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August 12, 2017 18:07

Useful tips on choosing conditioner 2016

You probably do have noticed that in recent years markedly different weather conditions and outdoor temperature.Indeed, summer is getting hotter and hotter every year, and in the off-season in general is constantly unexpected weather.In this regard, the demand for air-conditioning systems has grown significantly in the domestic environment, and you probably also decide to buy a suitable device for cooling the room.You do not know how to choose the air conditioner for homes and apartments in 2016?Next, we bring to your attention to useful tips on choosing an inexpensive but good device for floor space and functionality!

  • types of cooling systems
  • Power
  • Manufacturers
  • Additional features
  • best models

types of cooling systems

first briefly consider what types of devices exist onpresent day.So, in the appliance store you can find following types of air conditioning for apartments and houses:

  1. Window.Most likely, this option is you do not even find on the shelves, becausewindow device is practically not used.This is due to the fact that the body takes up most of the window (as seen in the photo) and also equipment for increased noise levels.Of the advantages can only allocate a low cost, high cooling capacity and easy maintenance.If you want to choose a conditioner for the home environment - bypass this option side.Only where it can be delivered - to the country, if the budget allows you to buy only the model of economy class.
    The body in the window
  2. Split.A more modern version of the device for cooling buildings, which can be selected not only for private houses and apartments, but also for office.Among the advantages of split-systems emit low noise, the ability to remote control, small package size and the presence of various smart modes.Outs are the requirements for a professional installation, the required annual maintenance specialists and the increased cost of devices.Although this is a very good option for small houses and one-room or two-room apartments, so the choice of a split system would be a reasonable solution in 2016.The unit split systems
  3. Multi-split system.Enhanced performance version of the previous version.The difference is that the internal wall blocks that cool rooms, in this case can be from 2 to 5. In the previous embodiment, one block is set outside (external) and one housing inside (internal).Quiet multi-split systems have a significant drawback - the supply air temperature can not be adjusted individually for each room, so around the residential premises will circulate the air with the same temperature.We recommend this option to choose the air conditioner for two-bedroom apartments, spacious private home or cottage.The cost of the system, as you know, will be higher than the alternatives.Upgraded version
  4. Mobile.If you want to choose a modern air conditioning in 2016 for domestic use, prefer portable version body in the form of a monoblock.In this case the equipment is mounted on wheels and can move from place to place.The only thing that interferes with the free movement of - flexible duct, which will have to stretch and strengthen the window nearest the room.The advantage of outdoor products in low price and ease of installation.Disadvantages: high noise level and low power (and hence the low productivity).If you want to cool only a small room, for example, the bedroom or the kitchen, be sure to make a choice it is this version of the system.At the same time, two rooms or the whole flat power of this device is not enough.Photo monoblock

There are also varieties of these air conditioners.Basically, they are split and multi-split systems.External and internal blocks can be not only the wall, but the channel, cluster, and even colonies.We did not see them, becausefor houses and apartments this option to select the cooling system is not rational.This is due to the high power equipment, increased cost and complexity of installation.Such variants of air conditioners can be used in commercial buildings and office buildings, but not in everyday life!

Review of existing designs
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about what conditioner is better to choose an apartment and a house, we have told you.Now more than delve into this topic and explain how to choose the right device for the power, which is closely linked to the area of ​​the rooms.It would be correct to call a professional who will make a precise calculation, depending on the floor area, window size, the characteristics of the housing structure, etc.If you do not want to spend the extra money, and believe in yourself, you can yourself calculate the required capacity of the system.The calculation formula is that the room of 10 square meters requires at least 1 kW.Total, if you want to choose a conditioner for the bedroom quadrature 20 m2, equipment should be not less than 2 kW and at the same time for the 50 squares required 5-kilowatt air conditioning.

Video instruction on the proper selection of the parameters
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remaining conditional values ​​to select the home system of the floor space air conditioning you can see in this table: Table capacities


very important point that you need to pay attention - the manufacturerart.From that, what brand you favor, lifetime of the device will depend on its ease of use, performance and, of course, price.We recommend that you select the air conditioner in 2016 from the following manufacturers (top brands on price and quality):

  • Elite class.Market-leading Japanese company Daikin, General, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and of Mitsubishi, the price of which, as you know, is also high.
  • middle class.European, American and Korean quality that is ideal for homes and apartments.Top 5 manufacturers is Aermec, Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Haier.In online forums, they have a lot of positive feedback from customers.
  • Economy class.Low cost companies such as Zanussi, Electrolux, Midea, Jax and Haier.Equipment manufacturers data is cheap, but good quality and long service life when such a purchase is not necessary to hope.

