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August 12, 2017 18:07

Finishing plasterboard attic - a reliable way to transform a room

Installation on a wooden crate

There are two ways to sheathe the attic.In the first variant is isolated and is coated with the entire inner surface, as planned even use the hard to reach areas between the bottom of the ramp and the floor.In these places, often arranged closets, storage and so on.In the second case, these parts are fenced premises wall.Sheathing attic drywall can be performed on the rafters, wooden or metal crates.

wooden crate made of strips that attach them across the rafters with screws at certain distance.The cross-section rails must be determined depending on the width of the pitch of rafters and the thickness of drywall.Thus, at step 100 trusses and single-layered plating centimeters necessary to use rail section 60 × 40 mm.By the gable wall sheathing is mounted with dowels, and the cladding material plates are attached to the frame with screws every 25 centimeters.If you execute the finish of the second embodiment, the guide rail section is set to 60 × 40 mm for installation of the side walls.Between it and the rafters mounted rack, across it with a 40 cm step rails are mounted, and which will become the basis for the lining.

Note!The wooden crate is recommended to treat with antiseptic for high reliability.

Finish attic plasterboard on metal lath

Let us now consider how to sheathe plasterboard attic on a metal frame.It is mainly used for cladding buildings with a large area.In addition, this arrangement provides a high degree of stability and fire resistance of the assembly.Use it only when step trusses no more than 100 centimeters.

first step to the rafters are attached hangers or brackets.Next to them perpendicular profiles are screwed at a predetermined pitch, the value of which depends on the thickness of the drywall.Thus, at a thickness of 125 mm it will be 50 centimeters.The sheets are fixed with screws in increments of 15-20 centimeters.Laying begins from below, and each new series starts with trimmed sheets left over from the previous one.The ceiling of plasterboard in the attic is done in the same way as the walls.

Tip!The construction market offers a wide variety of screws and screws, but in order to to plasterboard not formed traces of rust, it is recommended to buy stainless steel screws.

Finishing work

After all trim is completed, you need to seal the joints between the sheets.Before you begin this process, you should check the entire surface for possible defects.These include:

  • loose joints;
  • protruding fixing elements;
  • dents and holes;
  • convexity.

In case of their need to be addressed before you start putty joints.It is carried out in two stages: the first is to first coat the surface, the second - in the decoration.The seams, formed due to the uncircumcised edges and joints angled transition ceiling-ramp, the ramp-wall should cover up with tape for reinforcement.Once they are embedded, the same must be done with the heads of screws.

Note!For grouting, you can use any kind of putty.

Attic finished with plasterboard in the future in any way: wallpaper, painted, plastered, sheathe clapboard and so on.If the whole process will seem difficult, then how is done the attic finishing drywall, videos can be found on our website.