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August 12, 2017 18:05

Children cabinet furniture

Design a child's room - is not only a very responsible, but rather the creative process.Here it is necessary to place at least three zones - a games room, a bedroom and a training area.Every parent wants the child to feel comfortable in my room and there was security.How to make the contract furniture for the nursery pleased all households: the parents and the child?


  1. choice of material
  2. color headset
  3. How to choose a child's case furniture
  4. Photo child of furniture

choice of material

First of all, attention should be paidmaterials used for production of modern contract furniture for the nursery.A comprehensive approach on this issue is needed, because qualities such as environmental friendliness, beauty and functionality of equivalent importance.

chipboard - this is an option that may allow to save substantial amount of money from the family budget.However, this is its advantage, unfortunately, end there.With a composition of formaldehyde, particle board can cause the appearance of harmful fumes.If you do opt for this material, you should take care of the acquisition of furniture, made of the highest category (which is suitable for medical facilities, according to European standards).

MDF - is a compromise between chipboard and natural materials.Due to the unique manufacturing technology, it does not contain, unlike CPD an amount of harmful substances, in this case has high aesthetic qualities.The only negative, if we compare the above with a competitor - is less strength.Prices for cabinet furniture MDF rightly considered fully democratic.

Wooden furniture for children - it is best that parents can buy.It has the highest level of security from an environmental point of view, with the looks in any room adequately.Usually made of wood furniture is an order of magnitude higher than that of similar man-made materials.One caveat: the price of the headset will greatly depend on the type of wood from which is made.Thus, cost-effective solution would be the children's cabinet furniture made of birch and pine, whereas oak or beech will cost you a tidy sum.

color headset

Depending on whether you use the new purchase of a boy or a girl, colors vary between two basic colors - blue and pink.Today, manufacturers of furniture child, however, offer quite a large palette of colors for the decoration of children's rooms.In the photo you can see a variety of options - from pale beige to bright green.It all depends on personal taste preferences.Freestanding furniture for two children of different sexes often involves the use of neutral colors.

How to choose a child's case furniture

The first thing that is necessary for all - is the bed.One should pay attention not only to the strength of the frame, but also the presence of orthopedic base.If the mattress is complete with bed, make sure that it was the optimal stiffness and natural ingredients present in the filling.Additional amenities will help to achieve a drawer on rollers, which can be folded linens.

Wardrobe must be stable and not too high.The main objective of this subject of furniture - ensure comfortable use during the operation of the child.

Training Area is better positioned so that natural light rays fall on the left side on a table, where a small owner will then be engaged.This provision will help protect vision.Stool should be tough with high backrest to support baby's back.

To set your chosen really pleased the parents and the child, should pay more attention to when choosing the strength and functionality.

Photo child of furniture