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August 12, 2017 18:06

Where to sleep powder in the washing machine : how to choose the tray slot , whether it is possible to fill the drum

washing powder
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  • Why have several compartments, and in which to pour the powder?
  • Features compartments in cars of different brands.
  • Can I sleep in the drum?
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To download the detergent in the washing machine?This question is relevant because literate filling the dispenser will save each hostess and make washing clothes quality.

Location tray

Washing Machine Vertical load.In washing machine with a manhole located on, poroshkopriemnik attached to the inner side of the cover.Such a tray is usually large (at least more than poroshkopriemnik technology front-loading).Such drawer placing the powder was not very comfortable, so manufacturers stiralok eventually abandoned the idea.

have washing machines with front-loading a tray in the upper left corner is a small pull-out poroshkopriemnik individual section.Next to each compartment of the dispenser has a notation.The main thing - to know how they decoded:

  • II or « In » - so producers are designated biggest bays poroshkopriemnika washing machines.Designed section to download a conventional powder, which is used in the main wash mode.The cell should be used for other modes.
  • * or Softener , or image flower - designations are located in front of the smallest cells.These compartments are designed for metering the capacitor, and the usual detergent in this section can not fill.
  • I or "A " - the characters that appear in front of the narrowest compartment poroshkopriemnika washing machine.Symbols indicate the section for the pre-wash.Therefore, choosing the "Pre-wash" mode, it is necessary to use this box and fill it with a small amount of powder. way , for this section of the dispenser use only dry powder.
tray powder in the machine with vertical load
poroshkopriemnik in a car with front-loading

washing machine

First, we should find a dispenser.Usually washing machines vertical load poroshkopriemnik located on top of the hatch stiralki.And here at stiralok horizontal loading is a special compartment inside the loading hatch.


Washing machine semiautomatic

If you use the machine, semi-automatic, single poroshkopriemnika allocated for powder just does not.Usually in such semi-dirty laundry and powder are loaded into the drum.This option is best to use only conventional dry powder because the semiautomatic detergents not much foam.

semi-automatic machine

Why have several compartments, and in which to pour the powder?

Sometimes, after long-term operation of the washing machine notation on poroshkopriemnike can wear.Here you can experiment and find out, in what department should pour the powder.Select a normal wash cycle (ie, without pre-wash, soak);then open a special compartment designed for powder - and immediately see where it is sprayed with water.That department poroshkopriemnika, in which water is supplied, and is intended for the detergent.

loading the powder into the washing machine

Features compartments in cars of different brands.

1. Brand Bosch.The German manufacturer has created a simple poroshkopriemnik.It consists of separate sections, intended for liquid detergent and starch, and compartments for pre / main wash mode.

2. Brand Indesit.Good and inexpensive technique has poroshkopriemnikom of four sections - removable section designed for whitening agents, the individual boxes for flavors / plasticizers as well as a section for basic / pre-wash mode.

3. Samsung brand.Poroshkopriemnik divided into three separate sections, the left section is used wherein a dry powder.All other detergents are invited to add to the container (dispenser) and putting it into the washing machine drum.

4. Brand LG.Washing machines with three separate load compartment, the first two drawer set for pre / main washing mode, and the third section is highlighted by special treatment - podsinivateli, fragrances, conditioners.

5. Brand Gorenje.Poroshkopriemnik this manufacturer is also divided into sections.Two of them are marked by powder required for the primary / pre-wash mode.The third section is intended for air conditioners, bleaches and other special funds, responsible for special treatment.

compartments for detergents
various detergents
compartments poroshkopriemnika

Can I sleep in the drum?

Most hostesses recommended to add powder stiralki drum, this method can reduce the amount of detergent.Find out whether it is really so easy.Immediately after completion of the wash you need to open the container if poroshkopriemnik was clean and empty, in such castling simply makes no sense.

If the washing machine is not new and no longer purely wash powder dispenser and detergents can be safely sent to the drum.

Loading the detergent directly in the drum

Custom detergents

It says about popular updates that are released in the form of compressed cubes / capsules.Typically, these unusual detergent not completely dissolved in the appropriate compartment, so it is better to send the drum.

Capsules for washing
tray filling powder


number falls asleep powder for washing is important to measure correctly.If stiralka alone can not measure the right amount of powder per kilogram of laundry, you need to learn to do it yourself.Recommendations for the distribution amounts of powder can be found on any package.By the way, some housewives to save put less powder than you need.That's just wrong dosage will affect the quality of washing because insufficient amount of powder can do the laundry after washing hard and gray.

laundry detergent dosage
quality wash clothes