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August 12, 2017 18:07

Shelves with their hands

Bookcase - a piece of furniture on the appearance and functionality reminiscent of the cabinet, but not having the facade and walls.For the production of shelving units use different materials - wood, glass, plastic, chipboard, MDF, metal.Today there are many options such designs of furniture.They can be square, rectangular, or have a non-standard shape.Angle models are a good option for small-sized space, as it does not require a lot of space to accommodate them.Bookcase is a versatile piece of furniture.It will find its use in any room.


  • Features of shelves in the kitchen
  • Shelves for shoes
    • Polymer construction
    • Wooden shelves
    • Hardware
  • Use shelves for flowers placement
  • books Storing whatnot
  • Making wooden bookcase
  • Etazherka- tower colors
  • Conclusion

Features of shelves in the kitchen

use shelves in the kitchen the room allows you to solve a number of problems with the placement of kitchen utensils.

  1. design with drawers instead of shelves or baskets would be a convenient place to store vegetables.
  2. There combo options that are safe for the cutlery basket of vegetables.If
  3. shelves for kitchen complemented with wheels, it makes it even more convenient to use, because it makes it easy to move from place to place.
  4. modern kitchen appliances greatly facilitates the process of cooking, but it takes a lot of space.So often the owners are faced with the problem of accommodation.In this case, the bookcase will be useful.On it, you can move all the equipment and free the working space on the kitchen table.In addition, equipment will always be close at hand, and it will be available whenever you need them.
  5. Wooden Shelves will also help to solve the problem of storage of bulk products, which can be placed in plastic containers.A container - on the bookcase.This will help maintain order in the kitchen area.

choosing a bookcase for the kitchen, you should pay attention to models made of plastic.Kitchen - a room with high humidity and frequent temperature changes.Plastic is the most resistant to these factors compared with other materials.In addition, for such racks are easy to care.In order to clear them from the dirt, you can use detergent or plain water.And thanks to their low weight will not be difficult to move around the kitchen.


Shelves for shoes

the halls of the hallway is the organization of storage space for shoes.For this purpose, you can use the corner whatnot.Hallways are usually not differ more space.The design, which is for your accommodation does not require a lot of space would be the best solution for a given room.When choosing a shoe shelves for placement should pay attention to the combination of functionality and style of this product from the hallway design.


Polymer construction

most accessible financially shelves are made of plastic.But their value is not reflected in the quality.These products are made of a polymer material of gray, brown, dark blue and black.This plastic has the following parameters:

  1. It is quite durable.
  2. Finished products are resistant to moisture, their appearance does not deteriorate as a result of pollution.
  3. Caring for them is quite simple.

Shelves for shoes come in various sizes - from low to high product models.Number of shelves can also be different.The disadvantage of plastic shelving units can determine their instability as plastic - it's pretty easy stuff.Also, to create with them a refined interior will be very difficult.


Wooden shelves

more convenient in this respect, shelves made of wood.Among the main advantages of such factors can be identified:

  1. These furniture items are well fit into the classical interior, as well as in the design of country-style and Provence.
  2. In addition, this product can be made to order.This will take into account such things as color, material and configuration of the product.
  3. cost of these shelving units depends on the material used.Price of products of wood chipboard is quite democratic.Products made of pine relate to the average price category.A value of oak furniture will be quite high.

Among the disadvantages of structures can be designated such a feature - wooden shelves are not resistant to moisture, which is a disadvantage as a place to store shoes.But if in the special moisture repellent impregnation used during manufacture, this problem can be solved.



Another option shelves to accommodate shoes are metal products.This wrought-iron furniture, which will be refined and stylish addition for both classical and modern design.Such furniture can be made to order for a specific interior.

Shelves Photo:




Use shelves for placement of flowers

Shelves for colors allows to solve two problems.

  1. The first application of this piece of furniture allows the best way to put plants and even create a certain composition.Since each flower can provide a separate place and thus save space.
  2. Besides shelves with flowers - a great element of decor, which is beneficial to complement the interior of the room.Flower shelves is a kind of high flower.The shelves of florists are usually long enough to freely place on their pots and vases with flowers.

Manufacturing etazherok data is performed so as to be able to place flowers in the room locally, concentrating them in one place.


books in the bookcase Storage

If you have a large stock of literature, there is a problem of storage of such collection.Of particular relevance to this issue is that if the apartment does not differ a great footage.To solve this problem will help shelves for books.

use for this purpose of the furniture item will streamline the entire collection of book publications.In addition, the book will always be at hand, because the bookcase can be moved from one room to another without difficulty.You can not be tied to a particular area when using this product in the interior.Shelves with books may be placed anywhere in the room or rooms used for separation into zones.


Making wooden bookcase

Wood is the most simple in material handling.So make it a self-whatnot will not be hard.To work you need to prepare the following tools:

  • drill;
  • electric jigsaw or a saw;
  • itself cuts;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • machine for grinding (it is possible to replace sandpaper with different grits);
  • bars;
  • varnish and brush products.

should be used exclusively for the manufacture of dry wood shelves.

construction process is made in the following sequence:

  1. initial stage of work is the production of the main frame, that is, the legs of the future product.To do this, you need to prepare 4 bar length 2 m each.To fix the bars are required to be 30 cm Thus, the shelves will have the following parameters:.. Height - 2 m, width - 1 m, depth - 30 cm
  2. line cut should be a right angle.Otherwise, items will not be joined to each other during assembly.
  3. finished parts to be processed sander or sandpaper to smooth shelves turned.For high-quality sanding the surface of the parts it is important to choose the correct sandpaper.To handle the rough surface of sandpaper should be used first, grit 40 and then grit 80. More than a smooth surface should oshkurivat 120-200 grit sandpaper.
  4. After preparing all the details you can begin to assemble the product.Two staple legs need by horizontal bars.
  5. Similarly execute mount the remaining legs.Thus, you get two products to be connected to each other shelves.
  6. These operations are performed with the use of a drill, screws and screwdriver.
  7. This main part of the work done, we can only cover lacquer bookcase.

wooden - shelves - for - bathroom

Etazherka- tower

colors to make such an original and convenient bookcase you need to cook:

  • pots - 5 pieces, size 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 inches;
  • saucer terracotta material size of 12.5 inches;
  • soil;
  • rebar length 30 cm;
  • plants - 20 units;

to perform work instructions as follows:

  1. First, select a place to stack tower on which to put a saucer and a pot of very large size.
  2. pot should be filled with soil, leaving 3 cm to the edge.
  3. After adding the soil and mix the hydrogel.
  4. In the center of the pot install rebar.
  5. next size pot is threaded on the rod through the opening.
  6. Again add soil and hydrogel.
  7. According to this principle collect the entire article.

This bookcase with his hands ready, you can place it on the flowers.Once the plants are planted, whatnot need to pour water.



Bookcase is quite convenient, practical and functional piece of furniture.And its compact size allow to solve the problem of storing things in small spaces and thus save space.A wide range of models and forms of shelves for the bathroom, hallway, kitchen room, etc.It makes it possible to find a suitable option for any design.

the construction shelves Instruction is presented in video: