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August 12, 2017 18:06

Flowerbed or flower garden in the country .How to make a beautiful flower bed in the country with their own hands

Making beds in the area

lush flower gardens and elegant flowerbeds on a favorite summer residence requires not only physical strength, but also their knowledge on the creation, registration and maintenance in the proper form.

flower garden or flowerbed

What distinguishes the flower garden and flower bed?Many novice gardeners are confused in these concepts.This is not surprising, because there is no clear definition.

flowerbeds often called a raised or flat piece of land, which has a strict form. for planting plants inside the flower beds are also characterized by clear shapes, including geometric.The most common and popular option - a round or rectangular bed.This type of planting - a characteristic feature of urban ornamental plantings and parks.Their clear form blends with straight paths, fountains and manicured shrubs and trees.

bed - 01

flower garden can have any shape. It looks more natural and naturally, is often used in gardens and wild-type parks.Flower permits a free choice of plants than flower bed.

create beautiful beds and flower beds requires proper selection of plants not only for the general requirements for growing conditions, but also on such parameters:

  • harmonious combination of colors.
  • Proper selection of height and size .When planting the plants should be taken into account and that they grow with what speed.
  • florescence .A flower bed of annuals can consist of plants flowering at the same time.In this case, after flowering it are planted anew.Perennials usually selected on a different principle - the plants one by one in bloom all season.

Types beds

There are several types of beds, with specific features:

  • regular or geometric .Such forms landings were very popular during the time of Versailles.French park style requires a rigorous selection of plants on the timing of flowering and size, as well as colors.All the plants on a flowerbed planted on a clear scheme to form a specific pattern.

Such beds with their own hands created quite rare, as they are difficult to care for and troublesome boarding.

  • Irregular or natural .In these plants are planted more freely, often groups of a minimum of 3 - 5 pieces to create spectacular color spots.They are actively using perennials, selected on the basis of continuous flowering.
  • Raised or high .They consist of a fence, and inside, strewn with fertile soil and planted plants.The fence can be made of different materials.Make a flower bed at the cottage can be made of stone, wood and brick.

Looks nice high bed made of stone, but in between the planted ampelnye or climbing plants.This kind of beautiful flower beds can be used for growing vegetables, strawberries and spice and medicinal herbs.

  • Monoklumba consists of a single plant species and color.It creates a memorable spectacular color stain.
  • Vertical design constructed from special containers, put on each other and filled with a nutrient substrate.In between containers planted a variety of plants, mostly ampelnye and curly, with dropdown shape.

vertical flower bed at the cottage may be supplemented by flowering plants and berries, such as strawberry, giving beautiful shoots - mustache.

How to make a simple flower bed

easiest way to create a bed for flowers at the cottage of simple geometric shapes.Round slightly raised beds among a lawn or in front of the house looks very impressive, and to create not require much effort.

  • Select a suitable location .There must not stagnate water.Avoid very shady places - most of the plants love light.
  • Mark the circular flowerbed extremely simple.It will take only two pegs and a rope.One peg driven into the center of future construction, and the second peg, tied to a rope stretched, encircle the contours of the future range.
  • Make sure the soil is well pass water .If the soil is too dense, clean its surface layer, make drainage and pour fresh fertile and loose soil.You can give your flower bed rounded convex shape, poured it in the center of a larger layer of the earth than at the edges.Since the plants will look spectacular, especially if selected undersized or creeping types.
  • Make the surface layer of the complex long-acting fertilizer .This will prolong the blooming flowerbeds and attractiveness, ease yourself caring for planting.
  • carefully remove all the weeds, stones and debris.
  • planting a flowerbed from the center. It is often placed so-called focal plant.It can be a beautiful bright flower or attractive deciduous plants such as yucca.Sometimes, in the center of the flower beds placed garden statue or a vase.
  • Place all the plants under the scheme.
  • Water the planting, proryhlit empty seats, so as not to form a crust.
  • Edge beds can frame the small stones, pebbles, wooden bars, or special low fence ready for beds.

How to make a flower bed of old tires

Make a flower bed at the cottage of improvised means you can easily just using old discarded tires.There are several options work:

  • Just use the bus as a frame for future flower beds.
  • show imagination and create not just a flower garden, and the real work of landscape art.

bed - 37

simplest bed is made of a normal tire, which is installed in the selected location.If by the next flowerbed is firm ground, the water when watering the plants would not be absorbed, and the ugly will spread in all directions, washing out the substrate from the tire.To prevent this, dig the soil under the bus, slightly bury it in the ground.Or make a shallow hole and fill it with gravel for drainage.Install the tire fill with soil and plants can be planted.

