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August 12, 2017 18:06

The best varieties of plums for the cottages .What are the most sweet , and which frost ?

Article Contents:

  • 1 What are the varieties of plums are best suited to give
  • 2 Early varieties of plums
  • 3 middle-grade plum
  • 4 Late varieties of plums
  • 5 The best varieties of plums

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what are the varieties of plums are best suited to give

Plum - this is one of the most popular garden trees, but it is worth remembering that this plant is very capricious and requires constant care.A well-chosen plants, will please your gardener berries throughout the summer.Also plums make excellent preparations for the winter in the form of compotes, jams and marmalade.It is better to give preference to varieties of plums that are suitable area for climatic parameters and characteristics of the soil on the site.

There are three main groups of plum trees, most of them are perfectly acclimatized on the whole territory of Russia, but somehow found a very small variety of primitive varieties:

  1. ripening and early varieties - are beginning to bear fruit at the end of July and the first decadeAugust and are considered the most productive varieties of plums.
  2. middle-grade - are beginning to bring the harvest in the second decade of the end of August and are considered the most delicious and fragrant varieties of plums, gardeners love to store the jam and make tinctures because of them.
  3. Late or very late varieties - are beginning to bear fruit from late August to mid-September, most cold-resistant varieties, the fruit used for the procurement of preservation for the winter.


The best varieties of plums for giving

Early varieties

drain Best option for gardeners fans tend trees produce a crop for 2-3 year after planting seedlings in the ground, with the volume of the harvest each yearincreases.

  • of cooperative - in this variety virtually no drawbacks.As a rule, the tree grows medium height and has a dense, deciduous crown.Flowering tree in white.The fruits have a rich, reddish-purple hue.The berries are juicy, weighing up to 40 g, very large, regular, oval shape.The flesh is greenish, thick, has a sweet taste with slight acidity.The stone can be easily separated from the pulp.The first harvest will delight in the best in three years.
  • Iyulskaya drain - rather whimsical wood loves sunlight and do not tolerate high humidity.Crohn's is not too dense, the average yield of up to 10 kg per tree.This red plum with a pointed oval, medium to large size 30-40 Sweet variety of plums is juicy, yellow center.The first crop of seedling will delight in three years after planting.

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The best varieties of plums for giving

  • Plum gold ball - it's sort of yellow plums, which has an incredibly pleasant aroma and peach aftertaste.Feature grades in high yield grouped fruits, like buckthorn, but at the same time achieve a very impressive size to 55g.The first crop of seedling will delight in three years after planting in the ground.
  • Plum Nina early - tree reaches an average height and has mostly straight branches.The berries are blue-violet shade with white INIST bloom, large enough, the inside of a yellow color with a slightly sour taste.This is one of the most frost-resistant varieties of plums.Gardeners say high yields and disease resistance.Harvesting begins in three, maybe four years after planting in the ground.
  • Plum early appearance of fruit - one of the most frost-resistant varieties of plums.The tree is medium sized with a fan-shaped crown.Red plums have a pleasant, sweet taste, juicy and flavorful.The first harvest of a tree can please in the second year after planting.
  • Red Balloon - undersized garden tree height from 2 to 3 meters.Berries are rich reddish amber color, right, round, large enough to 45 g This sweet plum variety, the flesh is yellowish-white in color with a rich, pronounced flavor, with a memorable finish.The tree is very fruitful, the first harvest is to keep up in 3-4 years after planting seedlings.
  • Plum varieties Record - tree is very fruitful and resistant to frost.Rightly called one of the best varieties of plums for questioning, according to all indicators.Berries are very large dark blue or purple in color, have a significant waxy film.The flesh can be easily separated from the bone, quite dense with a yellow tinge, has a very strong taste and a pleasant almond flavor.

The best varieties of plums for the cottages.Photo

middle-grade plum

These plums have a very rich taste and are best suited for workpieces flavored jam or alcoholic liquors, such trees are often found in home gardens and suburban areas.

  • Masha - one of the best varieties of plums for the cottages, has a good taste.Tree grows medium size and resistance to cold antifreeze, rarely gets sick and unpretentious to climate conditions.The berries are dark purple hue, are very large.The flesh is dense with yellowish-greenish color, quite juicy and has a sweet, rich flavor, bone, if desired, can be easily separated.
  • Memory Babylon - tree grows to a medium-sized, unpretentious to climate and grows in cold areas.Berries are bright red, amber color, very large to '90 The flesh has a pleasant aroma and a pronounced taste qualities with almond aftertaste, quite juicy.
  • Romain - very Urozhayne tree bears fruit almost every season, the leaves have a characteristic reddish color.The berries are medium-sized to 20 g, red, have a rich taste, amazing almond flavor.The flesh is juicy, rich red color.
  • East souvenir - stunted trees with high yield up to 40 kg per tree.One of the main disadvantages of wood is considered to be instability for the cold.Berries are large maroon or purple, have a characteristic sweet-spicy flavor.Flesh is firm and crunchy.


Late varieties of plums

Such plum the most cold-resistant, but are inferior in taste quality is middle classes thus have a high yield.

  • Warriors - tree unpretentious to climate conditions, brings severe frosts and impresses with its fertility.A mature tree is capable urodit to 70 kg of fruit per tree.Berries are rich dark purple or blue color, have an elongated oval shape, with a significant layer of waxy coating.The flesh has a sweet taste with slight acidity very near the bone, yellow.Wood is resistant to diseases and parasites.
  • Zhiguli - not quite whimsical tree, grows in cold conditions and high fruitfulness pleases.Berries are rich blue or purple in color, reaching an average of 40-50 Flesh greenish, thick, and can be easily separated from the bone.
  • Svetlana - not whimsical tree, resistant to cold, reaches an average height, very fruitful.Sort of yellow plum, has a pleasant sweet taste, rich aroma, the pulp is juicy, hardish.
  • Empress - quite a tall tree, reaching an average of 4 m harvest from one tree to 20-25 kg..The berries are dark blue or purple in color, not too large to 45g.The flesh is yellow, juicy, aromatic, sweet variety is the plum.The first harvest is necessary for 4-5 years after planting.
  • President - one of the most versatile varieties of plums.Wood is resistant to frost, the fruit of plum varieties are often used for the production of prunes.Berries are rich, dark purple hue.The flesh is light yellow, has a pleasant aroma and rich taste with a characteristic aftertaste of peaches.

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The best varieties of plums

The best varieties of plums are determined on the basic parameters:

  • Frost.
  • yield.
  • disease resistance.
  • maturation time.
  • fruit size.
  • taste.
  • How easily separates the pulp from the seeds.
  • whimsical plants.
  • Easy to transport.

From the above, examples of varieties of plums, it is possible to identify the most commonly used.

  • Early - Cooperative .
  • Average - Masha .
  • later - Warriors .

Often gardeners lovers prefer high-yielding varieties of plums, but usually for home planting is better to give preference to less fruitful trees, because of the abundance of the fruit is often broken branches, too showered benefits and taste worse order.The average volume of harvest is 40 kg per tree, it is enough for winter preparations.