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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design of stairs to the house .30 examples of original and simple stairs

Ladder in a private house - is not only a necessity, but also a beautiful architectural element, the subject of the owners pride.Its design and appearance should be consistent with the overall style of the house, and above all it must be safe for inhabitants and guests of the house.Our recommendations will help to choose the best design for the stairs at home.

main types of ladders

Most often, the owner of a two-storey house or apartment are interested staircase to the second floor, sometimes it is required to provide access to the basement or attic.There are a number of standard varieties.By type, two main types can be identified carrier support:

Open staircases .They look like a horizontal platform connected next steps - marches.The shape of such constructs may be rectangular, rounded, angled.Form a ladder in a private home is usually determined by the height and configuration of the room.If, between the platform and the march there is an open space through which light penetrates - through this option.If the ladder is only on one side adjacent to the wall, then it is called open.

Design stairs to the house .A photo

stair design for the home.Photo

desizhn - stairs - for - doma3 desizhn - stairs - for - Home12 desizhn - stairs - for - doma4 desizhn - stairs - for - doma5 desizhn - stairs - for - doma11

Spiral staircases .Most smokers mounted small size, they may slope as much as 75 degrees.They are mounted by means of the main pillar, made of steel or wood.Around the base, the steps are arranged in a spiral.This lightweight openwork design, riser (the vertical part of the stage) is often absent.When the staircase to the second floor is located in the mine it is called circular.

The design of the spiral staircase to the house .A photo

Design spiral staircase to the house.Photo

desizhn - stairs - to - home desizhn - stairs - to - home netw desizhn - stairs - for - doma13

the steps to mount the type of support are monolithic stairs, hanging, different mode of mounting, and collected on stringers.In private homes usually use the last two options.

stairs design house on the stringers .A photo

stair design for the house on the stringers.Photo

Saddle stairs mounted on an inclined guide beam (basis).Depending on the planned load it is made of reinforced concrete (concrete), steel and wood.The reference points are often required additional strengthening of the floor.If the ladder is rotated - also it is attached to the wall, or in the case of steel construction joints are used.

Stairs bezkosournogo type are attached to the central support column, the rod (screw) or installed using the console (hanging).Lightweight FLOATING often mounted on rails.This special steel elements, normally hidden in the wall.

Design ladders for home

Staircase - a very prominent part of the interior, and it must fully comply.Therefore, we must bear in mind that its design layout and decor of steps, balustrades, handrails can be more costly affair than the actual production and installation of construction.

Classic provides a complex, hearty decor.In such a house is appropriate, of course, a wooden staircase.Shaped elements, carving, varnishing - all perfectly fit into the style.This design is often used by itself as an independent if no central element houses.

ladder design for a house in the classical style .A photo

stair design for the house in the classical style.Photo

desizhn - stairs - for - doma17

desizhn - stairs - for - doma31 desizhn - stairs - for - doma32

Interior country-style Homelike, deliberate simplicity.stairs design for home in country style must comply with these rules.Stair treads can be made of stone and ceramics.Designed for home stair provides artificial aging of materials with the help of special techniques.As a decoration used flowers, household utensils.

desizhn - stairs - for - doma18 desizhn - stairs - for - doma19 desizhn - stairs - for - doma21 desizhn - stairs - for - doma22

In the interior, containing elements of gothic or reflecting modern, flawless look wrought iron railings and other elements of metal, particularly bronze or copper.patinated metal or painted Often, drawing generally complex, with floral ornaments.

desizhn - stairs - for - doma20 desizhn - stairs - for - doma23 desizhn - stairs - for - dota24

Design staircases for the house in high-tech style (high-tech) or "techno", characterized by a combination of glass and polished metal.They look perfect variety of open, marching through and spiral staircases with glass or steel steps.These same materials are used for the manufacture of handrails, hand rails and small decorative elements.

desizhn - stairs - for - Houses27 desizhn - stairs - for - doma26 desizhn - stairs - for - doma25 desizhn - stairs - for - dota28 desizhn - stairs - for - dota29 desizhn - stairs - for - doma10 desizhn - stairs - for - doma9

Choosing the best option for future ladder must begin at the very beginning of construction, always taking into account the characteristics and quality of the material load-bearing walls, the location of the thermal and lighting and carefully thinking through in advance of her appearance.