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August 12, 2017 18:06

Noise walls in modern materials apartment

Noise walls in an apartment modern materials for which today can be found in DIY stores, it is becoming more urgent.It is easy to explain - guards in high-rise buildings typical not able to fully protect the home from the outside street noise and the sounds coming from the neighboring apartments.

Noise walls in modern materials apartment

Noise walls in an apartment modern materials

medical scientists have long observed that the presence of continuous noise is extremely negative impact on the human psyche, not allowing him to get relax and have fun.That is why , not withstanding the constant pressure of the sound, many urban residents, especially those who live in prefabricated homes, are beginning to actively search for a suitable sound-proofing material, which will meet all the requirements of its use in the condition of the apartments.

Almost all modern acoustic materials are manufactured on the same basic foundation as traditional.However, they have undergone a significant improvement due to have appeared in the recent production technologies.

To date, produced a very large number of new sound-proof materials and features all at a scale of one article to reach impossible.Therefore, attention will focus on the most effective, which are used precisely in the conditions of the apartment.

Mineral noise absorbing material "Shumanet-BM»

Article Contents

  • 1 mineral noise absorbing material "Shumanet-BM»
    • 1.1 soundproofed walls using "Shumanet BM»
    • 1.2 Video: sound-insulating mineral plates dignity "Shumanet»
  • 2 «Teksaund" - a new direction in sound insulation technology
    • 2.1 Installation "teksaunda»
      • 2.1.1 first option - without additional insulation
      • 2.1.2 second option - using insulation
    • 2.2 existing installation "teksaunda" scheme
      • 2.2.1 first option
      • 2.2.2 second option
      • 2.2.3 third option
    • 2.3 Video: use "teksaunda" for sound insulation in a flat
  • 3 use as soundproofing foam mats
    • 3.1 types of material relief
    • 3.2 soundproofed walls acousticfoam

This soundproofing material made from basalt fibers is considered to be sound-absorbing mineral plate premium.One side of the laminated mat fiberglass layer that helps to preserve the integrity and retention plate in one position internal of basalt fibers to prevent their ingress of fine particles into the room.This is particularly important in cases where the sound-absorbing material is perforated acoustic panels closed.

Упаковка звукоизоляционных плит "Шуманет"

Packaging sound insulation boards "Shumanet»

Plates « Shumanet BM » made in accordance with the requirements of SNIP 23 - 03-2003 «Protection against noise".They have the following technical and operational characteristics:

Parameter material Indicators
Standard plate size (mm) 1000 × 500 or 1000 × 600
plate thickness (mm) 50
material density (kg / m³) 45
number plates in the package (pcs.) 4
area slabs in the same package (m²) 20 or 2,4
Weight per package (kg) 4,2 ÷ 5,5
packaging volume (m³) 0,1 ÷ 0,12
sound absorption coefficient (average) 0.95
Flammability (GOST 30244-94) NG (non-combustible)
water absorption by partial immersion in water for 24 hours, as a% of total not more than 1 ÷ 3%

Acoustic tests to determine the sound absorption coefficient in conducted laboratory measurements of the Moscow Research Institute of building physics at the Russian Academy of architecture and construction Sciences .

Основой "шуманет" являются базальтовые волокна

basis "shumanet" are basalt fibers

Having a low level of moisture absorption , the sound-insulating material can be used not only in rooms with normal humidity, but also, for example, in the bathroom.In addition, it is excellent for sound insulation of stretch and suspended ceilings, and, of course, walls and sandwich walls manufactured in the form of a sandwich of plasterboard, plywood, fiberboard and other sheet materials.

soundproofed walls with « Shumanet BM »

Mounting plates of shumoizolyatora occurs on the same principle as all types of mineral wool.However, one must take into account the fact that the material will be used primarily as a sound absorber , and already then regarded as an additional insulation.

works are carried out in the following sequence:

  • on prepared and primed the wall markings made for fastening elements crates .Since mats of 500 mm width, and they rise between the bars should vraspor, the distance between the guides must be 480 ÷ 450 mm.If purchased mats 600 mm, then, accordingly, the distance between the bars should be 550 ÷ 580 mm.
  • Further, fixed elements themselves crates , but at the same time not to weaken the basic qualities of sound-proofing material, skilled craftsmen are advised to perform a number of simple guidelines:

- For crates best to use wooden beams, not of metal profiles,since metal is a good conductor of sound may resonate, a timber tends to suppress sound waves.

- In addition, in order not to create bridges for the passage of sound, it is recommended between the wall and bars crates make laying of a thin sound-proofing material, such as felt or bands of basalt wool in 8 ÷ 10 mm thick.

- If still for crates selected metal profile, it is better to push away from the wall soundproof gasket 12 ÷ 15 mm.

Bars battens fixed in suspensions .Those , in turn, is separated from the wall linings antivibration

Bars battens fixed in suspensions.Those, in turn, are separated from the walls of anti-vibration pads

- In the event that the area zvukoizoliruemoy room is large enough, and have the opportunity to make crate for the sound-absorbing material and trim 100 mm from the wall, then fastening barsYou can use special details - hangers .They are screwed to the wall through a wooden lining, and they have fixed bars.

Another option - use special hangers that are designed specifically for sound-absorbing structures.Structurally, this product already has a special damper layer that effectively dampens vibrations without transmitting them to the frame rails.

Special suspension .used for sound insulation work

special suspension, which is used for sound insulation work

If -guide bars secured by the above method, the sound insulator mats installed in two layers.The first of these elements is set for crates , close to the wall, and the second - between the guides.

