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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to paint the ceiling a roller - advice given by professionals

feature ceiling painting

most common types of finishing the ceiling were whitewashing and painting it.Furthermore, most of these methods are cheap, and to be accomplished without need to have any special skills.Painting and whitewashing the ceiling roller have some difficulty.

Firstly, the ceiling must be very smooth, so it was no cracks, no dents, or such coverage will only accentuate surface imperfections.Secondly, the work itself and not very clean.To paint or whitewash have before walls and floors are completely finished.After all, there is a possibility that the spray spoil already finished surface.

Third, before whitewashing the ceiling roller or paint, all the furniture you need to hide the oilcloth, and if you can, then take out of the room.The film can be protected and the wall to the floor, it was not necessary to wash.

Compare approaches to finish the ceiling

Each of these finishes has its advantages and disadvantages.This is in order.First, consider the whitewash.Advantages:

  • low price of the material;
  • does not change the height of the room.


  • large labor input;
  • fragility;
  • losing appearance in contact with moisture.

Ceiling Paint roller, tricks which will be discussed later, has the following advantages:

  • relatively low cost;
  • wide palette of colors;
  • easy care surface;
  • room height also remains unchanged.


  • limited lifespan;
  • complex technology of preparatory work;
  • quality of the work depends on the artist.

few secrets

proper painting So, before painting the ceiling roller or whitewash it promised to present tricks that use professional masters:

  1. painting must be done in half an hour.During this time, you can cover the ceiling of a large room.In one pass should be applied only one layer.I have to climb onto the platen often already painted surface.If it is dry, it will turn out for the second layer, then there will be irregularities.But if the layer is still wet, then roll on this site do not leave excess paint.
  2. On already painted areas should be looked at from different angles.Then you can immediately identify the areas not painted and avoid spotting.If the layer has become partially dry, then you need to wait for complete drying and cover new layer.
  3. For quality coating roller must be uniformly impregnated with paint.This can use a special cuvette on which the roller rolls.

How to whitewash a ceiling roller - get professional advice

Before whitewash the ceiling roll, you need to prepare the surface.To do this, remove the old paint.Wallpapers Wet and clean off the spatula, whitewash and vodoemulsionku simply rinse with warm water.When the ceiling is cleared, it is necessary to close up all cracks, bumps and holes with plaster.Following the entire surface should be sanded and primed.When the primer dries, you can begin to work.

Now we need to prepare the tools and choose how roller whitewashing the ceiling.They come in different sizes and with different pile.For this work fit the roller medium nap.It absorbs as much paint as you need to cover 1 sq.m.Also useful and a small roller with a long nap, and another cuvette, telescopic handle and roller brush.

We need to start from the corner, which is located near the window and gradually move into the room.To handle the corners adjacent to the wall, you need to take a small cushion for whitewash with a long nap.Always good to paint over all the corners with a brush.Small platen is lowered into the paint and driven around on the cuvette.Now, on the perimeter of the ceiling roller holding left with little effort.Do not try to cover the entire perimeter immediately.

The main part of need to paint roller with medium bristles.He dunks in the paint and also driven around on cuvettes grid to paint evenly distributed.Now figuratively divide the ceiling into squares, which will gradually be painted.Getting to the first.

first roller line drawn parallel to the surface is painted over evenly.Then this section cover along so as not to miss the unpainted surface.If the ceiling is painted will not be evenly and spotty, it will be impossible to fix.

Any advice on how to properly paint roller ceiling.To avoid stains, do not need to apply pressure to the roll, and the layer is applied evenly.If the bruise formed, then the excess is necessary shade in different directions.Covering

surface must be two or three layers.After the first to be given a fresh coating to dry thoroughly.Thereafter, the second layer can be applied, but in the direction of the center of the room to a window.We cover third time if necessary.Since the roller to paint the ceiling, in principle, it is not complicated, but requires care and attention, you can do it yourself.Besides, you get to save money.