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August 12, 2017 18:07

Mechanized plastering - effective use

equipment for mechanized plaster

Mechanized plastering used in cases when you need to make to improve the quality and performance of finishing works.Today, the process is quite common mechanized preparation of the solution and its delivery to the place of use and further application.Traditionally equipment for plastering mechanized method is divided depending on the method of manufacture mixtures.

Most often plasters produced on rastvorobetonnyh sites or factories.After preparation of the solution is carried out its delivery to the site of construction works by the truck mixer.Further supply solution to use is carried out with the help of the specialized units.If it must be done mechanized plaster walls, and ordering Agitator truck each time expensive, it is better to prepare a solution directly with the painting and mixing units.Such devices are perfectly cooked and served his solution up to the height of the 30th floor.

How to make high-quality plaster?

to provide good plaster, you must correctly choose or make a dry mixture.Using plaster mixtures has a lot of positives, but provide a high frost resistance and moisture resistance of exterior walls properly help cement plaster with high strength.

gypsum content in the solution several times allows to reduce the material consumption, which in turn reduces the load on the foundation of a building.Yes, and the process of working with plaster mixtures easier, as this material has high plasticity.

Why plastering using more efficient mechanisms?

Plastering mechanized method is as follows.The device hopper loading all the necessary "ingredients", and can only wait for the moment when the mixture reaches the right consistency.And, plaster ready for further application to the surface.Directly on the walls and ceilings treated mixture is fed through a mortar tube, which is evenly distributed.

Unlike more traditional manual method, which ensure uniformity unable to mechanization process allows to obtain a "smooth" result on the walls.It is this advantage is one of the main advantages, which you can also add significant cost plaster mixture flow.

Today almost all construction sites are widely used plastering machines, without which the painter-plasterer in the process of work is quite difficult to do.Through the use of mechanized approach is achieved not only the best quality, but also significantly reduced turnaround time.