Here we are given a rating of air-conditioning manufacturers.Now you know which brand better and, consequently, more expensive.

Additional features

Well, the last thing you should pay attention to when choosing a good conditioner for homes and apartments - a set of functions are present.So, modern technology may include the following features:

  1. mode "winter-summer".There is even inexpensive split-systems and enables off-season to file into the room is not cold and warm air.Very convenient addition that, in fact, is a system of electric heating of the room.Please note that in winter the heating function will not work because of the low temperatures outside.The only time you will be able to test the system with the heat - in spring and autumn, so think about whether it is needed at all.Maybe it would be better to choose oil heater for the home.Work in the summer and winter mode
  2. Inverter air conditioner.It allows you to save up to 30% due to the fact that the inverter will shut off the system when it reaches the set temperature, as shown in the picture below.As you already understood, the inverter - a kind of a control unit, which not only makes the equipment cost, but also protects it from electrical surges.If you allow the financial possibilities, we recommend choosing the inverter air conditioner in the apartment or private house.Scheme of the inverter model
  3. ionizer.It allows you to clean the air of germs.In fact, not a very useful feature for which you can significantly overpay.It is better to go around doing the ionizer device, in fact, like a humidifier, which also manufacturers recommend the use of air purification.air Ionization
  4. dehumidifier.It allows you to remove excess moisture from the premises, while not affecting the temperature of the room mode (maximum 1 degree lower).Recommended exercise choice conditioner dehumidifier only if you will use it in a humid place.A device with a drying agent

best models

Finally I would like to highlight the 7 best conditioners for apartments and houses.Rating models drawn up, based on the reviews and ratings of customers.So, if you do not know which device to choose in 2016, so as not to overpay and be happy with your purchase, be sure to pay attention to the following models:

Daikin FTXB20C / RXB20C .Of course as the best manufacturer Daikin split systems.This model is the best in price and quality, besides quite functional.Neat design, quiet operation and a lot of positive feedback making it the first on our list.


Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HJ25VA / MUZ-HJ25VA .Another leading company, which released the budget, but at the same time multi-functional air-conditioning.If you want to choose a simple to use and at the same time a reliable device, take a look at this model.The only thing that customers complain - too simple design, but there is a matter of taste.

Mitsubishi Electric MSC- NZH25VA MUZ NZH25VA

Toshiba RAS-07EKV-EE / RAS-07EAV-EE .About the same function and reliability, as well as the two devices.Cost-effective, but at the same time productive split system on the quality of the manufacturer.If you do not mind the design, we recommend choosing this model.

Toshiba RAS - 07EKV - EE - PAC 07EAV - ITS

Panasonic CS-E9RKDW / CU-E9RKD. Although Panasonic that produces lower-quality air conditioning at the same price in this firm more functional device.Of the advantages can be identified deodorizing filter, as well as an attractive appearance.

Panasonic SS - E9RKDV SI- E9RKD

Electrolux EACS-07HG / N3. If you want to choose a stylish air-conditioned apartment, pay attention to this impressive model.For a relatively low price it has everything you need, so it makes no sense to criticize Electrolux.

Electrolux EACS - 07NZH Hg

Hyundai HSH-S121NBE .Fans producer Hyundai may be advisable to choose the wall split-system, which is at its low cost copes with all the responsibilities.Buyers positive note quiet operation, easy management, and last but not least - a high rate of cooling.

Hyundai XQ - S121NBE

General Climate GC / GU-EAF09HRN1. Closes our top 7 is another simple-looking air conditioning for apartments and houses.Although the price refers to the budget category, yet this model, quite a lot of useful features, notably the turbo cooling, the presence of the inverter and the power-saving mode.A good investment of money, if you want to choose an inexpensive but high-quality split-system for home use.

General Climate GC SU EAF09HRN1

's all recommendations on the selection of the device.We hope that some valuable tips provided above are for you is really useful and now you know how to choose the air conditioner for homes and apartments in 2016 for power, floor space, stamp.

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