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August 12, 2017 18:07

Shingles : Cheap , fast and reliable

Benefits and advantages of shingles

clear that major country house requires appropriate roofing attributes (prestige, no matter how how), but for ordinary suburban buildings shingles is the best option.Consider the advantages of this material in comparison with other coatings (metal, ceramics, obsolete and modern evroshifer type Ondulina) in several ways.

  1. Economy.In this case, the buyer has the value of the price of the material, the cost of transporting it to the place of destination and storage costs:
    • range shingles prices in the most unimaginable design variants is quite wide (from 207 to 960 rubles per square), but simple and effective solutionsFor example, a series of Shinglas Classic is currently traded in the range 220-270 rubles .;
    • transportation of roofing material can be made even personal vehicles;saving at this point is obvious: it is one thing to order KAMAZ for 5000 rubles.for transportation of sheet metal tiles, the other - on the way to cram into the trunk of a few packs of soft analogue;
    • storage: no comment here, put, closed from prying eyes, the moisture of shingles is not terrible.
    • Mounting roof.Many people dream of making the roof with his hands.Soft shingles created just for them, when the installation process is transformed into a summer solarium on the top of the house.What are the advantages of the material:
    • low weight of 1 m2 of products from all manufacturers (8 to 15 kg);pick up and install a sheet with his hands can any man;
    • no need for special tools;cutters and grinders you do not need, enough to light a handsaw or a simple mounting of knife coating;
    • does not require additional strengthening truss system;
    • possibility of forming any complex roof configurations (roof windows, slopes, nonlinear transitions) with minimal waste of shingles.
  2. operation.The goal of any obvious shelter: protect yourself from any external influences (thunderstorms, rain, hail, snow, etc.).We estimate the shingles to these positions:
    • sound and heat insulation is guaranteed by the manufacturers;sound effects of weather disasters inhabitants of the house almost can not hear;
    • water resistance at the level of bitumen protection of strategic pipeline, even during the autumn rains;
    • UV resistance;It depends on the quality of shingles and its price you bought;
    • almost neutral reaction to temperature changes;It does not melt in the summer, winter or crack;
    • excellent insulator, allowing owners to safely wait out the storm thunder and not be afraid of the electrified surfaces.

Reviews of shingles: price and quality

We deliberately stayed on two issues: the future design of the roof, its durability and the cost of preparatory work.We leave it to citizens, actively discussed at the forum their problems.Many opinions seem absurd, but the general mood understandable.

  1. Shingles - tightness guarantee the long term with proper installation.This lifetime no one has tested it in 50 years, but here all on trust.
  2. When installing soft coating is less waste, thus you can save.Debatable as the metal in the order and with the professional staff of more than 10% surplus does not.
  3. Additional costs: mandatory solid lathing and installation of carpet underlayment under shingles.Price carpet backing ranges from 60-200 rub. / M2.These costs are for wood and the lining have to be included in the estimate.

On the other hand, real truckers, cover yourself beautiful soft blanket is quite optimistic: a huge selection of color and texture solutions, the new aesthetics of the house, covering reliability.Such cute cottages, covered with shingles, you can see in the photo.



This selects the price of shingles is possible not only to your own taste, but also for its technical characteristics.Pay attention should be on three major factors:

  • in the line of any manufacturer other than expensive (price of about 1000 rubles.) Exist and economy products, which cost in the range of 200 - 250 is available to almost everyone;otsluzhat they are virtually the same as their elite counterparts;
  • goods must be certified: fire impregnation of shingles is a guarantee of your safety;
  • choose shingles is better not to color, but the quality of the coating and filler (laminating and impregnation);if the design is more important, every lineup consists of 5-10 items.

is conceived to build a country house, or to change the roof of the old house on a garden site, pay attention to the roofing material described above, all of a sudden this is exactly what you need.Select recommend products of proven brands Shinglas, Finnmaster, Katepal, samples of products which we present in the photo.