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August 12, 2017 18:06

Errors washing machine LG: error codes and frequent faults , UE, OE, CL, IE, what to do

Error codes washing machines LG
  • Error Codes
  • most frequent fault
  • Tips and prevention of damage

One of the advantages of machines LG call them self a simple system.When something in this technique fails, the letter code displayed on the display device, capable to serve tip to determine the fault and further action.

Error Codes


What does

Causes of errors



motor overload

The machine is loaded too many clothes.

engine is out of order.

Remove the excess from the drum laundry machine and turn on again.

Make sure that the drum is not shaking.

Check whether the motor and how the electronic controller is OK.


water flow problem in the tank

in the water there is no water or its pressure is too low (water has not had time to reach the first level within four minutes).

Broken valve Bay.

faulty pressure switch.

Make sure the tap is open and evaluate the water pressure in the pipes.

Check whether the filling valve operates, as well as whether the pressure switch is damaged.


overflow tank water

defective valve Bay.

Broken water level sensor.

elektrokontroller not functioning.

Check the water level sensor.

Look filler valve and evaluate its performance.

Check the elektrokontrollera.


problem with TAN

heater is out of order.

Check the heater, surveying its supply chain.


Water leakage

tank depressurized and the water flows into the sump.

compromise the integrity of the hose.

damage the leak detector.

Inspect all machine components, trying to find a place of leakage.


problem with the definition of download

faulty controller.

Make controller serviceability.


problem with blocking

Faulty actuator operation or electronic controller.

voltage reduced in power.

Check how the controller and motor.Ensure adequate voltage in the mains.


problem with pressure switch

Faulty water level sensor.

water pressure in the water pipes is too high (the machine was filled in less than four minutes) or too low (the tank is not filled within 25 minutes).

Make sure there are no problems with water pressure in the water.

Check the pressure switch.


problem with door

The door is not completely closed.

broken door lock device.

elektrokontroller not work.

open and re-close the door.

If these steps do not resolve the error, check the locking device of the door, as well as the functioning of the electronic controller.


problem with the water temperature

Temperature Sensor is out of order due to a short-circuit or break.

Make sure the temperature sensor is functioning properly.

Check controller.


problem with Hall sensor

sensor is broken or damaged, it appeared the wires and connections.

Rate sensor operation and its compounds.


problem with water draining

clogged drain path and within 5 minutes after the water pump is still in the tank.

Problems in the functioning of the drain pump.

Faulty water level sensor or electronic controller.

Assess the drainage system.

Make sure that the controller is operating normally.

Test the pressure switch.


The problem with shutting down

tripped float sensor.

Check if there is leakage.

Check the condition of connections and components that come into contact with water.


problem with balancing

crumpled linen inside the drum.

insufficient amount of laundry loaded in the drum.

disrupt controller or engine.

Open the door and manually remove lumps to underwear were distributed evenly inside the drum.

If the drum is too small clothes, add the items.

Check for correct functioning of the drum drive and an electronic controller.

most frequent fault

Washing Machine LG refers to the reliability, as their engine breaks down extremely rare, and in every other case, to blame the factory marriage. analyzing the most common faults, the experts at the service centers say that mostly they are faced with such problems:

  • fault the drain pump.This is one of the most frequent breakdowns in the machine from LG, related to the specific design of the drainage tract and is often clogged.The machine does not empty and shows the error OE.
  • Problems with the leads and terminals (scorching, circuit, grinding, etc.).The result is a sudden reboot or shutdown of the control module.
  • Breakage of the heating element.Most often, such a failure is recognized by the highlight error.In addition, if the heater is defective, the washing process is broken, properly clean underwear bad manhole cover is not heated.To confirm problems with the heater should multimeter to measure the voltage across its contacts.
  • Failure of the pressure switch.Most often when a failure occurs samosliv water - it is typed without a stop in the tank and immediately drained.
  • Worn bearings.Their damage prompts the emergence of a squeak and rumble, especially during the spin cycle.
  • Broken filler valve.Most often, it affects the cuff and shows a continuous supply of water into the machine, even if the unit is turned off.

replacement bearings you can make at home with their own hands.How to do it in the washing machine LG, refer to the video Vladimir Khatuntseva.

Tips and prevention of damage

  • Before performing preventative cleaning of the machine, be sure to disconnect it from the mains.
  • Wipe the outside of the machine with a damp cloth slightly dampened with a neutral non-abrasive detergent.Then wipe the unit dry.Do not use external cleaning solvents, means ethyl alcohol or chlorine.
  • Remember that eventually detergents leave a deposit in a container where they are loaded, so from time to time wash the tank with water jet, removing it from the machine before cleaning.The niche for the sliding of the container clean with a toothbrush unnecessary.
  • If your local water mark a significant amount of impurities, think about installing a cleaning filter on the main pipe.
  • Every 6 months clean the drum using the "drum cleaning" function.
  • Do not clean the drum steel wool.
  • Make sure that after washing in the drum does not remain small metal parts (safety pins, clips, buttons).
  • Regularly examine the drain filter, which will be delayed any small objects that can fall into the drum with clothes.If you are going to clean the filter, be sure to drain the remaining water by using small drain hose.
  • After each wash is recommended to leave the door ajar, winding drum.
  • glass door from the inside and the rubber door seal should be regularly cleaned using a soft, dry cloth.
  • Before adding a container for detergents different means to combat with scale, precise dosage and other manufacturer's recommendations.
  • If some time you will not be using the machine, be sure to close the valve so that water can not get into the machine.Once the retention period is over, pour the powder into the machine and turn on the full cycle of work without having to load the laundry into the machine.

Many methods of prevention are universal and suitable for all brands of washing machines.Look Ukrainian transmission "All bude good" to be aware of how to avoid breakdowns.