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August 12, 2017 18:07

Paint for painting wallpaper : Rules of application

Previously, in order to update the interior, had to buy the wallpaper of colors and shades that are offered by manufacturers.Today you can buy a special fabric, which can then be painted in any desired color.The interior of any room thanks to sparkle with new bright colors.For information on how to choose and apply paint to paint the wallpaper explain further.


Paint Wallpaper for painting

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some kind of paint is adjusted for each type of wallpaper.It differs both in qualitative characteristics, and composition.As is known, there are several types of canvases for painting, among them:

  • Fleece.
  • Steklooboi.
  • Paper wallpaper.

for each of them to use their painting materials.Typically, manufacturers produce different types of paint for painting wallpaper, color and composition that is suitable for dyeing of a particular type of paintings.

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Consider the main types of material:

  • Acrylic paint.The most common type.This paint for painting non-woven wallpaper.She is not afraid of moisture and ultraviolet radiation.Therefore, wallpaper, painted with such a mixture, practically do not fade.Usually it is applied to the outer surface webs.After painting all the excess material must be removed.This type of paint can be applied directly on the wall before pasting wallpaper.After that, the wall stick transparent wallpaper on non-woven basis.After drying the material, thanks to the transparent structure, the paint color will show through the web, so that the wallpaper will become soft and smooth tone.To simplify cleaning the room, it is necessary to give priority to water-resistant inks, allowing the wallpaper, painted such a mixture can be washed with a damp sponge.
  • Paint Wallpaper latex paint.Such mixtures have a rich palette of colors.Suitable for painting of wallpaper on the basis of fiberglass.In such a case for application of the material on the web using a roller with a soft bristle brush.It is worth noting that this type of paint mixtures is washed off with water.This should be considered in the course of cleaning the room.
  • Paint Wallpaper latex paint.These mixtures are called still water-dispersed.They are quite harmless and safe.However, it should be remembered that after the opening of the package, such paint thickens quite quickly, so it should be applied immediately on the web.Wallpaper, painted with a mixture of this type, do not dry up earlier than 2-3 days.
  • Alkyd paint.Used for coloring glass wall.On the surface of the web is formed relatively thick film, which protects the wallpaper from moisture.Therefore, they can be in any further wash detergents.However, it should be said about some of the disadvantages of this type of compounds.They do not leak air, that is not "breathe", but still contain in their composition some toxic substances.

Tips for Choosing a mixture


We have considered it, what are the types of paints.Now let's talk more about some features of their choice:

  1. wallpaper on non-woven basis is better to use any waterproof paint.In the manufacture of wallpaper used pulp quality, which is treated by special techniques.
  2. for paintings vinyl-based latex paint is recommended.This wallpaper can be painted similarly to both the inner and the outer side.
  3. for wallpaper on paper will suit absolutely any paint, both acrylic and water based paints.The mixture in this case, in order to avoid the appearance of streaks, applied with a roller with a soft bristle brush.
  4. Liquid wallpaper can not be stained.However, they can give an additional saturated hue by mixing the components of the paint material of any type.You can even layer of paint applied directly to the wall, which will then be applied to a mixture of liquid decorative wallpaper.In such cases, used oil compositions or nitroenamels.

Many people wonder - how consumption of paint when painting wallpaper?Thus, on average for 1 square staining.m. The surface will need about 230 grams of the mixture.Accurate count can be done, given the recommendations on paint consumption indicated on the packaging of the product.

dwell on the color palette of paints.Thus, the water-based mixture of mostly have different color tints, and dispersion paints produced mostly pure white.In order to obtain the desired color must zakolerovat them.Thus, you can get absolutely any color, for example, "under the gold", "silver-plated", "bronze", or the like. The most common tinting is required when painting old painted wallpaper.

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There are several ways to give the paint the desired shade:

  1. Home tinting.In this case, in-store materials to buy a special color pigment.It is mixed with paint.The result is a paint of the desired color.However, there are some nuances.Thus, color mixture before application and after drying it may differ significantly.Furthermore, if the paint is diluted in multiple portions, it is difficult to obtain in each of them the same color.
  2. Tinting using special software.In this case, you will need to use a special tinting machine.Thanks to this method, you can get the same shade of paint in all banks.

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For this we need the following tools:

  1. Roller with a soft bristle brush.
  2. capacity for dilution of paint.
  3. Brush 60-70 mm.
  4. paper tape.
  5. You can use a spray bottle.

Tip!It is important to choose the right paint wallpaper not only paint, but also a tool for its application.So, it is advisable to use a roller with a long or medium pile.Long villi could well paint over any texture wallpaper even with ornament.In no case do not buy the usual rollers for painting on the basis of foam rubber.They really lower the quality of staining surfaces.To paint the corners and hard to reach areas are advised to purchase a brush.


Order of works:

  1. The first step is the preparation of the surface.So, should lay a floor, cover window sills, furniture, film radiators.The surface should be cleaned of dust.
  2. Mouldings pasted with paper tape.Under it does not flow into the paint when painting.When the mixture dries, remove the cling film.
  3. Recall that it is important to choose the right paint for painting canvases, depending on what kind of wallpaper pasted on the wall.Next, the mixture should be diluted as indicated on the package.Sometimes manufacturers recommended to add water to the paint, but no more than 8.10%.In this case, the paint is then mixed well using a mixer to get a good uniform color, no lumps and clots.
  4. Coating the surface passes, taking into account all the recommendations of the manufacturer, indicated on the packaging of the product.It is important to remember that low-quality cheap mixture should be applied in 2-3 layers.Thus obtained stable and uniform color.Before you apply the second and the third layer, it is necessary to wait until the first has dried thoroughly.Qualitative expensive mixture can also be applied in a single layer.
  5. Initially stained the lower and upper parts of the walls with a brush.Make sure that the paint strokes do not overlap, as in this case we can not get a uniform shade of the surface.Furthermore, it is important that the paint does not accumulate at the junctions of the wallpaper, or in these areas will be much darker color.
  6. is followed by a roller to paint the surface.Movement should commit in the same direction.Then brush painted hard to reach places, such as the area around the outlet or doorways.
  7. then need to replace the roller or just change it to a new pile.The tool is moistened with water.This must be done to ensure that crumbled pile that is attached is not tight.Then roll drop into a container of paint and carefully unroll it until it is completely saturated with the dye mixture.
  8. Then paint the wall on which pasted wallpaper, the second layer.It is important to achieve uniform staining of the surface.Note that the second ink layer is applied only after the first dry completely.
  9. Apply the ink composition on the wall, wallpapered, you can smooth vertical strips from floor to ceiling.It is important that these bands were strictly parallel.The width of each may be 650-750 mm.Stain should be fast and precise movements.
  10. Then remove excess paint.Roller filtered through a nylon stocking and washed.That's it, work on painting the wallpaper can be considered complete.


Note in the works at some point:

  1. In order to give the interior a special flair, using painting wallpaper Pearl Paint.Such a mixture can be painted as the entire wall, and a separate zone.
  2. dispersion mixture is suitable for structural wallpaper.Colouring of blades is done by a wide roller.The mixture is rolled on the wall surface.In order to emphasize the structure of the wallpaper, using a structural roller pile of medium length.
  3. To get an interesting shade of non-woven wallpaper, try to paint them in two layers.And apply a second layer of paint another color.
  4. As mentioned above, if you wish to receive an unusual shade of wallpaper on a paper basis, the paint should be applied to their inner side or on the same wall.The result is a durable, uniform color.

Paint Wallpaper for painting: picture


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