further highlighted.For this purpose, a bright glass edging, or mural or decorative stone.

Installation of individual mosaic tiles

tile mosaic, a photo of which is shown below, is a very complex technology.It will require hard work and a lot of time.But the result will exceed all expectations.


most important thing - it's surface.Play at the level with the size of 2x2 cm is almost impossible elements, so the work begins with the preparation of the walls.Option two:

  • plaster,
  • drywall.

Classic Stucco - expensive pleasure, moreover, if the wall is not too smooth, it is necessary to do the work of two or even three steps (at a time, a layer of plaster may be up to 1 cm).

Plasterboard mounted on the glue, it saves time and money.According to the performance characteristics there is no difference.

Once aligned wall, it should be treated with a protective primer, with addition of antifungal agents.This should be mandatory, as a real mosaic very much afraid of mold.Blot desirable once for three days.How to plaster and gypsum to absorb uneven ground, and to mosaic lasts a long time, you need to prepare basis for maximum quality.


During this time, we should consider in detail the composition and draw it on paper.In order to calculate the necessary materials.The most convenient way to do all of mathematics through a special program, the simplest option - Microsoft Excel.

installation procedure itself is done so:

  • in a convenient location set mosaic layout,
  • diluted glue (to put it on the tile layer should be as thin as possible),
  • starting at one of the corners, the first tile is glued.

Unlike blanks, in the case of the individual elements of the seams are not allowed, so you need to install the tile as close as possible to each other.Furthermore, the mosaic is not laid in rows, and progressively, initially the stone first and then on the sides of it, then the sides of the three previous etc.This approach allows you to practice correct any inaccuracies without major alterations drawing.

Firms manufacturers tile mosaic

Since the foundation of the mosaic tiles are much thinner than other tile products, it is quite fragile.However, modern technological advances make it possible to compensate for this deficiency.The most high-quality companies that possess these technologies should include:

  • Glass mosaic,
  • Piranesi,
  • Kerama-Marazzi,
  • Honey,
  • B-Mos,
  • Ocre Pebble,
  • Viola Mix.

first four companies offer quality products VIP (corresponding price).The range includes a wide choice of materials and options.Buying these products you can be confident in its uniqueness and originality, as across a variety of model series it is quite limited.

48692_0_4-1000 - Contemporary bathroom

second four companies specialize in the production of goods for a wide range of consumers.Presented tiles in several price formats.Although the quality of the products are not inferior to the grandees, model solutions are much less interesting and put on a stream.

It should be added that the minimum price for the quality of the mosaic is 1000 rubles per square meter.m.