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August 12, 2017 18:06

Brushes for electric washing machines : how to choose and replace electro Indesit, Bosch, Hotpoint Ariston, Ardo, Beko, Zanussi, Candy, Siemens, Samsung

washing machine motor brushes
  • Purpose
  • Types
  • Lifetime
  • When to change the brush?
  • tips
  • choice How to replace with your own hands?
    • Dismantling of washing machines
    • assembly washing machine
  • Prices on the brush and replace experts

Private owner washing machine does not usually think about the internal structure and principles of operation of this useful tool.For us the important thing is to stiralka properly functioned as "excellent" in carrying out its basic tasks - wash, rinse and spin the laundry.

This continues until one day we do not see a problem in his assistant.Then at least the basic knowledge about the structure of household appliances are very useful.That's when most of us first carefully read the user manual and learn a lot of new information that ideally everyone should know the owner stiralki.

malfunction of the washing machine

Today we will tell you about the electrical brushes, which are among the most important elements of the washing machine motor.In this article you will learn about what they are, what do you want and how to replace electrobrushes.


Electrobrushes - a washing machine engine parts necessary to ensure contact.The brush is a small metal device, consisting of a tip of the cylindrical or cubic shape, and the actual length of the spring contact element.

electrobrushes action principle consists in that they transmit electrical energy from an external circuit to the motor rotor winding, resulting in rotation.

commutator motor of the washing machine


electrobrushes various types are used in different models of washing machines;the main difference between them is in the manufacture of the material of the pressing member.The most common motors of household appliances equipped with the following varieties electrobrushes:

  • copper-graphite;
  • carbon-graphite;
  • electrographitic.

also used copper (contact material) and steel (spring material) for the production of electric brushes.

simple brush motor
brush motor for Bosch
graphite brush motor


So, for the manufacture of electrobrushes, which is equipped with a washing machine, choose only the very strong materials with good wear resistance.But, considered as "consumables" between brush motor - details of which are subject to relatively frequent replacement.Why is this happening?

On assurances of manufacturers of household appliances, the average electro able to serve 5 years, while rarely used stiralki - twice as long.It is quite true: the brush properly serve for a few years and then burn out and need replacing.Thus they protect against wear other parts of the motor, repair of which will be more time consuming and more expensive.

worn and new brush motor
parts for washing machines

When to change the brush?

That electrobrushes lifetime came to an end, and need a replacement data elements indicate the following symptoms:

  • sudden stop of the engine of the washing machine is not connected to the voltage drop and power outages;
  • occurrence of abnormal noise during washing and spinning (crackling or tapping);
  • reduction in engine power - it says, for example, reducing speed, resulting in bad underwear wrung;
  • odor of smoke or fumes during operation of the unit;
  • appearance of the display error code associated with the problems in the engine.
problems in the washing machine

Tips for Choosing

  • Experts recommend replacing the "native" electro only to the original (ie, from the same manufacturer, and designed specifically for this model stiralki).In commercially available embodiments and versatile, but they can cause undesired engine operation.Even if
  • inoperable only one brush, both must be replaced, since otherwise the load on the rotor will be unevenly distributed, leading to a new malfunction.
  • Before buying electrobrushes for replacement, determine what kind of brushes has been installed in your washing machine.There may be three options: a brush body in whole from plastic, collapsible brushes, consisting of three simple elements or brushes, which are made of graphite rods of copper contacts.
different types of motor brushes
brushes in plastic housing

How to replace with your own hands?

When diagnosing a problem with your washing machine, you asked for help from a master repairman, then most likely, he will replace electrobrushes.If you have found the problem yourself, then replace the spare parts for you can quite independently.To learn how to do this, we describe in detail below.

Dismantling of washing machines

first thing you need to take - is to disassemble stiralku to get to the engine and remove the parts to be replaced.Prior to this, we disconnect the unit from the mains, disconnect the hoses and drain the water set.

disassembly of the washing machine

now proceed in the following order:

  • unscrew fasteners that secure the back cover, and gently remove it;
  • remove from the pulley drive belt;
  • unscrew the bolts that the rotor is attached to the drum, remove it;
  • photograph the location of all the elements we need;
  • turn derive from electro sockets, disconnect the contacts;
  • plate of copper, located on the reservoir, we clean a little sandpaper;
  • Do the same procedure with the new electro, copper dust collect a vacuum cleaner;
  • set the brush into the slots.
Replacement of brushes of the washing machine motor
New brush washing machine motor

assembly washing machine

device assemblies Cable, constantly referring to the previously made photos, which recorded the location of all the important elements of the engine.First, we put in place the motor.Before putting on the pulley drive belt, check the operation of new brushes.To do this, connect the washing machine to the network and start the spin program.If you see arcing brushes in the first few minutes of operation, no need to be afraid - it is absolutely normal.Convinced of the health of new parts, re-disable the machine from the electrical outlet, return to the place of the drive belt and fasten the back cover.

process of replacement brushes for Bosch washing machine motor is shown in the video Vladimir Khatuntseva.

Prices on the brush and replace experts

If you do not believe in their own abilities, the replacement brushes are best left to the professionals - they will cope with this task quickly and for a very reasonable fee.Buying new brushes, too, most likely, will master - he will be able to choose the appropriate model that is compatible with your stiralka.The price of this service will depend on the region you live, but on average it is around 1000-1500 rubles.Cost of brushes depends on the manufacturer and model cars.Holders of washing machines Indesit, Bosch, Hotpoint Ariston, Ardo, Beko, Zanussi, Candy, Siemens, Samsung need to rely on the amount in the range from 300 to 2000 rubles.

payment for the replacement of the motor brushes