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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to cover the roof Ondulin - stacking technology and benefits

If the roof structure has lost presentable, functionality it is necessary to make the coating with special material.Today is especially popular ondulin.Very demanded durable roofing component, never deformed, not afraid of humidity, weather changes, and direct exposure to the sun which means it does not burn.In bad weather, when the street rain roof of Ondulin not noisy.During the years of operation the material is a little fade.
roof with reliable ondulinovym coating, long in need of repair.Building material is suitable for any roof.Installation is made easy.packing procedure is simple and convenient.Moreover, the material can be mounted on the old roof.Incidentally, the work easier, less expensive.After laying ondulin paint.

How to cover the roof Ondulin

How to cover the roof Ondulin Ondulin

- a bituminous material, which is in the form of sheets.In addition to its composition (no harmful substances), comprising cellulose and glass fiber coating paperboard with additives, which is pasted on top of the bitumen.Environmentally friendly material - the determining factor when choosing a roofing.The form of this undulating, slightly gritty material is represented by four colors: red, black, brown and green.It helps you arrange the structure of the roof.

Covering this building material is made without the use of special skills.It is necessary to follow the instructions.If the metal coating on the roof has been done before, were lined with slate, roofing material, then remove these materials is not necessary.You can make minor deformation ondulinovyh sheets.They are flexible, allowing them, if necessary, easy to bend.And the sheets lie seamlessly on any surface.

Getting Started - necessary materials

So you decided to make the roof of Ondulin, now need to pick up tools, materials.Work better together.Harvested the following materials:.
• A huge number of sheets Ondulina 200h95 cm Measured roof, the final figure is calculated in sheets.By the way do not forget to add 10 per cent, sometimes 20 to protrusions on the edges.
• We also need lumber for the construction of crates.The cut - 40x40 mm.
• Also included is offered complete with sheets you will find special fastening nails.Of course, if you choose to deck red Onduline, then choose the color of the nails too red.They are shaped like screws, rubber obramku have the top - this is an additional layer of waterproofing from water leaks after mounting Ondulin, also the color.Material - Carbon Steel.
• Skate - area.His place - is located near the junction near the roof slopes.Waterproofing here should be carried out very carefully.It is also used at the junction of the roof and vertical walls.Around the chimney used rubber aprons.
• Required for the border with the window of the roof - insulation tape.It serves as sealing compounds.It can be used as a valley.Please note before you fix the insulation is necessary to eliminate the cause of pollution - it will get rid of the bad docking isolation.
• In addition, we still have a special pipe for ventilation and filler cornice.

Required tools

Neobhodymye tools

Tools Required

need the following tools:

  1. to cut the sheets we need - a hacksaw.
  2. Ordinary pencil
  3. Simple lightweight hammer
  4. Building centimeter or line
  5. Cutter
  6. screwdriver
  7. common thread in order to make border crates

is worth noting that no harm will be if you have a presence there will be specialladder, with the help of which you can fix it on the ridge.

How to prepare

roof, you must first make sure before the process Ondulina laying the old roof is still able to withstand the new load + 100 kg, as sleet in the spring will give the roof a big burden if you are not sure then we recommend to disassemble the roof.

eXAMPLE structure

Example design

roof must be cleaned.Enjoy any materials for cleaning.It is suitable broom, preferably on a long handle.On the surface of the roof is necessary to remove all the debris, the remnants of ash trees, or for example if you make a roof in the autumn - leaves.

Construction crates under ondulin

According to the builders of the recommendations and special companies that are engaged in sales Ondulin, in their statement said that ondulin to be installed on a continuous sheets crates - it will provide stability to deformation as a result of the sun's rays in the summer and by the weight of snowin the winter and of course on the severity of melting snow in the spring.

crate mozhnos do independently of the length of the rod 5 by 5 cm. Originally established obreshetchataya longitudinal design, and then begin to strengthen the timber with long screws to the old timber.First recorded extreme elements.Then thread stretched across them.According to her the other direction fasten boards.Then astupaet time laying horizontal battens.Bars we have installed across the fortified bars.crossing locations are fixed with screws.Special brusochek having a section can be used to facilitate the laying process.

When flatness of the roof is better to do a longitudinal design of the crates.Used plywood is not afraid of moisture.Please note that the batten construction must be performed very reliably.After ondulin malleable material, with large gaps between the crate, he can be a little prosest.Slack or protruding roof sheets will give our view of slack and then start leaking.

process of laying Ondulina

on construction of crates that we have made are beginning to try ondulin (as shown in the picture below).Note that when mounting the sheets Ondulina bottom they should act otherwise will necessarily incorrect stacking of sheets that is, they need to close the so-called "wind farms board."This part of the roof closes the gap and warns getting wind flows under the roof.

Ondulina stacking scheme sample

sample stacking scheme onduina

Stack ondulin, according to the rules, start from the bottom, from one angle.This is usually done just from the edge, where, as a rule, does not reach the strong wind.Also be aware that you need to attach ondulin transverse bars horizontally.Used nails with "hats".On one sheet consumed about twenty nails.Having arranged the initial row, moving higher.Ondulinovy ​​first page should be visible on a standard sheet polshiriny not to download point mounting angles.
Sometimes when laying arranged metal crate.The sequence of work is maintained, there is no difference.Only the sheets of metal lathing fasten with screws.

To achieve a good result - a neat, beautiful roof - should take into account some features of the installation.
• ondulinovye sawed sheets are best lubricated with a hacksaw.Then they will not crumble.Sometimes it is used for cutting the circular reciprocating power saw.
• You can not violate stacking technology.
• High temperatures interfere with the work.Ondulin will be flexible and will be difficult to mount them on the roof.
• When driving around you can not step on ondulin.You can get only part that sticks out.

The sample covered Ondulin home

Sample houses covered Ondulin

The advantages of such coatings

Demand roof of Ondulin growing.It's easy to explain the advantages of the roofing construction materials:

  • roof, neatly covered with Onduline correctly, has a beautiful appearance, smooth surface.It is reliable - the material repels moisture, drowns out the sound of rain, bird commotion on the roof.
  • Laying Ondulina not expensive event.In addition, you can put it on their own.
  • coating is long.
  • Ondulinovye sheets are flexible, so practical for installation uneven roofing.
  • roof of Ondulin not tolerate acid, it is not conducive to the emergence of fungal plants and moss.

Ukazannyeharakteristiki help homeowners make the right choice.Onduline - the best material for roofing.

Video - installation Ondulina own hands