Of the several one set of tires per turn beautiful high bed.Tires can be painted in a different color or give them a shape of a flower, cups and even a swan.Because of used tires with a soft worn tread can easily cut a variety of forms.Removing a tire, you get a free and elegant shape for a bed at the cottage improvised.

bed - 42

How to make a multi-tiered flower bed

Another type of spectacular landing in the country - it is tiered flower bed for the cultivation of ample plants.Create it can be of different shapes suitable containers, ready-made forms, tires, boards, stone, even the failed furniture.The main condition - planting should be placed in tiers, one above the other.

  • first preparing ground for the flowerbed.
  • Erected the first tier.He must be the most robust and stable - it will have the weight of the entire structure.
  • following tiers are installed one above the other so that the remained space to fill with soil.
  • The resulting "pockets" of land planted with selected plants.
  • -tier bed poured in stages, starting at the top.

bed - 43

flower bed of plastic bottles

If you have gathered a collection of plastic bottles, do not throw them away.They will form the basis of an original design for your garden.

How to make a flower bed or flower garden in the country from this strange material?Bottles used in different ways, depending on their size.The large vessels can get the original bed from plastic bottles.They were put to one side and cut out one of the walls.This will be the top of the flower bed, and she container - capacity for the earth.Of the several bottles can make decorative composition, for example, smart children's train.Or paint the bottle, giving them the appearance of funny little animals.Such decorative Sadiku very rejoice children.Plant in containers undemanding plants, keeping in mind that in these limited amount of land.

bed - 49

Another option the flower beds of plastic bottles - a kind of "high beds", which are created from the frame of a series of dug upside down plastic bottles.They can be painted in different colors or color fill powders.These fences are very durable and elegant, can be used not only for flower beds, but also a convenient and beautiful garden.

Another type of symbolic landing - "the eternal bed" of the same dug into the ground of different color bottles.Their bottoms resemble flowers.This decorative detail is very decorate the cottage in late autumn or winter.

bed - 54

Plastic bottles can become an inexhaustible source of various decoration ideas for your site.

flower bed brick

flower bed of bricks - a classic option for questioning.The simplest design - planting, lined along the perimeter of a brick in any form."Advanced" option - brick, laid on each other at an angle and half-dug into the ground.But a flower bed of bricks can be much more interesting and complicated.

Such a bed spread on a pre-designed scheme.

  • mark up the outline of the future construction.
  • digs a pit and filled drainage (crushed stone, gravel and sand).
  • erected a wall of bricks.The first series is not held together by mortar.This is done for free outflow of excess moisture and eliminating water stagnation which can lead to plant death.
  • following rows are laid in cement mortar.
  • If the flower bed will be high, it is desirable to slightly tilt the masonry inside to land is not "kicked out" it out.
  • finished product is left for about a week for the establishment and strengthening of masonry solution.
  • The resulting shape of the ground asleep and leave for sitting.
  • on marked pattern planted plants.
  • Water the flower bed.

bed - 62

Photo beds at the cottage

Even if you have never in my life have planted flowers, photos beds in the country will tell you the idea of ​​how this can be done.Use only those options that are suited to your climate.Beginners cottagers is better to plant annuals undemanding plants.Caring for them is the minimum needed, and they bloom very bright, long and impressive.

Important details

should be well thought out, that as a result you want to get before starting work in the country.To your landing did not look messy and reminded motley patchwork advance Plan your flower beds and flower beds, decide the choice of plants.

to the holiday season was a success, you need to take into account several important factors :

  • plants on beds and flower beds should be chosen not only on the height and size of the bush, but also by the degree of sprawl.Otherwise flowerbed have to redo the following year.
  • All planting should match the color.This does not mean that the whole area should become monotonous, just do not use the same planting more than three primary colors.They can be diluted with white, shades of green or various shades of basic colors of plants.In this case, the flower beds and flower gardens will look harmonious.
  • Remember that cold colors visually removed items, and bring warm.
  • Pick plants so that your garden is full of flowers all season, from early spring until late autumn.
  • advance take care of the layout of the site and broken beds and flower beds.

Such preparatory work is well engaged in the winter, slowly thinking through all the details of future work.