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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tacho in the washing machine : replacement tachosensor device failure , repair and test of resistance

tachometer coil
  • The principle of
  • Where is?
  • Symptoms tachosensor
  • How to check?
  • Replacing faulty tachosensor
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About device of the washing machine for most of us know little.Ordinary users enough to know where to connect the hoses to load the laundry and washing powder to sleep.But when stiralka unexpectedly crashes, and professional help is not necessary to wait for whatever reasons, the basic knowledge of the principles and fundamental mechanisms of action of the device can be extremely helpful.

In this article, we want to tell you about tachosensor - an important element of modern washing machines.You will learn what it is, what functions and what problems may occur with them.

problems with washing machine

The principle of

internal tachosensor is a metal ring with two wires attached to it.It is attached to the rotating motor shaft.By rotating the latter on tacho voltage is applied, which is formed by electromagnetic fields.The strength of the voltage depends on the rotational speed: The faster it spins, the greater the tension.

Tachometer provided in the washing machine is to measure the speed of the engine - it is calculated by the power supply.Information from tachosensor enters the electronic control module.

Hall Sensor

Where is?

As we have said, tachosensor - an element of the washing machine motor, located on a rotating shaft.To find it pretty easy, but you have to partially disassemble stiralku.The engine is located at the bottom of the device to get to it, you need to move the unit from the wall and remove the back cover (unscrew the cover fasteners and hook thin screwdriver).Find no difficulty engine: a device that is connected to a pulley (rotating impeller) by a drive belt.On the motor shaft, you will see a metal ring - this is the tachometer.

accommodation tacho

Symptoms tachosensor

The fact that the tachometer is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced, can be found on a number of grounds:

  • occur sudden changes in the speed of rotation of the drum;
  • during the spin cycle the drum rotates much more slowly than it should;
  • during washing drum speed is much larger than usual;
  • after washing you pull out of the drum badly depressed or totally wet clothes.
problems in the operation of the drum

How to check?

Ensure fault (or, conversely, serviceability) can tacho, checked the status of the device.It will consist of several stages:

extraction motor. To do this, unscrew the bolts that fix it, and disconnect all wires going to it.In the video channel "Euromaster" shows how to remove the engine.

resistance measurement on tachosensor wires. Pre-need to remove the wire from the socket, and then start the measurements.They are produced using a multimeter, translated in ohmmeter mode.Normally tachosensor resistance should be around 60 ohms.

measurement voltage on tacho. For this, too, will need a multimeter, but it will need to switch to the appropriate mode.In order to obtain accurate data, taking measurements, you need to manually scroll through the engine.With increasing velocity readings have become longer.

multimeter to check the generator

Check mounting reliability. If the results are normal, you need to look for another cause of the malfunction tachosensor.For starters, make sure that it is securely fastened.If the fixing bolts loosened it, it may well cause various malfunctions.

various types of fasteners

Replacing faulty tachosensor

Replacing faulty tachosensor in the following order:

  • disconnect the wiring from the connector (if it was not done in the measurements);
  • remove the plastic or metal cap tachometer, which is usually fixed by a simple latch;
  • unscrew fasteners that hold tachosensor;
  • remove the failed unit and install in its place a new one.
new tacho


  • Many modern washing machines manufacturers equip their devices tacho kind, which is called the "Hall sensor".It is installed directly in the stiralki engine and has a high degree of reliability.Such devices can be found in washing machines LG companies, Indesit, Bosch, Samsung (but not in all models).
  • Sometimes problems with the drum rotation speed do not occur due to breakage tachometer, and for less serious reasons.

Before dismantling a washing machine in search of a problem, look at the state of the button that starts the spin cycle.If it is clamped, failure reason, most likely, in it.

spin button
operation of the washing machine