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August 12, 2017 18:07

Drainage pump

The characteristics of the drain pump

The characteristics of the drain pump

Having studied the range of devices on the market, their technical characteristics and limitations of the work, you can determine the most appropriate machine for the specific case.This acquisition is very useful in view of its low cost, ease of installation and operation, as well as small size and weight, which makes storage and transportation as convenient as possible.

main purpose of drainage pumps - pumping of water contaminated with mechanical impurities from storage tanks for various purposes (pits, shafts, cesspools, sewers, wastewater treatment plants and industrial systems).In everyday life they are used in suburban areas to pump water from wells and cleaning, as well as the elimination of the consequences of accidents.

Scope sewage and drainage pumping systems alone, but the fundamental difference is the dispersion and composition of the fluid handled.Fecal pumps because of their structural features are able to grind large contaminants and thus transported predominantly organic liquid composition with a small amount of solids.

allows drain pump to pump wastewater inclusions Size of from 3 to 12 mm for different models.Aggregates maximum power capable of transporting large volumes of wastewater with particles whose size is 40 mm.

The characteristics of the drain pump

Varieties of drainage pumps.Surface

Such mechanisms are mounted on the surface, where they will work, and the suction pipe is lowered into the pumped liquid.To ensure the automatic operation of the equipment, a hose attached to a float mechanism which controls the change of the liquid level in the tank and enables or disables the pump when the sewage specific markers.

design a hydraulic machine requires a tube, through which the absorption of wastewater, as well as the discharge pipe.Properly organized work unit provides transportation of waste, which does not allow the liquid from entering the motor and eliminate it from the system.

Varieties of drainage pumps

Before mounted drainage pump on the working surface, it is necessary to study the structural dimensions, especially the diameter of the pressure port, as its precise docking with sewer pipes is a guarantee of the effective operation of the unit.

The main advantage of the surface of hydraulic machines is their ability to easily transport and storage, ease of repair, as well as summing up the convenience of electricity to the motor.


Unlike surface-type pumping units, submersible placed to the fluid as a whole.They have only one discharge port, and suction is carried out directly the bottom surface of the unit, which is equipped with a strainer.Motor pump perfectly isolated in order to prevent short circuits.Automatic operation of the pumping unit is provided by a float mechanism, as in the previous case.


diagram pumps for draining action

The principle of drainage pumps is simple - emptying the tank or pit, they pumped sewage into the external sewage system or the selected container.It is recommended that a small installation depth, as it becomes easier to carry out repair work.

important factor of the device is the temperature of the liquid, which it pumps.Engine cooling is done by heat transported substance, so for most brands of pumps temperature limit is 50 degrees, but there are some models that are able to overcome this threshold.

selection principle of the drain pump

To choose the right drain pump, it is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • restrictions at work.The main condition for the effective operation of the pumps is the size of allowable pollutant particles specific to a particular model.As it is necessary to consider that the concentration of fibrous particles contained in the effluent should be minimized.If the particle size and specific density of pollutants is high, it is necessary to use a grinding sewage pumps.
  • Specifications.Calculating the necessary power, we must understand that a meter in the vertical direction is equivalent to 10 meters horizontally.That is, when the depth of the well 3 meters, the recommended length of the pipeline will be greater than 30m.For the productive operation of the unit you want to add the length of the pipe, laid on the surface, to the desired lifting height wastewater.

The principle of selection of the drain pump

When selecting the drain pump unit main technical parameter requiring attention, is its power.Thanks to easily determine the efficiency of the pumping unit.

  • Select the type and model of the pump.It depends on the desired destination device and the method and place of installation.The best is to install the unit in a floor recess.This design will prevent the flooding of the basement or ground floor rooms.

drain pump is used for pumping water from tanks, sumps, pits and cellars.Such hydraulic machines have a number of advantages: long life, versatility, mobility, safety of use, ease of installation and maintenance, relatively low price.