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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to move the outlet.master Tips

Transfer sockets with your hands

transfer socket with his hands

On how conveniently located electrical outlet in the house or apartment is largely dependent comfortable life masters.Often, already available their locations are not satisfied with the new owners, or in the house of some equipment appears for which you want to make a transfer outlet to another place.Move the socket it is possible with his hands, all the actions on how to transfer power outlet rather simple and understandable for a person familiar with the puncher and the basics of electrical engineering.

Nevertheless, in order to properly transfer the outlet to another place, it is necessary to seriously prepare.

1. Create a preliminary scheme.To transfer the outlet was a rational need to select the location of its future location.

2. Based on this scheme, define plot, where there is no concealed wiring to safely lay there a new cable .It is necessary to make sure to avoid the accident in the power supply or an accident.

3. Rate the amount of work and to prepare the necessary tools and materials, the correct wire and socket complies with the requirements.

Tools and materials

- the tool will need: punch, the crown for drilling holes for the outlet diameter of 6 mm, screwdriver, pliers, a chisel and a hammer, a sampler;

- from materials: Boxes of assembly and distribution, dowel-clamp 10, an insulating tape 20 mm gypsum plaster, gloves.

basic requirements for self-transfer outlet

The apartment is recommended for use VVGng cable, connect the electrical outlet is best done with the use of this cable, it is necessary to purchase in the amount required according to the scheme.

we must proceed from the purposes for which it will serve for selection of sockets.A single socket or a candy bar, what type of plugs will be used.Today, in all the rooms are set only so-called earthing-pin to ground.The best known in our market firm Legrand manufacturers, Simmons, ABB.

Procedure for transferring the electrical outlet

Proper circuit transfer new outlet

correct transfer scheme of the new outlet

finally decided how to move the socket must be:

- find the nearestplace a new outlet installation junction box that will be energized by the old socket;

- the central panel to turn off protection switch by turning off the power supply in the apartment;

- open the junction box and find a place outputting connection cable with concealed cable, which is connected with the old socket and separate them;

- on the wall to make a route by which to indent groove for laying new cable.According to the SNIP and the horizontal part of the SAE must pass at a distance of 200 mm from the ceiling and then indent is directed at an angle of 90 degrees vertically to the installation of a new outlet;

- using a punch to punch groove of navigating in such a way that its depth is allowed to impose a plaster layer of not less than 15 mm to the cable;

- at a given place in the wall using a punch and a crown to prepare the nest diameter of 60 millimeters and a depth of 50 to install the mounting box;

- lubricate the inside of the socket and the outer part of the box plaster and insert the box into the slot.It is necessary to give time to the box was fixed in a cast;

- to secure the cable punched groove to fill anchor-clamp at a distance of 500 mm apart, and then put the cable;

- connect the new cable and outputting each other in the junction box.When connecting cables, be aware that twisted veins are not allowed in these areas are more likely to short-circuits or overheating of the wires due to the resulting gapping lived.For proper connection needed - galvanized bolt with nut and washers, or junction box, one of the best options - to solder the wires together.The connection must be closed with tape;

- connect the cable to the new outlet and install it into a wiring box, attach it securely, preventing backlash.Otherwise, after a while it can be pulled out of the box along with the plug.When connecting the cable to the terminals of the box to show care.Cores have to twist a ring around the mounting bolt, then the connection will be secure and the socket will work in full force its specified parameters;

Having made all the connections, you must close the furrow, in which the cable is laid, put a layer of plaster.

transfer outlet is made, the case is finished, you can now enjoy the fruits of their work, using the newly installed socket.

simple way to transfer outlet

If you have already made a fine finish and move socket is vital, it is possible to use this method.

In this case, we will pull a new outlet through the old nest.In this case it is better to use new wire of the same metal as the old one.

wires are twisted, isolate 2-3 layers.Better in this case to additionally use heat shrinkable tubing.

Transferring outlet in a simpler way

transfer outlet in a simpler way