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August 12, 2017 18:06

Turbocharged gas water heater - bezdymohodnaya , bezvytyazhnaya : reviews , in a private house

bezdymohodnaya geyser
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Ensure supply of the hot water tap at any time makes the water heater.For example, a gas water heater.However, not every home is possible to install such equipment, because this column should display the products of combustion through the chimney.Help out in this case, the turbo model is capable of such a device, which, in connection with its installation without a chimney, also called bezdymohodnoy (or in some sources bezvytyazhnoy).

bezdymohodnaya column in the kitchen


  • This heater can be installed in a room without a chimney.
  • Due to forced air injection device in such a high degree of efficiency.
  • presence of closed type combustion chamber prevents the increase in air temperature in the room, which is especially important for use in the summer.
  • Since the air column of the work is taken from the street, not burned the oxygen in the apartment.
  • Since the column body is almost completely closed, it reduces the risk of getting the gas products of combustion into the room.
pros bezdymohodnoy column
Turbocharged gas water heater


  • This column is volatile, since its fan is powered by the mains.If the electricity is turned off, the use of turbo column impossible.
  • Because of the fan equipment is functioning quite noisy.
  • Columns of this type are more expensive than traditional models.On average, turbocharged unit price is 15-17 thousand and above.
  • To set this column requires coordination not only with the organizations responsible for the supply of natural gas, but also with the neighbors living above your apartment.Removing the pipe on the facade of the building may be prohibited service architectural control.
  • tail pipes due to the constant condensation in the winter may freeze.
bezdymohodnaya column in the apartment
bezdymohodnaya heater Ariston
bezdymohodnaya speaker , built- in kitchen set

difference from conventional speakers

Modern columns are economical, safe and high performance.They are also attracted by its design and ease of management, however, require a lot of attention to the removal of products of combustion of natural gas.Use for this purpose air ducts in the building can not be, because need a dedicated flue.It is absent in many buildings, which leads to a ban on the installation of the gas column in such houses.

bezdymohodnaya column Staurolite
separate chimney device

One of the outputs can be a remote device chimney, which will leave the apartment through an exterior wall.However, it is difficult and relatively expensive, and sometimes impossible.And turbo heater installation would be more appropriate option.

The main difference between this column is forced diversion of smoke.The design of turbo column includes the fan, which creates good traction even if the chimney low and short.By setting such a column, just enough to bring the pipe out of the apartment, and for this not necessary to mount the chimney to the roof level.All other specifications turbocharged devices do not differ from other models of gas columns.

highlighted chimney


you can Meet:

  • Poluturbirovannuyu column.Such equipment can be installed in any room that is well ventilated.The fan must provide not only removal of combustion products, but also the inflow of fresh air to the burner.Installing such a column requires close attention to the rules of air in the room.Plus poluturbirovannogo device acts as a low price (it is almost half the price on the turbo model).
  • turbocharged column.This unit is completely independent of the ventilation system in the house.This equipment not only removes the products of combustion from the apartment, but also takes away from the street needed for the functioning of the air burners.
various types of turbo columns
turbo heater under the sink
Use turbo column


The turbocharged models have double-chimney, which is also called coaxial.According to its structure it is a pipe inside the tube.Smoke is given on the inside, and the air stream passes through the gap between the pipes into the room from the street.This has allowed to equip the column closed combustion chamber, which does not require air from the room, so that the overall security of the use of improved heater.

turbo unit column
turbo heater with a dedicated chimney
turbo heater in the bathroom

Tips for Choosing

  • Buying turbo heater, first determine the place where you want to install the column.So you have calculated the availability and cost of installation.
  • When choosing suitable speakers, first pay attention to its power, as of this index depends on the output of hot water.Decide whether you simultaneous flow of warm water should be from 2-3 sources, as in this case the device must be purchased by a higher power.
  • next important figure - the type of ignition device.He may be represented pezorozzhigom (inside the column is solid igniter) or electronic ignition (a more economical option, as the pilot light will light up only when the unit is turned on).There are also models in which ignition occurs from the hydraulic generator.
  • Note the column control.In many models, temperature regulation is done by hand, but there are also machines with automatic regulation.
  • Pay attention to safety and the model purchased.You must be sure that in case of overheating, the water pressure changes or attenuation burner heater will not cause health problems and life.
  • determine the manufacturer, ask the availability and cost of spare parts.
Aquaheat geyser
poluturbirovannaya column in the kitchen

Set in an apartment and a private home

By incorporating turbo column should engage experts.The hands can only connect the machine to the water supply.Can also independently output chimney, making a hole in the wall.Installation pipes should hold tightly, so it is important to pay attention to its insulation and the use of couplings and adapters.

Installation bezdymohodnoy column
self-installation of the gas column
installation of turbo column

Overview models

  • Termet Aquacomfort Turbo G19-03.This inexpensive poluturbirovannaya model from the popular Polish manufacturer.The column used electric ignition, the device output is 19.2 kW.Per minute in a heated apparatus 11 liters of water.The model can also operate on LPG.
  • BOSCH Therm 8000 S WTD 27 AME.This is a very expensive speaker from the famous German producer.Its advantages referred to the excellent quality and high reliability of the device.Per minute in such equipment is heated to 27 liters of water, and the capacity of the device - 45 kW.The model often take to heat water for bars, restaurants and other major establishments.
ermet Akakomfort Turbo G19-03
turbo heater outside the kitchen
BOSCH terma 8000 SED 27 AME .


Those who chose turbocharged column for your home, almost always remain satisfied with this technique.The main advantage of the device they called the lack of a chimney and any problems associated with the breeding of combustion gases.The weak users report rather noisy work, and the need to connect this equipment to the network.

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