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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to sew warm curtains on the window with his hands

Article Contents:

  • 1 simple recipe warm curtains
  • 2 take measurements of the future warm curtains
  • 3 Put on cover

For regions with a cold climate it is especially important.After all, no matter how high-quality window may be, no matter how well working heating in the cold by the window panes still blows cold.This creates discomfort when sitting nearby.And it reduces the energy efficiency of housing, which in recent years says a lot - both in terms of cost savings for heating and in the light of the struggle for the environment.


Warm curtains at the window.Photo

How to sew a warm shade with their hands?Learn what you need to do, and in what order to build a process that helps a simple master class.

simple recipe warm curtains

As you know, the more layers, the warmer.This principle is valid for clothes, it is proposed to use when creating a warm curtains.They are made of several panels of different types of tissue.It is important to follow the recommendations of experts - then just everything will turn out as it should.

You will need:

  • material that will create the decorative layer;it can be any decorative cloth;
  • material to the wrong side curtains (opaque);it can also be decorative;
  • special fabric with the property reflect the heat - something like felt;it will help make for a truly warm curtains at the window.

Warm curtains on the windows, made of such materials are well protected from drafts and from coming from cold windows.We also need a common sewing machine, needles, thread, scissors and tailor's meter.

take measurements of the future warm curtains

first step in how to make a warm shade - to measure the window.We must take his measurements for height and width.Do it thoroughly recommend.

Warm curtains can be made of different sizes.Usually, their dimensions are the same as that of conventional curtains: the length to the floor.
defined the width and length of the curtains, must be added to the allowance for another two centimeters - on the fabric and decorative purl.Heat-cut fabric to size curtains.


How to sew curtains warm.Photography workshop

Put on cover

blank then folded together.First, a decorative fabric and opaque put one on another so that the faces were inside.The edges of the pieces must match exactly.


Then on the sewing machine paving the line for a distance of two centimeters from the edge of each edge.Gut-wrenching detail and to iron the edges well.


Now you need in the "Case" to place the material thermally.This can be done in two ways: inserted into the tissue or wear a "cover" for her as it is done with the pillowcases and cushions.


Warm curtains.Master class

When this is done, the edges of the multi-layered "cake" chop off the face of the pin and otstrachivayut on the perimeter.

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Now you stitched to the top of the curtain hooks or braid to decorate it in other ways, for example by means of eyelets or loops to sew, or do something else.Warm curtains on the window with his hands ready.