Двухслойное размещение панелей "шуманет"

two-layer arrangement of panels "shumanet»

  • Ultimately , upon completion of the installation of panels « Shumanet BM", the walls should look like this:
Wall completely closed noise absorbing material in two layers

Wall completely closed noise absorbing material intwo layers

Then, on top of the mats noise insulation material is secured vapor permeable membrane diffuse.Then proceed to the installation of drywall or plywood sheets, which, in turn, will form the basis for the finishing work.However, it is possible to replace the multi-layered fixing directly on to the guide- crates wooden decorative lining.

Next - the wall is delayed diffusion membrane and sutured plasterboard or plywood

Next - Wall prolonged diffusion membrane and sutured plasterboard or plywood

should be noted that all sound - and insulation materials manufactured in mats or rolls, mounted on the wall in the same way.

Video: dignity soundproofing mineral plates « Shumanet »

« Teksaund » - new direction in technology soundproofing

« Teksaund » still not as popular as rock wool or polystyrene foam, as it is a relatively new sound insulator.The most important advantage of « teksaunda » before other noise insulation materials is that it is virtually « steals » useful area premises, as it has a small thickness.

Главное достоинство "Тексаунда" - высочайшая эффективность шумоизоляции при малой толщине самого материала

The main advantage of "Teksaunda" - the highest performance sound insulation at low thickness of the material

This sound insulator is applied to all surfaces of the room - it is fixed on the ceiling and walls, and lay on the floor.

It should be noted that some masters use « teksaund » in combination with heat-insulating materials, and this bunch only increases the efficiency of its use. Unfortunately , rooms in apartments often do not have the extra space, which can give a "powerful" multi-layered sound - and heat-insulated design.In this regard and has been developed a material which is able to protect the room from excess noise and thus reduce room size.

To achieve the desired effect and to protect the room from outside sounds, you need to cover all the surface of the sound insulation material flat, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the desired result.

A « teksaund » Spanish specialists known companies TEHSA , and there started its mass industrial production.It is located in the country's largest mineral deposit aragonite , which is the main source of raw materials .

To be more precise , the basic component is calcium carbonate (SaSO³).This compound is very rich in aragonite.Moreover, calcium carbonate is the main composing m m legged calcareous rocks, including chalk, marble and others.

As the binders used are harmless polymer compositions, and eventually obtained a membrane of high density, but at the same - very flexible and elastic, with pronounced viscoelastic qualities that are extremely important for the sound insulation of complex building structures.

Soundproof rooms this material is very effective even if applied webs having a very small thickness.« Teksaund » is able to absorb and dissipate even the sound waves of high intensity, which come not only from without, but are indoors, for example, with very loud music.

Полотно "Тексаунда", закрытое защитной пленкой

Cloth "Teksaunda" Closed protective film

« Teksaund » made in the paintings (membranes) and is marketed in rolls packed in polythene. It has the following technical and operational characteristics:

Parameter material Indicators
Material Density (kg / m³) 1900
average specific leaf weight (kg /m²) 6.9
area, closes one package (m²) 6.1
Weight per package (kg) 42
sound insulation factor Rw (average) 28
Flammability (GOST 30244-94) T2
Elongation at break (%) 300
materials manufacturing mineral aragonite, plasticizers, polyolefins, spunbond

In addition, the material has the followingadvantages:

  • « Teksaund » resistant to temperature extremes.Its elasticity is not reduced at all, even at low temperatures to - 20 ° C .
  • have material - expressed flexibility and plasticity, and this « Teksaund » in something resembles rubber.
"Тексаунд" своей пластичностью напоминает плотную резину

«Teksaund" its plasticity resembles a thick rubber

  • material is resistant to moisture and will never become a zone propagation of mold or fungus, as it has antiseptic properties.
  • operation time « teksaunda » - not limited.
  • « Teksaund » is combined with other materials, and can be applied in the complex system.

« Teksaund » divided by its thickness, size and release form, may have additional layers which improve its performance.The main brands are presented in the table:

Self-adhesive tape
Name release form shumoizolyatora linear material parameters mm
«Teksaund 35» roll 1220 × 8000 × 1,8
«Teksaund 50» roll 1220 × 8000 × 1,8
«Teksaund 70» roll 1220 × 6000 × 2,6
«Teksaund100» sheet 1200 × 100 × 4,2
«Teksaund SY 35» Self-adhesive roll 1220 × 8000 × 3,0
«Teksaund SY 50» Self-adhesive roll 1220 × 6050 × 2,6
«Teksaund SY 50 AL» Foil self-adhesive roll 1200 × 6000 × 2,0
«Teksaund SY 70» Self-adhesive roll 1200 × 5050 × 3,8
«Teksaund SY100» Self-adhesive sheet 1200 × 100 × 4,2
«Teksaund FT 55 AL» with felt and foil layer roll 1220 × 5500 × 15,0
«Teksaund FT 40 » with a felt layer 1220 × 6000 × 12,0
« Teksaund FT 55 » with a felt layer 1200 × 6000 × 14,0
« Teksaund FT 75 " with a felt layer 1220 × 5500 × 15,0
«Teksaund 2FT 80» With two layers of felt 1200 × 5500 × 24,0
«Teksaund S BAND-50» 50 × 6,000 × 3,7
Clay «Homakoll», designed to "teksaunda» canister 8 liters

Installation « teksaunda »

For installation of this material is suitable for almost any base - concrete, drywall, plastic, wood, metal, and others.The main thing is that the surface is well prepared - aligned, free of old coatings, primed and dry.

If the wall is present qualitatively deposited layer of plaster, it should always be primed, and then the installation can be carried out directly at him.

work can be carried out in two ways.The first of these is used only acoustic material, and in the second - it is used in combination with a heat insulator.

first option - without additional warming
  • On the prepared surface is applied glue.For installation « teksaunda » used special mounting adhesive that sold in ready to use liquid form, in cans.After promazyvaniya need to wait 15 ÷ 20 minutes, until the adhesive sets.